Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 12th June 2020 Margaret Deuchar


Still no prospect of having any face to face dog shows safely any time soon, certainly not in the Uk. Depending on how the panademic goes I suppose there might be some smaller shows towards the end of the year, but with the Ch shows they have such a big capital outlay before the event with deposits for venues and equipment, that those that have not already cancelled may well not want to take the risk, although at the moment I think Blackpool and  Bournemouth have only postponed, both shows have classes for Buhunds but not CCs.

The on line show scene has had a couple of  great shows .Our Dogs have run one with BOB, BV & BP for all breeds with  group places down to fourth, judged by well known respected judges .Those  entering were not confined to the UK and the show FB page had over 5000 members, with fabulous photos of dog breeds that are recognised by the KC & FCI. Massive thanks go to the show organiser Maria-Louise Clark who I should think is exhausted. The Buhund BOB was Jenny Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Maidof Copper for Kormadel (JW)Imp Fin (Pikka) by Nor Ch Gnipagrottensqu x Swe/Fin Ch Cipacan Mila Magia. Pikka was BCC at Crufts on three successive occasions and is only one of three Buhunds with the JW.

Addrienne Frost-Treadwell has just finished running her third one line show for Buhunds. Again, many thanks, no mean feat running these shows. Results next week.

Over the past weeks Buhund owners have told me how they chose to have Buhunds, and in some cases their affix. My thanks here go to Roger Thomas who was club President for 3 years from 1995 and who for many years bred, showed and judged the breed, the last time being at WELKS in 2013, when we had the hated single CC. He and his wife Madeline now live on the Isle of Man.

“The Affix  ‘Squirreldene’ was registered by the KC in July 1975 to Madeline and myself and we started showing out first breed, Norwich Terriers shortly afterwards. When Madeline and I were first married we lived in Ludlow,Shropshire, not far from Clun,Shropshire, my birthplace. The first pedigree dog we had was my wedding present to Madeline, a Great Dane of Merrowlea breeding purchased from the well known kennels of Capt and Mrs Hutton of Cranleigh in Surrey. We soon became involved in the dog showing fraternity and joined the Committee of Ludlow and DKA. We then moved to North Herefordshire into the village of Aymestrey, just four miles from the Welsh border right out into the countryside. Our property had about two acres of ground with a field and plenty of trees around the whole area. Just behind our bungalow was a 20acre unused, hilly and rough common, which we had rights to use and graze 5sheep!!  This common rose vertically and was frequented by much wildlife and ourselves, though a preponderance of Adders were sometimes a problem with the dogs! However, all round us were grey squirrels in abundance and it did not take us too long to come up with the prefix ‘Squirreldene’. At the time Norwich Terriers were a docked breed and our friends pulled out leg about our Affix, as the breed was definitely not supposed to have a squirrel tail! When we came into Norwegian Buhunds, of course the Affix was much more apt! Buhunds happened when Madeline was looking for another breed. Presenting the Norwich in show trim is demanding in work and time, with finger and thumb stripping and general trimming of their coat an absolute priority. She looked through the books and much research was done. The Buhund ticked all the boxes as a breed, which would complement the Norwich, with less work involved in presentation and perfect for our surroundings and facilities. Our two foundation bitches were obtained in October and November 1979. Adoram Toriana came from Michael Quinney and we well remember our excitement as we drove across the country from west to east, to pick her up from Michael. We were served a delightful lunch by Michael and Terry McHaffie and the discussions we had on the breed and dogs generally, complemented a wonderful day which ended in bringing Kirsten home. Kirsten contributed so much to our kennel and after a short career in the ring, she produced Ch Squirreldene Prince Ragnar and was the grand dam of Ch Squirreldene Sigrid, Ch Squirreldene Sverke and Ch Squirreldene Princess Ragna at Kinsridge. Cigwaith Artic Star came from Sally and Dixie Dean from Westbury on Severn, Glos. We had spotted an advert in the press and went along to have a look at her. She was just over a year old and Madeline took to her straight away, so Inga came home with us and contributed greatly to our kennel, producing Ch Squirreldene Bjanka (who held the bitch record for many years). Ch Squirreldene Arctic Ice and through Bjanka’s mating to Ch Squirreldene Prince Ragnar ,Inga was also the grand dam of  Sigrid and  Sverke. These two wonderful ladies who came to us in 1979 were instrumental in establishing our Buhund Kennel and introducing us to such an enchanting breed that we have been in love with ever since. Our 40 year involvement with the breed has enabled us to make lasting friendships, and many happy years of enjoyment through showing and club association, which would not have been possible without the Norwegain Buhund”. Thank you Roger so interesting and much appreciated.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK.