Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 1st March 2019 Margaret Deuchar


Last week saw several Buhunds out and about. I am sure most of you will have heard of the JCF (Judge’s Competency Framework) the new way judges will be trained in the future. On Tuesday and Wednesday the KC ran four ‘Eye for a Dog’ seminars, which is an assessment component of the JCF and a requirement to attain JCF level 3 for judges wishing to award CCs in a second or subsequent breed. It is a one-off assessment for judges with the purpose of showing the candidate has an ‘Eye for a Dog’, it is non breed specific and does not require any pre knowledge of breed standards, but seeks to assess the knowledge of conformation and movement, at the appropriate level for a judge awarding CCs. Nine dogs and handlers are required comprising of at least one from each of the seven recognised KC groups, covering a variety of shapes sizes and ages. The candidates are assessed on their knowledge of movement, neck, forequarters, body (to include proportions coat and colour) and hindquarters. The candidates could not say ‘Good Movement’ it had to be described, not easy, try it!  Candidates also scored an extra mark for the correct identification of the breed! Debbie was asked if she could provide two Pastoral Breed dogs for the Wednesday. Dogs had to be used to being shown and be in show condition. So Merrywood Essien (Asti) Pyrenean Sheep Dog and Ch/Bel Ch Tonylynn’s Charles Laffite (Fizz) had an extra groom and their show leads packed and made their way with Debbie, to the KC building at Stoneleigh. It was an early start as they had to be there by 9am, so the dogs could be assessed by Liz Cartledge, Jeff Horswell and Ron James before the candidates saw the dogs. Debbie said some of the candidates were seen to look a bit worried when she walked in, as it was not breed specific some of the candidates could be ‘Toy’ judges and as we are seldom on ‘Toy’ day many may have never have seen either a PSD or a Buhund before, so one way of getting numerically small breeds better known! There was a morning and afternoon session each day, Asti did the morning and Fizz the afternoon, one of the candidates in the afternoon was our own Millie Lambert, so she had no difficulty in recognising a Buhund!

On the Saturday Sarah Stonton with Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack and Trelowen Andrea (Loxy), Lisa Strong with  Leggatts Dancing Queen (Eris)and Celia Vines with Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene (Perry), made their way to Sutton Coldfield & District CA show, at the Sports Connexion Ryton on Dunsmore. This is a very popular show as there are 266 classes, and prize money in the stakes classes.

Lisa Strong has kindly sent me a report on her busy weekend. She writes ‘Firstly Sarah Stonton and I attended the Sutton Coldfield & District CA show, entering AVNSC Pastoral as there were no Buhund classes. The judge was Cath Moffat. I had entered Eris in the puppy class, unfortunately she didn’t want the judge to examine her back legs and kept stepping away, however she was more settled moving in the ring than the previous two occasions, so I was very happy with how we are progressing and we were VHC.’ Thank you Lisa I think you are doing amazingly as Eris is your first show dog. Jack was second in open AVNSC and reserve in the open stakes under Lee Cox, Loxy had no luck in the veteran stakes also under Lee but Perry was 2nd, so well done all for flying the Buhund flag. Celia was also BOB with her German Spitz Mittel, so a good day all round. Sarah said she bought a new show jacket so we will look forward to seeing her wearing it.

Lisa said ‘the next day there was a Bu Bumble at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. This time Loki came along with Eris and they were joined by Sarah with Loxy and Jack and Lillian and Mike Rumsey with Anya. It was a glorious warm and sunny day. We had a wonderful couple of hours walking with all the dogs getting along well and some of them going swimming. Eris decided to run off to play with another dog at the end of the walk and was reluctant to come back-I suspect she is about to enter what I call the ‘naughty’ phase of her puppy hood, so interesting times ahead’. Thanks Lisa I was also told that Eris had to have a bath after rolling in something rather smelly during the walk but happily not fox!

I have a big apology as in last week’s notes for some reason I said the car park at Ferry Meadows was free, why I have no idea, as I did the last Bumble and the car park is not free £ 2.90 for up to 4hrs and £4 for up to 8 hours. I could not go this time but hope to make it next time although with Breed and Agility shows, getting into full swing, finding free days at weekends may not be so easy.

Sarah also told me that a few days later she went for a Mini Bu Bumble with the dogs and Sue & Martin Camm and Teya who is Jack’s litter sister, they were meant to be there on the Sunday but road closures would have meant a very long detour. Apparently Teya and Loxy always greet each other calmly, but since puppyhood Teya and Jack stand on their hind legs and box each other, must be something to do with sibling rivalry.

I have heard from Brenda Bethel in the Emerald Isle, she writes ‘had another ring craft practise before Crufts for Minforst Galadreil (Ella) & Ir Ch Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik At Taevas Of  Minforst(Imp US), by attending the Irish Great Dane Club open show in Dublin. Blow me down with a feather; Ella was awarded BOB and then G3! Just like her Mum when she was younger she drops her tail too easily-mind you we were in the ring at 3.45pm having left home at 8am and they do not sleep while we are travelling!’

Many congratulations, looking forward to seeing you at Crufts. Think you are in for an even longer journey for that one!

Margaret Deuchar

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