Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 13th October 2023 Margaret Deuchar


Addrienne Frost- Treadwell has been in touch from Eire, with news of the recent successes of the Frostisen Kennel of Kerry and Fritz Frost, Addrienne and Jacqui Walmsley. The first of the successes was at Belfast Ch show held on held on 23rd /24th September with Pastoral day being the Sunday, it is run by the Belfast Dog Show Society which was founded in 1880 and is one of the oldest Societies in the UK and Ireland. The show is held in The Eikon Exhibition Centre in Lisburn which opened in 2015 and is Northen Ireland’s largest events Centre. The centre is 15 minutes from Belfast and only 84 minutes from Dublin and has free parking for 4,000 cars. This year the show had 2,000 dogs entered with 162 breeds. Tom H Johnston judged the breed and found his BD & BOB in Ire Ch Trelowen Aviator at Frostisen Jnr Ch AN Ch CW CCW he is by Ch Trelowen Conar Tun x Trelowen Lola .RBD Ir Ch Fabrajs Your Obedient Servant Mr Burr at Frostisen (Jnr Ch)(Imp US) he is by Kyons Langveis Reisende ex Ch Trollheimen’s Pink Tourmaline he was also 4th on the Christoper Cathcart Memorial  Open Stakes  under Ernie Paterson winning some treat money.BB Int/Ir Ch Kyons Dronningen av Frostisen  Jrn Ch CW CCW (Imp Can)she is by Nor Ch Kimura’s Uno x Can Ch Kyons Nordic Princess. She is co-owned by her breeder Karin Klouman.

The following weekend it was the Irish Kennel Club International Ch show on Saturday the 30th Sept, there were celebrations as it was back at the National Show Centre in Dublin after nearly 4 after years, it was shut due to the pandemic, when it was used for vaccinations/testing and then had other problems. The judge was Stefan Sinko who is a past president of the Slovenian KC and has judged in 72 countries around the world. Green Star Dog & CACIB (Int CC) and BOB Mr Burr this win gave him his International Championship of Beauty title, the first American bred dog to gain the title in Ireland. To become an International Ch the dog must have won at least 4 CACIBs at International Shows where CACIBS are on offer under at least three different judges, with a year and a day apart from the first and last CACIB, and of course must be graded excellent first with all the awards.  Green Star Bitch & CACIB Frostisen Blakk Zitter (Penny) these were her first such awards. She is by Ir Ch Leggatts Fernando From Frostisen x Ir Ch Kyon’s Dronningen AV Frostisen. (Ma’am). The following day at the same venue the Irish KC held its own National show with judge Mrs Marie Hamill finding her BOB & Green Star Bitch in Penny her second in two days. Green Star Dog making him an Ir Ch Frostisen Yo Samity Sam(Broady) by Mr Burr x Leggetts Gimmegimmegimme from Frostisen .Addrienne said there was huge support for Broady as in the past he had had difficulty in getting his act together, but here he showed his socks off to win BD but was not so good in the challenge, but he has a great deal of support and has made  many friends over the months.  Addrienne said it was lovely to have Jacqui Walmsley and Anne Marie over for the shows, Penny lives with Anne Marie, and she shows her back in the UK, where she was RBB at Bournemouth this year.

Some years ago, I used to regularly swim the dogs for exercise, so I was interested when I saw that Lisa Strong had been taking Raven aka ‘Draccus I Have A Dream’ swimming, so I asked her to tell us about it. “Recently Raven has become more confident about following her mum into streams and paddling about, so I decided to book her into a puppy swim session before she tried to follow her mum when she went for a swim in a lake. The session is for 30 minutes and is for puppies from 14 week – 6 months old, nails cannot be too sharp or too long to avoid tearing the pool lining or hurting the coach too much. The pups need to be fully vaccinated (older dogs are allowed titre tests) and there are 3 puppies in the class. Owners are advised to bring swimwear ‘just in case’. The pups all met at the beginning of the session (the other 2 were a Labrador and a Vizsla) and as they got on, they were allowed to run off lead together in the secure area around the pool whilst they waited their turn in the water. The Vizsla puppy was straight in, jumping in and not even using the ramp, he happily swam about for a few minutes. Then it was the Labrador’s turn and he had to be lifted in and took a few minutes to relax, and his owners almost went off to the cubicle to change into their swimwear to get in the pool with him, but as they were making their way there, he finally stopped stressing and decided that swimming was fun. Then it was Ravens turn, she was eager to get to the pool and started down the ramp but then her toes touched water,and the ramp moved slightly and she changed her mind. She went back up on deck and was happy to say hi to the coach in the water with her hovering above him, so he fussed her for a minute and then picked her up and headed out into the water. There was an initial panic but then she was more about where her owners were, so we had to run to the other end of the pool and call her. Initially there was a lot of splashing and treading water but after a couple of minutes she calmed down and lowered her head and started swimming properly. She was led to the ramp and when she got out, she looked like a drowned rat! One shake later and she was fluffier again and off she went to find her new dog friends. After a few minutes they all rotated a swim again and at the end they all went in together. We left feeling more confident that Raven would cope if she paddled out of her depth, the bonus was we had a calm puppy for the rest of the day! We are planning to hire the pool next year for a private pool party so Loki, Eris, and Raven plus a few of their friends can have a swim session together under supervision from the coaches” Sounds such a good idea Lisa, and well-done Raven.

Take care everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

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