Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 22nd October 2021 Margaret Deuchar


I start with the sad news that Jean and Charlie Platt have died. Those of you that have only recently joined the breed may not have known them, but Jean (sometimes accompanied by Charlie) was regularly seen around the shows a few years ago with her Ch Ailort Just In Time (Bula), who was born on 23/10/2008 she was by Ch Olpenden Malachy at Parvodene ShCM (Tyler ) x Ch Fullani Farek of Ailort ShCM. Celia Vines used to show Bula for Jean and has kindly sent  me an obituary for them.

“Charlie enjoyed his Buhund, they also had an Akita which Jean used to take to the beach and together they had lovely walks. Jean was thinking that the Buhund (Lucy) was getting older and mentioned she would like another Buhund and did I know if anyone had a litter, I replied that my dog Tyler had been put to a bitch in Scotland and that I was hoping to have a Dog, and that she could probably have a bitch. It turned out that Farek had a litter of 9 so a bitch was booked for Jean.

They had a Holiday Park which kept them busy, and their love of animals meant that there were always Donkey, Hens and Geese around, they would also take in foster animals to join the pets. Her garden was another of Jean’s pleasures as was baking and she would cook for the villagers, also the Bowls club and Quiz nights, she would use a lot of Clotted Cream, so everything always tasted rather good. They lived in Cornwall and would either come up on the train or in their motor home to go to shows with Bula, I would show Bula as Jean found it difficult to move round the ring. Bula ended her show career with 6CCs and 3RCCs.

It was a shock that Jean should die 5weeks before Charlie, thoughts are with Miranda Taylor, Brandan and the family.” Thanks Celia, very sad news.

On a happier note, I am very pleased to say that another Buhund Bumble has taken place. Organised by Mary Dosson on the beach at Burnham On Sea, Somerset. Those joining were Camille Lambert-Dovey and her mum Marcia with Sheira (Ch Sturtmoor’s Free‘N’Ezee), Sue Crocker with Noor(Knytshall Noor Ul Ain  and her daughter Tissy (Leggatts Voulez Vous )and of course Mary with Teddy(Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn)  also joining the party for a chat was Alysha Branchflower. There was a lot of walking and talking by the humans and splashing about in the sea by the canines, who I am told were impeccably behaved with not a cross word with many of the other dogs on the beach.

On the same day and also down south but a bit further east, Crystal Palace Canine Association held their open show on The South of England Showground at Ardingly. There were no Buhund classes, but Marie Corin entered her Kligenthal Almuric (Bergen)in the AVNSC Pastoral classes under judge Jenny Shorer -Wheeler, the classes were held in the Robins Building so out of the rather inclement weather, Bergen won Post Graduate and was then Reserve AVNSC, so many congratulations.

We will probably never really know how the shortage of fuel a few weeks ago affected the last day of the National, SKC and other canine activities but back in 2000, there were the same kind of headlines. Supermarkets saying, they were rationing food due panic buying, with a couple of saying they would run out of food within days and were rationing some items. The Royal Mail also reported they did not have enough fuel to maintain deliveries, and some schools closed, the government began deploying military takers some with police escorts. Why, well petrol depots had been blockaded because of a series of campaigns held in response to the rise in petrol and diesel prices. It was at the time of Darlington Ch show when it was held in Darlington. Elisabeth Coloepy and I were both entered, we met at Peterborough (she was living in Newmarket at the time.) and continued in one car and manged to get some fuel in a garage on the A1. It was a real headache for the show as the judges were arriving by train and one of the committees had to go and pick them up each time, but the show went on.

We had an Elkhound at the time, and I received a phone call from a breeder saying she would like to use him at stud, but because of the fuel crisis could she meet me halfway and keep him for a few days, I knew her quite well, so said yes. Six puppies resulted and we had the pick of the litter and named him Bersin Krisen which means Petrol Crisis in Norwegian!

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund