Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 17th December 2021 Margaret Deuchar


Those of you who read these notes regularly will know that I love to hear from owners who go out and about doing things with their Buhunds whatever it may be, because as a breed they love to do various activities from walks to competing in the many canine activities that are now available. December 4th was a very busy day.

From Sarah Stonton came this account of how she spent the day.

‘Loxy and I, with Jack in tow, headed off on a significant trip to Slitting Mill Village Hall, near Cannock Chase on Saturday. A long way for a scent trial, it seemed a good idea when I entered but when the morning came, I was tempted to stay in bed longer in the warm, even though I didn’t need to head off until near 10am for a 12.45pm start. The A14 and M6 were kind to us and kept moving so I arrived in time to give the dogs a brisk walk in the village, before our briefing from the judge. There was a lovely view over a lake from the car park beyond the hall, then across the road the start of the forest with the ground covered in red fallen chestnut tree leaves; Jack had an extra walk there as he wasn’t working. The other competitors were as usual extremely friendly so we all just chatted for the next 3hours between working the dogs. The trail was a Level 2 so there were 4 searches with 2 scent finds in each and an allowed time of 5minutes for each area. First, we did exterior items which were all brightly coloured plastic toy cars on grass-both found. Next was indoors a mix of tables and chairs, then various inside items around the periphery of the room-Loxy did really well again finding both and being the fastest for this search of the group of dogs. Third was 2 vehicles and a wall, one scent on a car, the other the wall. Loxy literally dragged me from the start to the car then rapidly found which wheel nut the scent was on. The wall on the other hand took what seemed like forever, she knew the rough area but not putting her nose down low enough to find the hole the scent was in. Eventually success but this search area took about 2 & ½ minutes of the 5 minutes allowed. Finally, back inside as the rain thought about starting to find 2scents in a mix of boxes and luggage. Again, she was the fastest of the group finding both in 30seconds. End result – a clean sweep for Loxy (she found all 8scents) and full handling marks for me; this resulted in a 2nd place and enough points to win out of Level 2 with an Excellent Rosette awarded for this achievement. Definitely worth the trip. Loxy has another Level 2 trial booked much closer to home in 2 weeks’ time (4 miles away rather than100) but is now unable to compete in it due to her winning out, but Jack instead is taking her place-this will be his first Level 2 trial, competing with him will be Debbie Deuchar’s Magic her PSD. Loxy in Level 3 will still have 4 search areas with 2 scents in each but 1 will then be gun oil, the other cloves and the hides will become harder, and she will be back competing with Margaret Deuchar’s Time as he is also on Level 3’.

Thanks Sarah look forward to it.

On the Saturday afternoon it was Lisa Strong that was out and about, having organised another popular Bu Bumble.

‘There was an eagerness on the Forum for a December Buhund Bumble plus there were some people who wanted to meet Buhunds to see if it might be the right breed for them, so on a cold but thankfully dry Saturday eight -Yes 8!!-Norwegian Buhunds gathered with their owners in the Car Park at Hinchingbrooke Park in Huntingdon along with a couple of people who wanted to meet the breed. There were 3 Blacks (Eris, Tia and Ruby) and 5 Wheaten (Loki, Toby, Teya, Saga and Tryg) with ages ranging from 5 months to almost 10 years and there being 4 boys and 4 girls. Three of the crew were under a year so it made for a fantastic socialising experience. The walk started with a bit of drama as immediately the dogs were let off lead one of the youngsters spied a squirrel and off, they went!!! Eventually they realised that the squirrel had got away and came back so we were able to commence the walk. Loki and Eris are very familiar with Hinchingbrooke, and Eris confidently strutted ahead showing the others which way to go whilst Loki was content to take a slower pace and potter about saying Hi to all the humans. The walk took us across a large open grassed space and the Buhunds were soon tearing around playing tag, chase and getting to know each other, over a bridge we went and started on the path around the large lake. On the lake were grebes, ducks, and swans and some Buhunds were very interested in the wildlife however all resisted the urge to go in and swim out to them. At various points along the lake there are spots where the dogs can easily enter the water for a paddle or a swim and some of the youngsters were encouraged into the water, most were happy to have a quick paddle and a couple of the older ones went splashing after sticks that had been thrown and sometimes even brought them back to us. A woodland area had a couple of Buhunds go tearing off after yet more squirrels, but they quickly returned starting a new game of chase me amongst the leaves much to the amusement of the humans. We finished the walk up by the café only to discover that they had closed early as it had been a quiet day. After spending a while chatting some more, and the potential Buhund owners asking more questions whilst getting some more Bu cuddles in it was time to head back to the cars and make our way homeward before darkness fell’.

Thanks Lisa such a wonderful way of potential owners to get to know the breed.

Stop press from LKA BOB & DCC his 12th Ch Kormandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall. BCC her first Knytshall Noor Ul Ain. I will write a full report in my notes next week.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

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