Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 12th November 2021 Margaret Deuchar


Most of you will know that very sadly Michael Quinney (Adoram) has passed away he was in his 80s.The breed owes so much to him, and his contribution will never be forgotten. He had been ill for some time and had fought his illness as others have said with courage and fortitude. There have been many tributes to him noting that he had the great ability to find the quality dog in what ever breed he was judging. He never judged BIS at Crufts but did judge the Working, Toy and Utility Groups there. He gave tickets in Buhunds 20 times the last being in 2013 which was at the Breed Ch show, he was also an Honorary Life member of the club.

He started breeding Pugs as a teenager in the 1950s and had the breed for the whole of his life and won BIS at LKA with Ch Adoram Cinderfella of Pallas, his special interest was in Black Pugs. He also had success with Rottweilers and Basenjis but of course for us he is known for his Buhunds. Michael’s partner was Terry McHaffie MBE who was a police dog handler with the RAF. Together they developed an interest in Buhunds and when the breed obtained Championship status, they had Fossfell Cora who became the first breed Champion, she was bred by Shirley Dobson one of the club’s founder members. Cora was the dam of a number of Adoram Buhunds and was the grand dam of Ch Adoram Sevenson who was the sire of Ch Adoram Dahlas, who was born on 11th February 1976, he dominated the breed both in the ring and as a sire, his dam was Norsken Mai who was out of Norsken Gyda one of the original imports from Norway in the breed. Adoram Buhunds were ‘Buhund of the Year’ from 1973 to 1980 except for 1976, they won well over 100 CCs. If you go back in the pedigrees of many of dogs in the UK and abroad you will find Adoram Buhunds, and I doubt that there are many in the breed today even those who have recently joined who have not heard of Michael Quinney Adoram Buhunds and Dahlas in particular.

A number of members past and present have given me their memories of Michael.

SUE AVERY wrote: – ‘We helped Michael move from his house in the fens to his bungalow in March which was about 15mins from where we lived at the time in Peterborough. He was a fab storyteller.

LORRAINE BOLTON wrote: -We already had a Buhund, Tordown the Bold Vandal. Vandal was used at stud and I was given a bitch puppy from the litter for my 18th Birthday. At her first Club Show, Zara (Taysenji Zara) won Minor puppy, Puppy, Maiden and Novice classes, Best Bitch Puppy and Best Puppy in Show. At 18 months Zara was hit by a car and died instantly. We received a call from Michael, he had a 4-month-old bitch puppy that he was keeping to show, would we like to see her? So, we arrived at Cambridge and Michael brought out the absolutely gorgeous Uki. Michael asked what we thought, well we couldn’t find sufficient superlatives. She was stunning. To my astonishment he offered to give us Uki to replace Zara. Did we want her, yes, we did and so after not a few tears Uki came home with us. Some years later, when I was somewhat less in awe of Michael and Terry, (although that never actually completely disappeared), I had been to Norway and took the opportunity to visit Elias Moretro of the Av Gilde kennel. At the time he was one of only two or three breeders of blacks. I took the photos to show Michael and he suggested that we go into partnership and bring in two black bitches. With the exception of directly imported blacks, every black in Britain descends from these dogs. I had refused to judge the Buhund Club Open Show on two occasions because I did not feel sufficiently qualified. Michael took me under his wing and for the next four years I travelled with him on his judging trips. I would sit ringside watching the judging and taking my own notes. I would then have Michael’s notes and write all his critiques for him. I will be forever grateful for his guidance. Finally, shortly after Mum died at the tragically young age of 58, I sat with Michael at Wood Green and we had a beautiful discussion about death and its impact. Michael had lost Terry a few months previous. He was so empathetic and understanding. People remember his wonderful story telling and somewhat acerbic humour, but I remember above all else our wonderful, and for me cathartic, conversation. His influence on the Norwegian Buhund cannot be understated and I sincerely hope that the NBCUK applies to the KC for protected status of his prefix. It’s the least we can do.

