Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 15th October 2021 Margaret Deuchar


No Ch show with Breed classes to report on this week. Border Union Ch show took place over two days on the 4th /5th Oct straight after SKC.I have never known breed classes there in the 30yrs I have been in the breed, and I am not sure if the show has ever had classes. So, it is down to the occasional representative in AVNSC classes. Lorraine Bolton our chairman did visit to watch a couple of breeds and said it was very wet cold and windy, so perhaps it was as well we did not have classes, especially so soon after SKC and with the fuel problem.

Talking about SKC, I have to apologise profusely to Albert Wight for spelling his name wrong in my notes last week, which was very remiss of me, and I had no excuse as he has judged the breed on numerous occasions. I also manged to use an out-of-date site when giving his judging CV, so as my teacher used to say at school ‘must  do better’. In fact, Albert now gives CCs in 90 Breeds and at Birmingham National the week before SKC, when he judged the Hound Group that was his 98th UK Ch show appointment.

Maddy Norman who won the BCC at SKC with her Ch Arnscroft Delilah at Veekay has sent me her report of the show.

“The organisers of SKC had the changing Covid Regulations and Guidelines to contend with and then just before the show, along came the fuel problems. They must have been concerned that nobody would attend for fear of being stranded without fuel. I don’t know about the other breeds, but all the Buhunds entered managed to attend. Hopefully, everybody got home safely. Then the weather did not help, it was wet and cold and space in the marquee was limited to a very small area, the rings were outside the marquee and although it was dry and sunny at first, that soon gave way to rain with the result that the dogs and their handlers were running round on slippery grass and trying to avoid puddles. The Pulis suffered the worst downpour and judging was paused for a while but by the time the Buhund showing started, the rain had almost stopped and did not resume. Sadly, there were only two dogs entered but there was more competition for the bitches. Despite the onset of Autumn, I think a good day was had by all”. Thanks, Maddy I think all the summer shows were really lucky with the weather, gazebos would not have been funny in very wet windy weather.

‘Buhund Bumbles’ are walks with Buhunds and their owners around the area where they live and often people who want to learn more about the breed join them, which is a fantastic way to find out about the breed. Aline Angus has kindly sent me details of a Scottish Bumble that she and her daughter enjoyed.

“We had four households of Buhunds, Jan and Alan Linstead and their daughter (they also organised the Bumble) they brought Magnus and Loki, Morgan Ellis and James with Oskar, Pauline Van Weymers and Ruari with Miko and Tarik and me and Lizzy with Bosun and Maisi. We met up in North Berwick on a damp day in August by the beach. Luckily, we managed to avoid the worst of the weather. As a group we laid claim to a corner of the beach by the paddling pool and let the dogs do their thing. I was impressed at how good natured they all were generally. Maisi decided that pack activities just weren’t for her and spent the hour barking her wee heart out or being fussed over by wee boys. The pack jumped in and out of the waves and quickly separated out into the swimmers and fetchers, and the paddlers in the shallows. Humans stood around and nattered, got shaken on by numerous wet dogs, threw balls and fetched wee bags of poo and occasionally had to dash off after one or another dog that went exploring on their own. Bosun got a bit ratty and fractious towards the end – I think an hour was enough for him with this new experience (there was a lot of testosterones – all boys bar Maisi, still barking and keeping out of it). It would have been nice to stay for longer and maybe have a cuppa tea, but the weather was on the turn and sitting outside was NOT a good idea. We headed out of North Berwick in various directions with wet, sandy and exhausted dogs.” Thanks Aline sounds fun. Two more Bumbles have been planned one by Mary Dosson at Burnham on Sea, Somerset on 16th Oct at 10am, if you go onto the forum and click on events at the top of the page details are there. The other is being organised by Marie Corin and will be on November 6th in Hyde Park London starting at 2pm, I am looking forward to writing about these two.

Margaret Deuchar

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