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Breed Notes 16th August 2019 Margaret Deuchar


Not quite sure where to start about last weekend. I know some people were not happy that various events were cancelled, in some cases many days in advance, like the music festival, but most were hobbies and our thoughts go to the people who had their houses/business flooded, and in some cases also lost farm animals and some pets. Thankfully now we have a very good forecasting system so that we can be warned well in advance of severe storms. Back in 1979 the girls and I used to spend our summer holidays with the friends on the Isle of Wight, with the dogs of course although not a Buhund at that time. Many in the group we were with were very interested in sailing, and on the weekend of 13th /14th August the Fastnet sailing race was to take place, this race first started in 1925, and takes place every 2yrs. A storm blew up much like we had last weekend, but that was 40 yrs ago, 15 sailors died 75 boats capsized and 5 sank, I remember it so well as some of our friends knew people taking part. I am sure that would never happen nowadays.

Pastoral day at Bournemouth Canine Assoc Ch show was the Saturday, the show is held at Pike’s Farm near Poole Dorset. The Association held its first show in 1911 and the first Ch show on 1st June 1927, and that year June was the coldest since 1763, so in England summer has always been unpredictable. We were first in the ring and our judge was Hazel Fitzgibbon who gives CCs in 12 breeds across 4 groups. She wrote on her FB page the next day “My thanks to the extremely sporting Norwegian Buhund exhibitors who braved the winds and brought dogs; what a cracking crowd they are.”Her BOB & BB was Jacqui and Michael Cobb and Nancy Kent’s Knytshall Angel Delight RL2 EX handled by Alysha Branchflower. RBB Kerry and Fritz Frost,Addrienne Frost-Treadwell and Jaqui Walmsley’s Trelowen Amelia At Frostisen, she lives with  Jacqui and this was her first green card. This time last year while still a puppy, she was recovering from a serious undiagnosed illness that very nearly claimed her life, so it is great that she is back in the ring and doing well. BD & BOS Neil Hood & Julian Collins Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex (Dino). Neil had to work so Lisa Strong took Dino to the show and Alysha handled him in the class and Jacqui(W) in the challenge. RBD Jacqui (W’s)Blakk Extacy Van Koekie’s Ranch (Imp). BV Jacqui & Michael and Nancy’s Ch Trelowen Veryan To Knytshall RL1.BSB Lisa & Alex Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus .She was later 4th in the SB group under Mark James who had a busy time judging  all the Pastoral Groups. The Poole area was forecast to have some of the worst of the wind. Lisa told me most of the tents were deemed to be unsafe, only tents 1-3 were open for benching 4-12 were closed, of these 9-12 were the most unstable looking, the Buhunds were meant to be in 12,owners were let in to collect their  numbers and that was all. This obviously caused problems for some exhibitors in other breeds who did not have crates, as everyone sat outside. The only good thing was apart from a shower it was dry, as the rings were also outside, with in some cases the stewards handing out ring numbers. The ground was firm, as down south we had not at that time had the rain, that they had had further north. The show ran over Saturday, Sunday and Monday and had much better weather on the last two days. It would be wrong of me not to mention how fantastic it is to have Jacqui Walmsley live streaming the groups on behalf of Our Dogs; it really makes you feel you are there. We were also able to watch judge Gary Gray have his head saved for charity, which I believe was for research into teenage cancer.

I did not enter as I should have been at the KC Agility Festival handing out rosettes as I have done for the last 13yrs, but that was one event that had 2 out of the four days cancelled due to the ground conditions.

Sarah Stonton did attend the festival and here is her report-: ‘Loxy,Trelowen Andrea AW(S),and I headed to the Kennel Club International Festival at Rockingham Castle on the Rutland/Northamptonshire/Cambridgeshire borders for the 4th  time this August. Despite the wonderful preparations put in place by the organisers, nobody could alter the good old British weather. The show is held over 4 days with approx 3000 dogs and competitors many of whom camp; the first day Thursday went ahead as planned, despite the ground being already wet and muddy in places. Horrendous rain over night and through Friday meant the majority of the show was cancelled for safety reasons, but the most prestigious classes were moved to the small Rutland showground 30 mins away. The organisers did extremely well to source this at such short notice, and move all the equipment etc,

necessary to make these classes possible. Saturday was similarly cancelled, although that meant with the following high winds for 24 hours, the show could proceed on the Sunday, with the grass in the rings being in good shape, despite the mud in the walk-ways and many caravan areas. Most of the stalls for shopping had left. Because I live only 30 miles away I often use the day parking area which on this occasion, was moved to a different part but meant a 5-10min walk to the rings (reminder to myself must get fitter!).“Princess” Loxy knew, because I told her, that she was the prettiest agility dog there, but this year was not a winning one, our first time there where she didn’t go home with a placing rosette or trophy. In her best run she knocked a pole down which she rarely does, resulting in 5 faults but not being far out of the rosette placing. In her final class there was only a single clear round so she was with the majority. When however one stops to think it is an international event, with teams from various European and some  Scandinavian countries and this year a team from as far  away as Japan, plus the fact she has won her way to Grade 6 (7 is the most difficult level), I am extremely proud of my blonde Buhund.I had intended to stay a bit longer to watch some of the finals in the main ring but a storm with torrential rain came over, blocking the beautiful views over the surrounding countryside, so I decided to head home, in part to ensure I didn’t require the tractor service to pull me off the ground. The A47 enroute was treacherous in places  with water flooding over both lanes from surrounding fields; I was glad to get home and extremely lucky to live so close so I watched some of the finals live on You Tube, as the competition was stopped for lunch to tie  in for when the storm was expected, which arrived just as forecast.’ Thanks Sarah Daughter Debbie has been secretary ever since the festival started, but sadly this one will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Debbie said there was in mud in the caravan in places you did not think you could get mud. This time last year we were having a drought!

Margaret Deuchar

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