Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 19th April 2024 Margaret Deuchar


Last week I wrote about the AGM which was held on 6th April at the Hare & Hounds in Coventry, this week it is about the second half of the day, with the presentation of the Awards for 2023, a Rally demonstration, a Trick Training demonstration, and ending the afternoon with games. Jacque Cobb does a fantastic job of keeping a record of all the Trophies that are handed out at the AGM and the club shows, not an easy task to keep a track of them all. The winners of all trophies and placings are listed in Bu News which you should all have received by now. I have a spread sheet where I record all the placings at Ch shows that hold classes for Buhunds, this is how the winners are worked out except for the Adoram Lucy Trophy, which is for the most points gained in AVNSC classes. This has to be applied for with points sent into the Secretary, the same applies to the Activity Trophy where the points how and where gained have to be sent in, the list of points for both these trophies are on the website. There were two awards not listed in Bu News, one was for the Best Black which was won by the Top Puppy, Nancy Kent and Jacque and Michael Cobb’s Leggatts Dakota at Knytshall(Toby) by Time x Noor. The other was the Draccus cup a lovely new trophy presented on the day by Lisa & Alex Strong, Draccus of course is their affix, this was won by our Junior Handler Bethany Guillod-Rees. The cup goes to the handler who has been handling for less than 3yrs.Points will be awarded in Breed/AVNSC/AV / Groups /Stakes with 5points for 1st place down to 1 point for 5th place, with higher points in Handling Classes 7 points for 1st down to 3points for 5th place. Points can be claimed from all classes entered at a show assuming they were placed 1-5th. Points to run from 1st Jan to 31st Dec. Even if there are no handlers that fall into the category for a year or so, the Trophy must not be repurposed.

The club also presents Rosettes to new Champions these went to Ch Blackcombe Bodil At Tapui (Imp Aus) (Bodi), Ch Leggatts Dancing Queen At Draccus (Eris) and Ch Tapui Starla (Freya). Then there were the Activity Rosettes Leggatts Jive Talking (Noodle) for success with online Rally competitions, Knytsall Eloise for winning out of Rally2 Ex and Knytshall Sashenka Bear for Rally1Ex, he was also awarded a Michael Quinney Pewter Award for points gained in various activities. Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack had a rosette for winning out of Rally 2 and SWUK L6 Ex. Ch Rikarlo Gable JW (Time) for winning out of NNA Entry & Enhanced and SWUK L6 EX.

Lucy Beatrice Gilbert has had success with doing Trick Training with Zuki who is Toby’s litter sister, she has had 4 awards TDI Novice Puppy Trick Dog, TDI Novice Amateur Trick Dog, DMWYD Novice Trick Dog & TDI Intermediate Puppy Trick Dog. Lucy and Zuki were going to do a Trick Demo, but of course Zuki decided to come into season, so her deputy Penny, Lucy’s other dog stood in for her, and did very well, considering as Lucy said she does not know all the tricks, several owners had a practice with their Buhunds. Penny really enjoyed her day, doing well in the games later in the afternoon.

Jacque Cobb regularly competes in Rally with Eloise and she set up a course for everyone to have a practice, and then ran a competition with first place going to Bethany and Ruby after a run off with Lisa and Eris, third place went to Jasmine with puppy Franny winning her first rosette, fourth Nicolas Adie with the 11 plus Buddy which was a fantastic result, as Buddy was on his way from Scotland to Hastings to join Roz Adie and 11yr old Skye who had come up to meet him, Skye even won a third rosette.

Then it was time for the games which are always popular, organised by Debbie, assisted by Jo, I judged along with everyone watching! There were 3 races Potato and Spoon, Potato in a Bucket, a row of potatoes having to go individually into a Bucket, and the Fastest Biscuit Eater, there were 2 heats and a final in all the races. These were followed by the Fastest Sit then the Fastest Down. The Guillod Rees family with Bethany and Ruby and brother Sammy with honorary Buhund Rassa and dad Nicholas showed how to win games, with Ruby even defeating Kirsty’s Betty in the he fastest biscuit eater, Betty having had the title for some years. Everyone and the dogs all seemed to enjoy themselves with everyone going home with at least one rosette. It was lovely that James and his rescue Buhund could spend the day with us, Ingrid even did the Rally course, and it was also great to meet their friend Katerina and the very cute Wolfie. The club shop did well, and Lucy Beatrice brought a few Ambermarie Buhund cards. It was a windy day with the wind increasing as the day wore on but happily everyone made it home safely, although the driving conditions were not very pleasant.

I finish with the sad news of the passing of Yvonne King, who some of you will remember came into Buhunds after deciding to downsize from Boxers. She had Trelowen Heligan SHCM(Sami) who was litter brother to Jacque’s Ch Trelowen Veryan To Knytshall, by Ch Knytshall Ferdig x Int Ch/Ir Ch /Ch Trelowen Yn Tek To Benzara. Yvonne lived in Devon and as her son was her usual driver to show, Sami was mostly shown in the West Country but was BOB at Crufts in 2012 under Sue Marsden. The Secretary/Chairman of the Okehampton & District Canine Society Caz Tuner, posted of Yvonne’s passing saying, ‘that she had been on the committee of the Society pretty much since it started, and would give out the rosettes at shows often having made them, and was also involved in the Obedience side of the puppy training, and would be greatly missed’. Margaret Deuchar