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Breed Notes 10th December 2021 Margaret Deuchar


We would like to thank Anne Smith so much for representing the Breed at Michael Quinney’s funeral.

Below she tells how she first became interested in Buhunds and how she first met Michael, and as so often happens at funerals Anne learnt more about Michael’s life.

‘I was first introduced to Michael Quinney through a very good and long-time work colleague of mine, Patrick Davis, who, many years ago bred Buhunds. Our first Buhund came from one of his litters, Bluecote Astrid, and it was Patrick who introduced me to Michael Quinney. From that initial contact Michael was always very helpful with advice, encouragement, and astute observations about the dogs. When we wanted another Buhund it was Michael who put me in touch with Evin Stone, and Freya (Yeleka Embla) came to live with us.

It was therefore an honour for me to attend the Funeral of Michael at St Mary’s Church in the Fenland town of March, Cambridgeshire, and to represent the Buhund Club. It was a relatively small gathering given the stature of the man and all that he had achieved. A small number representing his close family and friends, a larger gathering from the ‘Pug’ fraternity, friends, and colleagues from Wood Green-and me from the Buhund Club. A long address was given by the Reverend Bill King with a delightful account summarising Michael’s youthful and mischievous activity. Then as a young man how he qualified and practised as a SR Nurse. Always interested in animals and wildlife he owned and ran Kennels with his mother in Cambridge. In the World of Dogs, as we know, Michael excelled as a breeder and Show judge. His primary interest was in Pugs-especially Blacks, Buhunds, Rottweilers and Basenjis, but he and his partner Terry McHaffie owned and showed many other breeds.  Michael was an established and well-known international judge being invited to judge all over the World, he had earned a reputation and respect for his knowledge and integrity. He also judged the Toy, Utility and Working Group at Crufts. More recently, as well as continuing to judge Nationally and Internationally, he worked at Wood Green Animal Shelter where again, talking to the staff, he obviously had the respect and affection from all with whom he worked. Finally- I spoke briefly to Michael’s nephew-offering our condolences and expressing our appreciation for all Michael had done for our Breed. I also had quite a long conversation with ‘Bob’ a friend of Michael’s who said there was some archive material about Buhunds, which might be of interest, and he would let us have it. I left my contact details for him to forward anything of interest in relation to the Buhund.’  Thank you, Anne.

The Nordic open show is organised by the Finish Spitz Club and is the only show in the UK for just Spitz breeds, unlike FCI countries where Group 5 is for Spitz and primitive breeds, in the UK Spitz breeds are split over all 5groups. The show has been held for over 50 years and is the only show where you can see the diminutive Pomeranians holding their own with the Canadian Eskimo Dog in the numerous stakes’ classes. When it first started the show was held in the summer but for many years now it has been on last Saturday in November, at the Sky-Blue Connexion Coventry. Not the most popular time of the year with some exhibitors when it is dark by 4pm and it can often be very cold, with snow. This was the case this year as after quite a warm week weatherwise, storm Arwen blew in Friday night depositing heavy snow in the north and west of the country, meaning that our judge Jenny Shorer -Wheeler could not get to the show. Jenny apologised for letting the Exhibitors down who had entered under her, it was also very sad for her as she had waited 2yrs for the appointment, as of course last year the show was cancelled due to covid. While I know it was very upsetting for Jenny and exhibitors alike, I am sure everyone would agree no dog show is worth the risk of an accident or getting stuck in freezing conditions. I was also very sad not to be able to go, it being one of my favourite shows, but my car had developed a problem with starting the day before and needed a new alternator and although I had it back on Saturday not in time to attend.

I am very grateful to Marie Corin who has sent me her report of the show.

‘The Nordic lived up to its name, as the cold snap and snowy weather arrived the same day. Although the dogs are largely made for that sort of climate, the transport system is less agreeable, meaning some people including the scheduled Buhund judge Jenny Shorer-Wheeler were unable to make it. Another judge, Mr Krys Greenland stepped into judge the Buhunds, having earlier judged the Samoyeds. The Sports Connexion provided a decent sized ring in the sports hall, with 4rings (these were later opened to make 2 large rings for BIS and RBOB judging). It wasn’t too crowded, so we didn’t feel unsafe from a socially distancing perspective. It was lovely that 4 Buhunds (5 including Loki NFC) could make it and we settled ourselves down in the far back corner, away from the double doors which allowed the icy wind to blow in! As well as Adam and I with Bergen, we had Mary and David Dosson with Teddy,Millie Lambert with Shiera and Lisa and Alex  Strong with Eris  and Loki.

We were absolutely over the moon that Bergen took his first BOB and so grateful to the judge for thinking so highly of him (it made driving through the snow to get there worthwhile). Eris took RBOB and competed in the RBOB group. At times the floor seemed a little slippery for some of the dogs, and in the BIS ring there was an excess of dog hair left over from grooming, which I tried to move out of the as it was getting stuck to Bergen’s paws! It was great to experience out first time in BIS judging, we were sandwiched between a Malamute and a barky Finnish Spitz. Bergen was pretty tired by this time after out early start (as he refuses to nap at shows, so keeping his attention was my key concern. The judge was Glynn Payne, who after seeing all the dogs didn’t short list but went straight into award BIS to the Elkhound, with a Korean Jindo as RBIS. It was great that the Bu crew stayed to watch, as many people had left by the time BIS started.’ Thanks Marie, I think you always remember your first BOB. Bergen is aka Kligenthal Almuric. Eris is aka Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus.

Stay safe everyone.

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