Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 13th December 2019 Margaret Deuchar


As promised this week I am going to look at the dogs and bitches wining RCCs in the past year. Of course as I said last week not all went to every show. I was very pleased though that as with the CCs they were spread about in both sexes. Some years ago when  Ch Olpenden D’Zimba was headed for the breed record, he took virtually all the CCs for a couple of years, and my Ch/Multi Ch Fullani Flekkefjord  took  most of the Reserves which was not good  for the breed, as Exhibitors do like to feel that they have can have a chance of a top award.If you have a good dog and you enjoy showing it will happen and all breeds have a breed record holder. Recently it happened in another breed and the numbers being shown definitely dropped, not entirely due to this I am sure, but it does make a difference.

In dogs 4 RCCs were won by Nancy Kent and Jacqui and Michael Cobb’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall(Jamie),3 by Sarah Stonton’s Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack and 2 each by Anne Smith’s Ch Arnscroft Never Say Di(Oskar) and my and daughter Debbie’s Rikarlo Gable(Time).In bitches there was a much wider spread, partly due to the fact that at the moment at most  shows there were  more bitches being shown than dogs. Jacqui and Michael Cobb and Nancy Kent’s Ch Trelowen Veryan To Knytshall RL1 won 2 RCCs, which includes the club Ch show, she is 10 yrs old so a great achievement. Two were also  won  by Sue Cale, Shirley and Alf Dobson’s Arnscroft Bibbity Bu (Ella) & Maddy Norman and  Gail Hussey’s Ch Arnscroft Delilah At Veekay (Lottie). Then one each  for Jenny Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch MaidofCopper  for Kormandel JW(Pikka), Sue Crocker’s Leggatts Voulez Vous(Tissy) and her litter sister Lisa & Alex Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen At Draccus(Eris), Lillian & Mike Rumsey’s Ch Arnscroft Di Nah May(Anya)and Margaret Garvie’s Ch Rhialis Psyche Sh.CM and Rhialis Lucina. Top Breeder for the year will be Di Stirling (Arnscroft )

Now December has arrived Christmas activities have started, on Saturday the 7th I took Fizz & Time to the Christmas Fun scent day, run by the Best Paw Forward Training Club that we attend. All the dogs had to  be at a certain level (searching for the  scent of cloves on small pieces of sock, string or pipe cleaner) some searches were quite hard, but  most were Christmas themed with the scent hidden in Christmas parcels, Christmas stockings, rolls of wrapping paper and on little decorative Christmas trees. Each time the dog found the scent the owner was given a raffle ticket, which earned the dog one of the numerous bags of doggy treats. Time had a wonderful day he just loves the searches, in his mind I think he is hunting as he does not always tell me he has found the scent, as that would mean he has to stop the searching! Most of the searches we do are blind, in that the handler does not know where the scent is hidden, so that the dog can’t be influenced by the handler. If you have two dogs to work then you do know where the scent is for the second dog. However I always work Time first as I have him on a long lead, where as Fizz is off lead so it is not so easy for me to influence him. There was also a raffle which raised £70 for Alzheimer’s Research, so a good day.

Finland’s biggest dog show  is held  over 2 days the 7th and 8thof December, in Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki, here on the Saturday Mr & Ms  Lindemark’s Trelowen Nicholas aka Yeti was the Junior  Winner, the proud breeders are Sue Sercombe and Jacqui Avery x their Trelowen Glentorran, by Brenda and Tony Bethell’s Ir Ch Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik At Taevas of Minforst Jun Ir ChCW19 equally proud stud dog owners. Nicholas is litter brother to Trelowen Kristopher who was BP at WKC and the Club Ch show.

Margaret Deuchar

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