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Breed Notes 15th February 2019 Matgaret Deuchar


Sarah Stonton has been in touch to tell us of her activities in another canine discipline, with her two Buhunds Loxy(Trelowen Andrea) & Jack(Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack),she writes. “With Loxy being part of the Quatre Bu Obreedience team we were sometimes at Obreedience qualifiers were a Rally competitions were also taking place, that with the enthusiasm of Alysha, Debbie, Jacqui, Lisa and Margaret to enter, encouraged me to have a go although obedience has never been of any real interest to me. Our third competition was held at Derby College Equestrian Centre, there was also an Obreedience qualifier but we were unable to put a team together on that date and venue. I entered both dogs in levels 1 & 2 to make the journey more worthwhile and  came away with Jack getting an excellent score in Level 1 and a qualifying score in Level 2.He now needs another excellent to get a RL1EX after his name. I was so proud to hear his name called out with Ch read out too, especially as earlier someone had asked if he was a Buhund, as they seemed to believe they weren’t a very trainable breed, as they were naughty! Loxy had her first qualifying score in Level 1, and then did proceed to be naughty, off and on in Level 2 by intermittently sniffing interspersed with very foot perfect heel work. I don’t do any Rally training classes, just train at home and on walks. These exercises are downloadable from the KC website with easy to follow instructions. For me it gives me more motivation to do extra training and exercises with the Buhunds-Jack in particular enjoys the process whilst Loxy who is  fully capable of doing much tidier exercise s than him, just tries to work faster and faster to get the rewards sooner. Go give it a go, you may find you really enjoy it.”  Thanks Sarah and a great way to show the Breed off.

Sometime ago the committee thought it  would be a good idea to have regular walks\meets in areas  where there are a number of Buhunds, groups  of owners have been doing this for some time but we are now going to advertise them more widely, and will be known as Buhund Bumbles, so that  anyone with a Buhund or anyone who just wants to get to know the breed better can join in. Last weekend there was a walk at Shearwater in Dorset. This was rescheduled from the snowy weekend. Sue Crocker advertised the bumble and it was great to see photos of all the dogs having a lovely time. There was Sue with Noor and daughter Tissy both of which are black, Alysha Branchflower  & Jacqui Cobb with  Angel , Ferdig & Eloise both of which are also black and Sine  Riley_Moore with Oskar who is wheaten, so unusually the black s outnumbered  the wheaten two to one, but whatever the colour they all had a great Bumble.

Across the pond the first Westminster show was held on 8 May 1877, making it the second-longest continuously held sporting event in the US behind only the Kentucky Derby, which was first held in 1875. This year the breed classes were held over 11th & 12th February in New York. Those living in the US consider it to be the World’s most prestigious show. We of course think Crufts holds that spot, it is however very difficult to compare them. This year there were 2,800dogs entered which includes the agility dogs which competed on Sunday 10th. For the  breed, invitations are given to the top  five Champions in each breed, these Champions are based on the number of dogs defeated by them  in breed competitions at AKC shows, from 1st January 2018 to 31st October 2018.The National Breed speciality BOB winners are also invited, this year there were 8 Buhunds who had been invited. The show is held in Madison Square Garden a special event venue in Manhattan, although the daytime breed judging between 8am-4pm is held at the Piers92/94 a multipurpose indoor arena also in Manhattan, with the action being moved to the Garden for the evening from 6-11pm with the groups starting at 8pm.There is also a ‘Meet the Breeds’ the equivalent of our Discover Dogs, this is only the tenth year this has been held. A junior handling class has been held since 1934 for 9-18yr olds, the 8 finalists taking part have qualified from competitions held across the US during the previous year .The Westminster KC offers a ‘Junior Showmanship Finalist Scholarship’ to the eight finalists. One thing Crufts could do with is the great positive publicity that Westminster always has. In the past I have watched it live, this year I was not able to do this, but the next day a video of the judging was posted on the forum. The judge was Bob Slay who found his  BOB was Dawne Deeley’s GCHB Tsarshadow Rangar Lodbrok  bred by Dawne and born on 16/11/2015 he is by GCH Kyon’s  Bold  Norseman who spent some months in the Uk gaining his UK title and helping the gene pool x Kimuras Karmuh.BOS Ashley Martin & Karin Klouman’s Am/Can Gr Ch Kyon’s One Prim and Proper born on 20/12/2016 by Kimura’s Uno x Kyon’s Reisende Freyja. Select Dog .Ben Daniles GCHG CH  Port Gamble bred by Fjord’s Anders  bred by Glen Robbins & Bjorn Netland born on 25/9/2011 by Ch Trollheimen Jaksi Koli  x Chili. Select Bitch Amelia McLaughlin’s GCHP CH Jotunn Bella Binna bred by Vali Eberhardt & John Bradstreet  and born on 31/08/2011 by Ch Gnipagrottans Jezze James x Jotunn Anja  Kola. History was made at the show when the BOB made the final 8 in the herding group which was won by Bouvier de Flanders.

Margaret Deuchar

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