KIRSTY ANN IRVINE wrote: – The best thing about memories is making them. One of the first special memories of my first homebred Norwegian Buhund male Tane (Ch /Nor/Swe Ch Tapui Tane JW) was created by Michael Quinney at Manchester Ch show, when Tane was at his first show at six months and four days old. Michael was judging his beloved breed and awarded Tane the CC and BOB on the day. Michael then supported Tane and I as he was placed in the group and was proud to talk about him to the Norwegian judge judging the group. I remember Michael’s words as he’d gone over him that day as one of surprise, at finding something new and special at such a young age. As the years passed, Michael kept an eye on Tane’s progress and even used him at stud, which in turn produced the wonderful Hearing Dog sisters Hettie and Lettie. I remember visiting Michael for the stud and later when the pups were born, as Michael lived in the next village to me in a sleepy part of Cambridgeshire. Michael had so much knowledge of the breed and loved to tell stories of his memories and past times. I had the opportunity to have Tane and his daughters Hettie and Lettie at the Norwegian Buhund Club Ch show in 2013, where Michael was again judging his beloved breed, thus completing Tane’s time at shows, beginning and ending with Michael at the helm.

MILLIE LAMBERT-DOVEY wrote: – ‘I was saddened to hear of the death of Michael Quinney this evening, one of our breed icon’s. The Adoram Kennel produced some fantastic dogs over the years, the most notable being Ch Adoram Dahlas, one of my favourite Buhunds of all time. I had the pleasure of being in the challenge with him when he won BOB at Crufts, when I was 12yrs of age. Michael was always very good to me. My parents went to him in 1982 when we decided that Buhunds would be the first breed of my own. He very graciously allowed me to have two pick bitches (from different litters). Adoram Christmas Rose and Adoram Holly. Neither of which did a lot of winning, but they were my foundation stock and cemented my love for the breed. Michael was always there for support and taught me a lot about the breed over the years. He was devastated when he lost Terry McHaffie, his long-time partner, who I also remember judging the Buhund Club Ch Show at Towcester Racecourse, in almost regimented style!!  Michael will be a huge loss to the breed. Although he concentrated more on his Pugs in the last couple of decades, his impact in Buhunds will never be forgotten, his Adoram affix will be etched in my memory for years to come. RIP Michael, you were such a character, and you will be sorely missed. (Millie also wrote about Dahlas in her natter with Neil in the most recent Bu News, there is also a photo of Dahlas in the same article)

ROSKO JOHN ROSSE wrote: – ‘My first Buhunds were by Adoram Dahlas who was owned by Michael whom I met on many occasions and found him to have a good sense of humour and an excellent host. I went to see him when he worked at Wood Green Rescue Centre as Manager. He was a legend as a judge. His dogs did very well in the show ring, Dahlas being the breed record holder for many years. I also remember some beautiful black pugs and excellent Rottweilers. He was certainly the most important person in bringing Buhunds to the fore.

LYNN SMITH wrote:-I was really sad to learn that Michael Quinney had died recently. I first got to know him in the mid 70’s. I had been showing only for a few years, Rough Collies being my breed. My local canine society was Peterborough and District. I had recently joined the committee in the hope of learning more about dogs and dog showing when Michael came to judge our show. I found him not only an interesting person to listen to, but he was also prepared to help someone new to dogs. He mentioned the breed Norwegian Buhunds, which I think I probably hadn’t even heard of then. He kindly invited me to go to his kennels at Great Abington, near Cambridge, to see them and I was really taken by the breed. To cut a long story short I eventually became the proud owner of a little Buhund bitch called Adoram Sadie, a gift from Michael. She was in the first litter to be sired by his dog Dahlas who later proved to be a tremendous influence on the breed as well as a wonderful show dog, breed record holder and ambassador for the breed. I won my very first Challenge Certificate with Sadie under the great Jo Braddon and she was to become my very first Champion. Also in that litter was another lovely bitch, Adoram Uki, she went to live with Moria and Lorraine Smart. She had a wonderful show career and became the bitch record holder. She held onto that title until Sadie had a litter by another dog bred by Michael Champion Adoram Wouer. This produced Champion Alkola Llian, owned by Wenna Wallbank. Llian took over the bitch record from Yuki. Michael was successful in many breeds, in particular his beloved Pugs. He also had success in Rottweilers, Basenjis, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and Irish Water Spaniels. I used to love going to stay at Michael’s because there was always such a lovely mixture of animals to see. I particularly remember an Amazon Blue Parrot, who had got banned from living in the house because of his swearing. Nobody would own up to teaching him! He also learnt to shout “shut up” by mimicking Michael’s voice. So, it could often be heard shouting at the dogs. These are just a few of my memories of Michael. Another one of the great dog people gone.

Thank you all for your memories of Michael, I am sure everyone reading this will realise what a great dog person he was and how important he was in the history of the breed.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK