Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 14th September 2018 Margaret Deuchar


Richmond Ch show 2018 will certainly go down in Breed history. Our breed judge was Zena Thorn Andrews who last judged the breed at Crufts in 2015.She started judging in the early 70’s and is now approved to award CCs in all breeds, she has also judged as an FCI all breed judge. Zena’s affix is Drakesleat, she has been the top breeder nearly every year since 1975 in Miniature Wirehaired Dachsunds.

In August 2007 the VDH (German KC) honoured Zena by awarding her the Baron Von Gingins medal for breeding Dachshunds to the correct type over many years; only one other person outside Germany has had the same honour. When ‘Pawscars’ started she was the first person to receive the trophy for ‘The Breeder of the Year, dogs she has breed have won over 850 CCs.

Pastoral day at Richmond was Saturday; we were third in the ring after 17 Sealyham Terriers and 29 Australian Shepherds. Earlier in the week rain had been forecast for the Saturday but in the end it stayed further north, Richmond is very much an outside show, everything is under Marquees with the in/out rings.

The dog CC BOB & RCC were the same as the week before at City of Birmingham with one major difference, this time the DCC Sarah Stonton’s Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack was awarded gave him his crown. His first CC also with BOB was at Windsor under Mike Vines; his second again with BOB last week was under Steve Hall. He is by Ch A Di To Be A Sailor x Ch A Di Or Comply and also has 5th RCCs. There was a double celebration as he is Sarah’s first Champion. Later he was shortlisted in the group under Mrs Margaret Wildman. Jacqui & Michael Cobb & Nancy Kent’s Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall by Am/Can Gr Ch Kynon’s Bold Norseman (Idar)xCh MaidofCopper for Kormandel JW was RDCC his 4th he also has 2 CCs. Winning her first BCC and first green card, Maddy Norman, Gail Hussey, Lynn Isaac & Di Stirling’s Arnscroft Delilah At Veekay, she lives with Maddy who showed her, she is Jack’s younger sister. RBC her 6th Jacqui, Michael and Nancy’s Ch Trelowen Veryan to Knytshall RL1Ex,she is by Ch Knytshall Ferdig x Int/Ir Ch Trelowen Yn Tek to Benzara and also has 7CCs. BV Neil  Hood and Julian Collins Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr US Rex(Dino) ShCM  by Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Kimura x Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di Nahs Mite. He has 5CCs & 6RCCs, he has been relatively lightly shown as Neil does not drive, so it is not always easy for him to travel to shows. They have had a very successful time at the shows they have attended this year, he was RDCC at Crufts, at Windsor he was VG2 and here he went one better winning the Veteran group under Mrs Sheila Jakeman. Then on the Sunday there was great excitement and celebrations as he went RBVIS.I am not sure but this could be a first for the breed.

I am sure you all know that there is now a DNA test for Ataxia, which has now been added to our code of ethics so any dog that is bred from must be tested before it is mated, unless it is hereditary clear. I have arranged a 15% off the cost of the test up to 20th October 2018.If you are interested message me and I will send you the code you need.

Margaret Deuchar

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