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Breed Notes 20th October 2017 Margaret Deuchar


I AM sure we would all like to send good luck wishes to Jenny Shorer-Wheeler & Lorraine Bolton, whose Ch Maidofcopper for Kormandel(Pikka), has qualified for the Junior Warrant semi final at Discover Dogs, this  coming weekend. Pikka who is by Nor Ch Gnipagrottens Qu x Swe /Fin Ch Cipacan Mila Magia is the second Buhund that Jenny has qualified, which is a record in itself. She actually gained her JW last year but too late to attend one of the qualifying heats from which 5 dogs go forward to the semi finals, then out of the 64 dogs at DD 10 are chosen to go to the final at Crufts.

It was back in 2014 the last Discover Dogs to be held at Earls Court, when  Jenny and Isaac Shorer –Wheeler’s & Kirsty Irvine’s Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel, made Buhund history  by being the first Buhund to qualify  for the semi finals and then go forward to Crufts for the final. In any breed it is an achievement to qualify a dog but in the numerical small breed such as ours, gaining the 25 points needed for the Warrant can be very difficult. The dog has to be between 6-18months which is fine, the problem at the moment is that there have to be 3 in the class for points to be awarded. The puppy/junior has of course to win the class, so unless there are a number of puppies or juniors being shown at the time, it is an impossibility. Three points are awarded from each win where CCs are on offer and one point for open show wins, and at least three points must be won in each category. Three points can also be claimed for PB in breed so long as the Best opposite sex puppy has also gained one or more points. JW can be added after the dog’s name once it has been gained it also receives a stud book number, although many already have one by then.

The really good news for the numerically small breeds is that from 1st Janury 2018 the junior warrant is changing, and it should help dogs in the numerically small breeds especially, to gain a JW. Puppies born on or after 1st July 2017 must use the new system, those born before this date can do either scheme.

If you have a puppy and you are hoping to gain a JW you need to look at the KC website, which will tell you in detail how your puppy may gain  points but the biggest differences in the two systems are:-

  1. Only 2 dogs need to be present to claim a point from an Open show or a Championship show were CCs are not offered for the breed.
  2. Points can be claimed in AVNSC classes (previously it was only breed classes).
  3. Points can be claimed for AV classes at an Open show.
  4. A minimum of 7 points must be gained from open shows or Ch shows where CCs are not on offer for the breed.
  5. At a Ch show where CCs are on offer you can now claim BP if your puppy has beaten two other puppies regardless of sex.

You must keep a record of your wins, the KC will not do it for you although they will check your wins, the best idea is to apply for a JW form when your puppy starts competing, you can then write down your wins as you go along, you don’t want to forget one.

If you live in Scotland probably the furthest shows are Richmond & Southern Counties, which if you left very early in the morning you could arrive the same day although you would probably prefer to stay overnight somewhere. Give a thought for those living in the US where they recently held the 4 day Buhund Specialty in Boise the capital of Idaho, with competitions every day including those for juniors, veteran and owner handlers. It is of course a great social event as well but many took days to get there. Faye Adcox who came to our 50th anniversary travelled for 4days to get there and 3 to get home, she posted photos on FB of her travels which was great, giving a record of her trip and the country she passed through. The Speciality finished with the final show with an entry of 47 dogs with judge Melanie Williams. Best in Speciality was GCHP Jotunna Bella Binna CGC CATKI handled by Amie McLaughlin owned by Amie, Val Eberhardt & J Bradstreet.Best of Winners was Norsklyn’s Neon Lighs @Bo-Co-Pa .BOS Ch Hundehaven’s Tonka. Select Dog GCH Arnscroft Be A Sailor’s Son Di (Skipper) he is the brother of Sarah Stonton’s Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack. Select Bitch Ch Jotunn Goddess Geira’s Gloria Dais.

After the win Amie posted that it was Binna’s last show, she is now just over 6 yrs old and Amie decided some time ago it was time for her to retire. She has done so much for the breed across the pond 5 BIS (She was the first Buhund to go BIS) 5RBIS 39G1 over 160 Group placing 2 x National BISS 2 National BISS 2 Westminster BOB 2 Eukanuba BOB First Platinum GCH Top Buhund 2013-17 AKC Top Winning Buhund in the History of the Breed. Amie will be showing two of Binna’s daughters and Skipper, not quite sure how you follow that record though.

Joanne David posted some great photos and videos of the shows giving a real feel that you were there. One thing that interested me was that the dogs were shown on a small table; about 18” to 2ft off the ground with a ramp up, apparently Bulldogs are shown on the same kind of table in the UK.

Margaret Deuchar

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