Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 10th May 2024 Margaret Deuchar


The KC gave with one hand and took away with the other. We were allowed to have two club Ch shows this year so long as one was with a partner show, but we have lost CCs at Richmond. Previously the club was allowed to have two Ch shows to be held in either 2021 or 22, to make up for the one we lost during the pandemic. The club held this show successfully combined with Welks on 23rd April 2022, so the committee decided to have the 1st Ch this year again with Welks, particularly as the show has kept the breed on despite losing CCs there when the KC gave the set to Bath, and Pastoral/Utility Day was the Sunday. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the shows, including Kerry Frost and Addreinne Frost-Treadwell (Frostisen) from Eire, we had some lovely classes 6 in OD and not far behind 5 in PGB and OB we also had puppies and veterans. Many exhibitors travelled down the day before, and for the first time I did the same which proved to be a good decision, as heavy rain started during in the evening and continuing during the night and into the next morning, with those travelling in the morning reporting very difficult driving conditions with rain and sleet, it was only 6degrees when we left our hotel for the show. Welks had said some days earlier that all judging would be inside, this I gather was because some of the grass had been reseeded, so the decision did not have to be made on the day to judge indoors. We were in Hall 2, those of you that know ‘The Three Counties Showground’ know that hall is part of the cattle sheds for the Agricultural show, so not that warm! but at least it was dry. We were in after 45/63 Pembroke Corgis going in just after our scheduled time of 11am.Our judge was Barry Blunden who last judged the breed at the very last E of E show. He awards CCs in 20 breeds across the Working, Pastoral and Utility Groups and has judged in the US, Canada, Finland and on the Continent. He found his BD & BOB in my and daughter Debbie’s Ch Rikarlo Gable JW(Time). RBD was Jenny Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Koromandel Tusen Takk JW (ai)Muchly. BPD & BP Marie Corin and Adam Camm’s Mazads Nom De Plume (Dexter).BB Leigh Ashman and Michael Partick’s Ch Tapui Starla (Freya) who although they have different affixes, is Time’s younger sister. RBB Lisa and Alex Strong’s Ch Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus (Eris) BPB Sue Crocker’s Leggatts Superstition (Franny).BV Sue’s Knytshall Noor Ul Ain (Noor). Judging over there was only a few minutes to prepare for the club show with Norwegian flags round the ring, we had tables ring side for the Trophies, Rosettes and 4 lovely, embroidered towels donated by Jenny for the CC&RCC winners, with a show bag for the BP, also the club shop and raffle. Thanks as always to Jacque Cobb for looking after the Trophies.The picnic table was laid out away from the ring! At just after 1pm it was time to welcome our judge Marion Hodgson giving CCs in the breed for the first time, having last judged the breed at Bath just before the show became an all-breed show. She awards CC in 16 breeds across the Pastoral and Working Groups. I had the pleasure of stewarding for her and was very impressed by her kindness, especially to some of the younger exhibits and their owners. She found her DCC & BIS in Jenny’s Muchly winning his 14th CC he also has 4RCCs, he is homebred by Multi Ch Trollheimen JR Made For Cascilius x Sturtmoor Ffascintaion With Koromandel. RDCC his 3rd he has only been lightly shown, Konner Owens Leggatts Night Fever (Kuma) handled as usual by Millie Pentland, he was also RBIS & Best Black, he is by Sturtmoor Floki x Leggatts Voulez Vous. BDP & BPIS Marie and Adam’s homebred Dexter by Kligenthal Almuric x Gladidegelli Arvejente for Rikarlo. Best Special Working Dog & BSW My and Daughter Debbie’s Time by Ch Kromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall(Jamie) x Ch Kimura’s Vera At Tapui(Imp Nor)(Betty)he has 9CCs and 8RCCS. BCC her 4th she also has 3RCCs Kirsty Irvine’s Ch Kimura’s Vera At Tapui (Imp Nor) (Betty) she was also BOS & BVIS and is by Nor Ch Peer Gynt x Nor Ch Kimura’s Nelly. RBCCs her 7th she also has 4CCs Leigh & Michael’s Freya she is by Jamie x Betty so mother and daughter winning the CC and Res. BPB & RBPIS Sue’s Franny by Kligenthal Bran Mak x Noor. Best Working Bitch Sue’s Leggats Jive Talkin (Noodle) she has 3RCCs and is litter sister to RBIS Kuma. Best Black Bitch Nick & Dr Jo and Bethany Guillod -Rees Draccus Obsidian (Ruby) by Time x Eris. RBVIS Sue’s Noor, she has 1CC &3RCCs she is by Knytshall Diamond Ted x Ch Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall.

The main show was followed by the extra classes we have at a Ch show with some lovely classes , with 5 in brace which was won by Lisa & Alex Strong’s of Raven & Eris, Raven was also 1St in ‘Special Bred By.’ Ruby wont ‘Special Not Bred By’. 1st in a lovely Progeny class Kerry & Fritz Frost and Karin Klouman’s Ir/Int Ch Kynons Dronningen Av Frostisen(Ma’ ma)(Imp Can) and her progeny Frostisen Zitter (Penny) Zeta (Birdie) & Zeffer (Loki) their sire is Ir Ch Leggatts Fernando From Frostisen ,a very attractive foursome as two are Wheaten and two Black, the handlers were Addrienne & Jacqui Walmsley the Frostisen representative in the UK. Some exhibitors also had success in the Welks stakes classes. Muchly won the Good Citizen Dog Scheme winning £50 under Marion Sargent. Bethany and Ruby were 4th in the YKC Members’ Handling 6-11 under Lilly O’Brien. Frank Kane judged the Puppy Dog Stakes shortlisting Mary and David Dosson’s Leggatt’s Part Time Lover (Barnaby), he is litter brother to Franny. Allyson King judged the Sybil Churchill Open Bitch stakes and awarded VHC to Ma’am. It was a very enjoyable day with a great atmosphere and company. There was one downside for many including myself, and that was that Welks was not benched. The other thing which the committee will have to discuss was that because Pastoral Group was called first at just after 3pm with a 10min call, and with the BIS ring the other side of the ground, when 10min became 30min it was difficult for Marie Corin who had BP in both shows to get back to our show, missing several of the special classes she had entered. I think if we must go with a partner show we really need the ring for the day, not sure though if this will be possible.

Happily, the rain had stopped so most had a dry journey home, although we had one heavy shower which produced one of the most amazing Rainbows I have seen, going right over the M40 with very bright colours.

That evening, I received a phone call from Debbie Penniston Fleming who lives in Scotland telling me of the success of her puppy Leggatts Isn’t She Lovely of Ailort (Quinn), she is litter sister to Franny & Barnaby. Debbie said ‘there were two shows held at same venue, The Scottish National Equestrian Centre, Oatridge, Ecclesmachan, the first was the West Lothian Canine Society show where Quinn was shortlisted in a huge AVNSC open class under Angela Harvey, she had to come out and go straight into the Kirkintilloch Lenzie & District Canine Society show, where under Cath Ryan she won AVNSC Graduate and was then Best Pastoral AVNSC and Adult Group 3 and PG 1. It was a long day but Quinn took it in her stride and was well behaved for once’. What a lovely litter and what a fantastic day the puppies had, especially as they were only 6 months on the Tuesday before.

Margaret Deuchar

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