Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 10th June 2022 Margaret Deuchar


I hope that you all had an enjoyable Platinum Jubilee weekend that was honouring the Queen’s 70yrs on the throne, whether you just relaxed at home and perhaps watched the fantastic coverage of events on TV, or possibly went to an organised event or perhaps even organised an event yourself, I know some you also fitted in competing with your dogs.  Of course, as usual with bank holidays many people had to work but hopefully if you did, you were also able to have some time to relax.

Bu Bumbles have become very popular over the last few years, and together with Discover Dogs I think are so important in getting the breed better known and understood, especially by prospective owners who often go along to meet the dogs. Below Marie Corin talks about the most recent Bumble which she organised and how important she feels they are.

‘Bu Bumbles are great in a couple of ways. Firstly, the chance to meet up with fellow Buhund owners and their dogs, seeing as it’s not a breed you’re likely to bump into randomly very often.  It’s a rare joy to see a collection of Buhunds together like this and the chaos that ensues is always entertaining.  The other great thing about the Bumbles is that it provides an opportunity for prospective Buhund owners to join us, get to meet some dogs and ask questions about the breed, while we as Buhund Ambassadors can give honest answers, pointing out the best qualities of our breed as well as making people aware of their requirements for a happy life.  On our third London bumble (Sunday 29 May, in Regents Park) we were delighted to be joined by Sanjay, who had recently been in touch with the club – he lives in London, is a massive dog lover and had discovered Buhunds on a trip to Norway.  He brought along 3 close friends (one of whom owns two Shar Peis although they didn’t join us), all of them were very interested in the dogs and asked plenty of good questions.  I’ve since heard that far from being put off by the madness of our 4-legged friends, Sanjay is keener than ever on the breed and is planning on coming to Windsor Ch show to meet more.  There were 5 dogs in total on the day, 4 of which had bumbled before,my and Adam’s Kligenthal Almuric (Bergen, aged 2), his litter sister Kligenthal Shadownova (Nova), Koromandel Nydelig Gutt (Bim aged 1) and our Bumble grand dame Trelowen Passopp Scarlett (Scarlett aged 11yrs). We were over the moon to have another London Buhund join us this time, Sturtmoor Destiny’y Day (Leo, aged 9)-a Black male who was previously named Lotto when he lived with Millie. All the dogs brought 2 humans, except Scarlett who had 3, so there was quite a crowd of us. It was a beautiful sunny day, if anything a little warm, so we meandered under the shade of the trees in the park while the dogs entertained themselves chasing a ball and each other, looking for who had the best treats or in Scarlett’s case, rolling on her back inviting anyone passing by to rub her belly. There were a few people who could not make it on the day and funnily enough as Adam and I were walking back to the station we bumped into Tash and Rich, who are recent Buhund owners as they have the puppy Waffle (Frostisen Yankey), they could not make this Bumble but hope to make the next one. They recognised Bergen as we crossed the road near Bond Street, small world! We will aim to hold another Bumble later in the summer, details will be on the Facebook Groups, all welcome with or without a dog …hope to see you there.’ Thanks Marie.

You will have seen the obituary in ‘Our Dogs’ to Ferelith Somerfield who has died after several years of very poor health. If you are relatively new to showing you will probably not really know who she was, so do read the Obituary if can. She was a lovely lady a fantastic judge and had a great sense of humour, I will always remember attending a very informative and amusing lecture she gave on Judging. The room was packed and she walked in wearing a big sloppy cardigan, supporting large earrings and swinging a long dangling necklace with her hands were covered in rings, and she was done up to the nines with makeup and perfume. She preceded to explain very amusingly, when judging why you should never wear any of the items she was wearing, but how to look smart, and also of course how to assess each dog properly and make the experience enjoyable for handlers and dogs alike. She gave my first Buhund Ch/Ir Ch Wolfen Just In Time his fourth CC, he is Time’s GGGGGGrandfather and is where his pet name comes from.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK