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Breed Notes 16th October 2020 Margaret Deuchar


Over the past couple of weeks I have talked about Buhunds taking part in Scent Trials, these trials and the training is all  based on the training given to the dogs that are used to detect diseases, bombs, drugs and the cadaver dogs that search for  bodies. Humans have 6 million scent receptors whereas the dog has between 150-300million.Dogs are trained to search for specific things and specific diseases. Did you see the article in ‘Our Dogs’ saying that four sniffer dogs have begun work at Helsinki Airport to detect Covid, it is claimed that they have a 100% accuracy, providing a fast and cheap way of testing for the virus . The scheme is state funded, but the cost is lower than using laboratory testing methods. If the dog indicates that it thinks the person has Covid then the person is asked to take a swab test. Now there are 16 dogs in training with 10 expected to start work at the airport.

In Germany researchers have also found that dogs could determine Covid with 94% accuracy after only one week of training.

The last of the 3 All-Breedience V Series online competition has taken place. The organiser wrote,  “I actually think  you are all winners regardless of points/scores/places etc – you have all achieved so much, and I feel  privileged to have been able to witness your improvements and achievements”.

I must start by mentioning the fabulous Buhund start markers made by Alysha in the shape of a Buhund and sent to all the team members, bottles of fizz with small Buhund markers in their tops were also used as heelwork markers! The Team captain as for all the heats was Lisa Strong who did sterling work collating all the entries, timing the heel work  which had to  be carried out on the same size area, and making sure the camera was set in the correct position, when this had all been checked it could be  sent to the organiser. The heel work pattern has varied each time, this time there were 2 right turns, a halt, a sit at heel, a 360 degree turn, an about turn, a left turn and an around the pole before going into the 3 weaves. There was a Face Book page for the competitions, the heel work and exercises were posted a couple of weeks before the closing date, so people could practice before their final filming. A number of great videos were sent in of filming going wrong, all the individual exercises were done off lead so there were videos of dogs running off and picking up cones, and various  other amusing antics  that dogs can get up to. Our own Jacqui Cobb with Knytshall Eloise who has done  the retrieve in all the competitions, was one who sent in a  video, on this occasion Eloise she had to find the article hidden from sight  having  being sent  through distractions. The dog is meant to stay turned away from the owner as they place the article. Michael starting filming, Jacqui left Eloise in a sit stay facing away from her, but when she had placed the article, she turned round to see Eloise standing behind watching what she was doing! However, all was forgiven as in the competition she earned 9.6poins out of 10. Alysha Branchflower with Knytshall Josephine did send to a maker from an angle, which she did in the last competition but this  exercise went up a notch from last time, as once the  dog had arrived at the marker it had to be  sent on to another one, for this they were awarded 9.4 out of ten. Lisa with Leggatts Dancing Queen At Draccus (Eris ) this time did going round the poles which was quite complicated, the  poles being placed in a triangle, Eris had to go  round the furthest pole then go back behind  Lisa, and  then do a figure of eight  around the other two poles, for this  she  was awarded a very respectable 8.1 out of ten. The change of position was again more difficult, this was carried out by Jenny Shorer-Wheeler with Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW ShCM. He was left in a sit stay and then Jenny from a distance had to first instruct him to stand then go down and then back to a sit he was awarded 8.6. The team were awarded 35.2 out of 40 for the heel work, there was a very slight deductions of 0.1 for difference in timing and .3 for layout differences, leaving a total of 34.8 with the exercise marks added the team had 70.5 out of 80, the winning team had 77.3. There was only 1.10 between the first and tenth team with several on the same marks, so the heel work  and layout deductions had to be taken into consideration, as usual very tight at the top. There were over 42 teams entered in first competition 44 in the second and 40 in the last. The team may not have been in the top 10 in any of the competitions, but I think they should be immensely proud of themselves. They were able  to use the Quatre Bu name as there were always 4 Buhunds in the team, one of the few teams to take part with dogs all of the  same breed and they always rose to every new challenge, and trained  their dogs to do the exercises required. Before the Obreedience V Series, there was a one off Obreedience online competition. Jacqui Cobb with Eloise and Lisa with Eris took part in this one as well as all the V series. Michaël Cobb also competed in this one with Knytshall Angel Delight RL2Ex and I made up the fourth member with Rikarlo Gable (Time). In the  first of the V series Michael and Angel also competed but Jenny and Mo took over from Time and I and did all the V series. Once lockdown had eased Alysha was able to get back with Josephine who she co owns with Jacqui but who lives with Jacqui, so they competed in the final two competitions, taking over from Michael and Angel.

Many thanks to Julia Bodsworth who organised all the competitions and judges Kath Hardman and Claire Coughlan-Khan

Entries came from abroad and were in the International Allsorts team, Boots was a Bulgarian Street pup and Amber a rescue from Cyprus, all the competitions were enjoyed by everyone, and the dogs learnt new exercises.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK.