Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 1st April 2022 Margaret Deuchar


The weekend 19th /20th March was a very busy weekend for Buhunds and their owners. Below Marie Corin reports on the weekend’s activities.

The second London Bu Bumble took place on Saturday 19th March in Regents Park, Central London. Once again, we were lucky with the weather which provided bright sunny skies, albeit a chilly wind. In total we accumulated a bunch of 6 Buhunds, in age order from the oldest to youngest: Scarlett (Trelowen Passopp Scarlett) with birthday girl Anna and her daughter Julia(Anna treated us to delicious homemade cakes in honour of her special day!) Loki (Rhialis Mercury) with  owner Dorcas, Eris (Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus) who had travelled into the big smoke on the  train and tube for  the first time with Lisa, Bergen (Kligenthal Almuric)with me, Bim (Koromandel Nydelig Gutt)with Farhat, Ibrihim and Jasmine, and puppy Goose (Draccus Heliodor), Eris’s son, with his owner Olivia who I had been excited to meet again having only seen him when he was a few weeks old, now a lovely boy entering adolescence. We strolled through the park and along the path that runs past part of London Zoo, where a couple of camels were watching us go by. The dogs enjoyed bumbling about together, especially the boys who thought that chasing Eris was the best thing ever. Scarlett was particularly interested in anyone with food and was happy to stop for a belly rub now and then, Bergen decided he only liked girls that day so I kept him away from the boys as best I could on a 15m lead. The park was busy with people and dogs, but the Buhunds were incredibly well behaved and were able to go off lead. We bumped into a prospective Buhund owner and her daughter just as we were leaving the park. She had discovered the breed at Discover Dogs at the Excel centre last November, when originally looking to meet Shibas. We do not have a date for the next London Bumble yet but will post on the FB forum when it is decided, all Buhund owners or anyone interested to meet a Buhud 6th March and are very welcome to come along.

Marie and Lisa with Bergen and Eris had a very busy weekend as the following day 6th March they went to Folkestone, Hythe & District Canine Society Open Show at Lockmeadow Hall Maidstone. Below Marie tells how they did. ‘As a well-used venue local to me, I tend to enter many of the Open shows held there. Usually Bergen is the only Buhund, but on this occasion I was delighted to have Buhund company, in the form of Lisa with Eris and the Guillard-Rees family with Eris’s daughter Ruby (Draccus Obsidian) who is 7months old. As well as the AVNSC Pastoral classes (Ruby in Junior, Eris and Bergen in Open)under judge Sally Duffin, the dogs were entered into puppy/open stakes under R McDonald and Eris NBBE stakes under Mrs Hilary Male.The children (Sammy aged 10yrs his first time showing and Bethany aged 7) in Junior Handling under Mrs Weyman . It was a very busy show, and we were lucky that having arrived early (due to not knowing when the Junior Handling classes would be held, often first), we had managed to get a space inside the hall to make a camp with our crates. In fact, none of the classes we were collectively entered into had been included in the ring order which had been published during the week leading up to the show, as they were to be held when rings became free. Therefore, keeping an eye on the rings (some indoor, some outside) was key since announcements over the loudspeaker system were pretty inaudible and not all the stewards were furnished with the correct information!  It was fantastic to see Ruby’s family each taking a turn at showing at only their second show ever. Jo took Ruby into the Pastoral class while Nick made his showing debut taking her into the puppy stakes. When it came to the Not Bred By Exhibitor stakes, 7 year old Bethany decided she would d like another go, so took Eris in. It was huge class where they were not only shortlisted but placed 4th, well done Eris and Bethany! Bergen and Eris were placed 2nd and 3rd in AVNSC Pastoral Open, beaten by a Groenendael who went onto take RBIS. Having 3 Buhunds together definitely caused people to notice them and come to talk to us about the breed.’ Thanks Marie certainly a very busy weekend and a great one for getting the breed better known.

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you at the AGM and fun afternoon.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK