Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 19th April 2019 Margaret Deuchar


For some time the committee had been very conscious of the fact, that the club did not offer much to those members that do not show. This year we have moved our open show to take place in conjunction with   National Working and Pastoral Breeds Ch show on July 13th, it will take place in the same ring after the classes hosted by NW&PBS, so a wonderful opportunity to have two shows in one place both for exhibitors and spectators alike. Having moved the show it meant that we could have something after the AGM, for those do not have showing as their first priority. The fun day at the 50th anniversary show was very popular, so the committee thought that would do something along on the same lines. They worked hard and came up with a programme that was a great success. The AGM started at 10am where the club business was sorted, the committee and officers were all re elected unopposed, so hopefully that means the members are happy with the way the club is being run.

The AGM over and when everyone had arrived for the rest of the day’s activities. Jenny sent the children off on an Easter Egg Hunt, while lunch was laid out which Nancy has organised, with of course cakes made by Jenny. Michael Cobb handed out several quizzes that he had devised, and later in the day the worthy winners received their prizes. Sue Crocker with son Sam had a great selection of things to buy from the shop, which at the end of the day took £113 .71p, the cards in particular were flying off the stand. Sue also organised the raffle and Kirsty did a grand job selling tickets and this took £91.The afternoon activities started with a parade of puppies, nine in total which was wonderful to see, and for the first time that I can remember Blacks outnumbered the Wheatens. Jenny then took those who were interested in improving their handling skills outside to the field, although it was a cold day it was dry and sunny, and with the show season about to get into full swing, where most shows will be outside, it was great to be able to practice on grass. Inside Alysha showed how to get a dog interested in scent work and how to teach them indication; she was ably assisted by Josephine. This Canine activity is becoming very popular as you do not need a large area to train or practice, in fact if it is snowing outside you can still practice indoors without going anywhere. If you are interested in learning more go onto the ScentdogUK website. Another activity that is becoming very popular is Rally and Jacqui Cobb set up a ring for ‘Have A Go Rally’, which proved very popular with a queue of people and their dogs waiting to have a go and see what was involved. If you are interested in learning more about this go to Rally on the Kennel Club website. There was also a parade of Veteran dogs from one that was just into veteran, to a 14yr old that was really enjoying his day out. There was also a parade of rescue dogs, those that are already in their forever homes and two that will be in their forever homes in a few days. Debbie then took over running the races, these were very popular and had to be run in heats, with a grand final for each. The day ended with a fancy dress competition which was judged by the audience and was won by Lisa’s Loki. Judging by the comments on the Buhund forum afterwards, everyone really enjoyed the day and all the dogs went home with a rosette and little bag of treats, and I actually won a toy for Time on the raffle, which I am sorry to say has already seen better days!

Jacqui Walmsley has sent me details of the North Dorset Charity Dog Show and Super Match, which was held the next day at the World Horse Welfare Glenda Spooner Farm, in aid of the Red Cross Crisis Yemen Appeal. The Super Match had classes for Pedigree, Pedigree Non Show, Crossbred and Rescue dogs. There was also a Gundog Scurry, Have A Go Agility and a Companion Dog Show. Jacqui said they pulled in some Big Guns, as the judges were Meg Purcell Carpenter, Kim Parrish and the delightful Julia Isles-Hibbert. Her Mole and Jacqui Cobb’s Eloise, Mole’s daughter represented the breed. Alysha Branchflower who had a busy weekend handled both dogs. Mole was 2nd in Mr Universe, 4th in Sausage Catcher and the pair took fourth in Family Group. Good fun was had by all and over £700 was raised, not bad for a little group. Thanks Jacqui.

I finish with congratulations to Tom Glibbery who owns Indy (Rikarlo Grant),he ran the Paris Marathon in aid of the National Autistic Society and so far has raised  £2,680, in two weeks time he is running the London Marathon. If you wish to support Tom go to his Face Book page.

Margaret Deuchar

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