Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 19th February 2021 Margaret Deuchar

Our pets whatever type never stay with us long enough, some have quite short lives but with our dogs we do hope they will live into their teens. Sadly, this is not always the case all too often they go far too early and whenever they leave us, they always leave a big hole in our hearts, and although nowadays we have photos and videos to help with the memories, it is not the same as having them by our side. Some dogs we only know by name but others we have fond memories of, below is a lovely obituary written by Millie Lambert for her Foxy, who many of us knew: –

“Foxy (Ch Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor (IMP Nor), Julian Collins described her in these two words which are perfect, Foxy was ‘Uncontrollably Happy.’ She always had a smile on her face, craved human attention, and loved nothing more than to be cradled like a baby so she could snuggle her face into your neck. Foxy came off a boat from Norway, my first Buhund import and I think the first Buhund to come into the UK, under what was then the ‘new’ Pet Passport rules. We spent her whole life trying to teach her not to jump up on people, but that was never to be. People adored her, and encouraged her, she was infectious with her friendliness and joy. I do not know anyone who does not remember Foxy for her wonderful character. She was born on April Fools’ day,01.04.2010 and lived up to that date for all her almost 11years.

Unfortunately, on January 8th, 2021, she was diagnosed with Cancer of the Nasal Cavity. It was extremely aggressive, and despite her still being full of life and loving to play with her boys (best friend Kujo and son Eren), she could not breath through her nose any longer. As you will know-breathing through the nose is essential for any dog. She was having nose bleeds and had lumps that were growing and spreading up towards her brain, which was a huge worry for Mae and Konner (who she had lived with for her last years), as well as myself and Peter. The last thing we wanted was the cancer to reach her brain. Nineteen days after the diagnosis on 27th January, she could no longer get enough oxygen and was losing a lot of blood clots, another huge worry as we did not want those reaching her brain. Mae and Konner took her to the vet, and she could not walk so Konner carried her. The decision had to be made, this was especially heart-braking for us all, as just 3 days before -she was out in the snow playing with Erin and Kujo. It was only the real snow we have had so far this year, so at least it came just in time so she could play in it-she adored the snow. Everyone at the vets was in tears, they all adored Foxy. The vet knew it was time and they broke the rules and allowed Mae and Konner to go in with Foxy. She was cradled in Konner’s arms (her favourite place), and that was where she stayed till, she left us. She was completely at peace although everyone around her was devastated.

In the show ring, Foxy won 7CCs (her last at Leeds aged 9 yrs.)4RCC’s (her last at the NBC of the UK 50th Anniversary show under Norwegian Judge Christen Lang (she was also Best Veteran In Show handled by my husband Peter on that occasion). She also won 9 Best of Sex (2 with Best of Breed) and 16 Res Best of Sex awards at shows without CC’s. Many will remember (including those that had the opportunity to handle her) that we needed to keep her away from people before she went in the ring. She would wag her tail so ferociously in glee at talking to people, she would wag it straight! Then it was very difficult to get it to curl up over her back-that is how happy she was!

Despite her show wins, they all pale into insignificance when you take her wonderful, friendly, silly demeanour. I remember her at a show, at the 3 counties showground, while watching the groups. I was sat at the end of a row of chairs (occupied by friends from other breeds), she was on her back on my lap. She wiggled her way up the line of people until she could go no further! Each of them giving her wonderful cuddles on the way. She just craved attention, and that was Foxy. It will be how she will be remembered by all those who knew her. In Julian’s words-she was, and will forever be, UNCONTROLLABLY HAPPY!! RIP Foxy, our darling girl.” Thank you, Millie, so sorry, enjoy playing over the bridge Foxy.

Stay safe everyone,

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK.