Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 19th June 2020 Margaret Deuchar


While in lockdown like so many people I have been sorting things out. Those of you that are club members will have received your Spring Bu News, in which there is an obituary written by Roger Thomas for Ken Bounden. One of the things I have found is a cutting about the first club open show held in Wootton Bassett, on October 6th 1974 and judged by Ken Bouden he wrote. ‘The first Norwegian Club open show was held in a perfect venue with space and light, a relaxed atmosphere and a parade of 50 Buhunds made for an enjoyable day. This being the first club show all wanted it to be a success and at the end there was no doubt about this. The club was well and truly launched in the show promoting field. Two things impressed me, lack of showmanship in many cases and the great variation in type we have. The former problem will always be with us as newcomers come into the breed, but every help must be given by others and application by themselves to progress out of the Novice state. Type variation calls for study, appreciation and willingness to agree on what good points are to be recognised in each type. Each has plenty to offer but also brings its own problems. There is much work to be done but the bred is worth it and the reward will be great. We have a club made up of genuine sportsman and women and if we can keep out of the limelight and be allowed to progress quietly then the future must be good. BP BB & BIS Pam Baxter’s puppy bitch The Madam FromTordown.’ One of the critiques caught my eye and could be written so easily today; it is about Tordown Torssa who was 2nd in the Maiden class ‘not surprised to learn that she was the dam of the BIS winner, a top flight animal in her own right but her own worst enemy, if only she would use her ears more she could be a Champion. Beautiful head, good neck shoulder body, legs and super feet absolutely sound mover. Please find the formula to make her sparkle.’ I don’t think the formula was ever found but her daughter The Madam went onto win at least 12ccs and was the bitch CC winner at Crufts in 1975 76 & 77,she was by Ch Glyntiton Fossfell Eskil who was BOB at Crufts in 1974. The breed did not have CCs until 1970 and the first show to have them was Crufts that year.

Move on 46 yrs and there are no ‘real’ dogs shows at the moment in these Covid 19days, but as I have said before there are some lovely people who are running online shows. The last one run by Addrienne Frost Treadwell had 482 entries. It was an International Show and the Kyon Kennel of Karin Klouman from Ontario Canada,who breeds Golden Retrievers and Buhunds had a very successful show.  BIS was Nor/Can Ch Kimura’a Uno BOS & RBIS and the winner of the open bitch class, Kelly Hayes Kyons Norse Brynhildr who won the best activity Buhund in the last show with a photo of her herding sheep. 3rd overall was Millie Lambert’s Ch Svartkonge Av Sturtmoor (Imp Nor) JW SHCM who won veteran dog and Junior Dog with different photos. BPIS and 4th Best overall was Kyon’s Sigrid Tyridatter. BV overall was Ch Kyon’s Bold Nordic Queen. Best Adult handler Jacquline Swim handling Christine Forsyth Can Gr Ch Kynons Heidi Perledatter. Winners from other kennels.BPD was Faye Adox’s Hagrid.Ch bitch Jenny Shorer Wheeler’s Ch Maidofcoper for Koromandel JW (Imp Fin). Open Dog my Trelowen  Ancorya. The pairs as in the previous show was Sue Crocker’s mother and daughter Knytshall Noor Ul Ain & Leggatts Vous Vous. Junior handler again as in the previous show Callum Gillies with his and his mother Kirsty’s Kimura’s Vera With Tapui (Imp Nor). The class for anything but a Buhund was won by a group of very pretty Kittens. The judges this time were Neil Hood, (UK)Amie McLaughlin (US)Camille Lambert (UK) and Dusan Pajkic from Serbia who judged the four top awards.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

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