Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 1st December 2017 Margaret Deuchar


THE NORDIC show is the only show in the UK just for Spitz breeds; in FCI countries this would be Group 5 which also includes primitive breeds, which makes it a very large group. The Nordic also holds numerous stakes classes which are rather lovely, as you can see the smallest Spitz the Pomeranian, competing against probably the largest the Canadain Eskimo Dog and the Greenland Dog. It has been run for over 50yrs by the Finnish Spitz club, it used to be held in the summer, which made it a very popular show. Now it is held on the last weekend in November, at the Sky Blue Connexion Coventry. Not the most popular time of the year with some exhibitors when it is dark by 4pm, and often the weather is cold, the hall also has a door to the outside which can make it very draughty. Our judge this year was Marion Hodgson who had a very good entry of 12 with 9 actually forward. She started showing in 1979 going onto judging and now gives CCs in Border Collies, BSD, Heelers, Shelties and Finnish Lapphunds. She found her BB & BOB in Jenny Shorer –Wheeler’s Ch Maidofcopper For Koromandel(Piika) (Imp Fin) JW .BD Sarah Stonton’s Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack. BPIB was Dawn Deeley’s Grat Kaos,she is Piika’s daughter and should have flown to Canada by now to  join her  owner but as so often happens as  I understand it from Jenny, the paper work has caused some problems but she should be winging her away across the Atlantic in the very near future.

Many of you will know that the AHT has found a DNA test for Cerebella Ataxia in the Breed. I am your Breed Health Co-Ordinator and earlier in the year I was contacted by the AHT, saying they were looking into Ataxia in the breed both here and in Finland. I was quite surprised as to my knowledge we have not had a case for over 20yrs, however they sent me cheek swabs and asked for as many as possible of our members to swab their dogs send them off to the AHT, which I am happy to say many of you did. Two weeks ago I had an e-mail form them saying that using these swabs and others that they had been sent over the years from 2008, they now have a DNA test for Ataxia. They sent me a list of over 100 dogs from which they say they have samples, they also said the owners of these dogs can have a free DNA test by just sending off a form giving details of the dog.  Hopefully I have contacted you all and sent you the form for the free test. I did not have a list of owners only the dogs names, so if I have missed anyone please contact me and I will send you a form. They have apparently found carriers in the breed so hopefully when we have the results back, we will know how many dogs are carriers. Dogs can show the disease as young as 12 weeks, the disease is progressive and there is no known cure and usually the dog is euthanized on welfare grounds. Both parents have to be carriers so knowing who are carriers are and making sure they are not mated together, is the best way of making sure Ataxia does not occur .

Maureen Lake recently sent me an update on Knytshall Cora Sun Drop of Maurbrea, Fern to her friends. Together they are doing scent training and recently started a new term. At the end of the previous term Fern again came fourth out of seven which was quite good. She lost points as when she does her search she is supposed to hand the item to Maureen’s hand but when she gets a bit excited she throws it in the air, as she did this twice she lost points. There are only 8 in the group and the trainer is talking about competition  work next year with other clubs, Maureen says everyone is getting very excited about this.

Finally Our Dogs has published the Top Breeder of the Year & Top Puppy up to 14th November, as we only now have  LKA it is very unlikely either will change, they are Di Stirling of the Arnscroft Kennel and Millie Lambert’s home bred Sturtmoor  Eezee Luvva respectively.

Margaret Deuchar

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