Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 21st May 2021 Margaret Deuchar


Many thanks to ‘Our Dogs’ who have been running their 6th One Line Show with 2000 entries from home and abroad, keeping us going until the time when actual shows will hopefully again be a regular event. Congratulations go to Isaac Shorer-Wheeler who won the 6-11yr old junior handling class, with a photo showing him handling his and his mother Jenny and Kirsty Gillies Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW ShCM. The judge was Sophie Wildig whose breed is Affenpinchers. At 14yrs old she won the UK Handler of the Year and in 2017 was in the final 10 in the Junior Handling World Championships, at the World Dog Show in Leipzig. Sophie has successfully handled dogs across all 7 groups.

Recently Sarah Stonton, Debbie and I competed in a scent trial and below is the report of the trial Sarah has kindly sent me.

“Another club scent trial was held on Sat 8th May run by Raccingredd Agility.15 dogs competed on the day, split into 4 groups for Covid security reasons.

My Buhunds Jack and Loxy competed in the 9 am group and were joined by Margaret with Time plus Debbie with the Pyrenean Sheepdog Magic, so this was an extra special occasion being able to chat face despite the pouring rain throughout the session. If there was a mini competition within our early group, was it 3 Buhunds versus 1 Pyrenean, or 3 dogs versus 1 bitch or 2 Deuchar dogs versus 2 Stonton dogs? Guess we all have a bit of a competitive spirit, but the main importance was for our dogs to work well and happily while we had a good time as well.

The trial was at a small stable yard with additional barns at Milking Nook just north of Peterborough. None of our dogs or ourselves had been there previously so lovely to work in a new environment. There were 3 searches for the dogs, sniffing out the odour of cloves and there could be anything between 1 and 3 finds in each search, it was up to our dogs to tell us. The first search was in a small barn inside, so at least dry after entering via a large puddle! The odour could have been in a mix of piled up cardboard boxes, on a see-saw, in the bases of weave poles, or on numerous bits of rope, pipes and rubber mating against a wall. Time went first, fellow competitors are not able to watch for obvious reasons, but we could hear his enthusiastic woofs of excitement. Next was Loxy who found 2 hides quite quickly despite trying to rummage in all the boxes for fun (or food), but she had not sniffed the see-saw yet -when I asked her to she went back very happily into enthusiastic agility mode and actually ran over the se-saw 3 times. I realised that her scent focus had gone so ‘called it’- meaning I thought there were only 2 finds. Luckily for me this was correct, so we got bonus points. Jack did a calmer search with altered scent items and also found 2, only being distracted by our trainer Wendy the other side of a half wall doing the timing for the judge, he wanted to say ‘hello’.

The next search was a wall along the wooden stables and doors. Again, Jack had a different section of wall to search compared to the others. Loxy did her best wall search finding all 3 hides which were hidden behind a hinge, in a knot in the wood and behind a narrow wooden upright, she was fast and indicated strongly to me where they were by nose touching them then glancing at me. Jack found 2 but was obsessed by putting his head through a cat flap into a stable. It came to light later that the third find was at the end of the stable door and the strong wind was blowing the scent into the stable, hence why he wanted to repeatedly go inside-poor lad, he was a bit frustrated.

The final search was on grass adjacent to a caravan and wall-by now the rain seemed heavier but then again, we had no shelter this time. The search items included the edge of the caravan and wheel, a wheelbarrow, watering can, bits of hosepipe, a traffic cone, plastic chair and miscellaneous smaller bits including some hanging from a bush. Loxy found 2 then helped to water the grass even more I am embarrassed to say, making searching for the two entire boys more challenging. Luckily despite this, it would not have affected the placing between them as Loxy was the only one of the four to find all the hides on this occasion.

End result-a fun morning with friends and mentally tired dogs; plus, wet cold handlers. Debbie and I had quick journeys home both living locally to dry out and get warm and Margaret said she was very glad she had good car heater. At the end of the day when all 15dogs had competed the final result was first win ever for Loxy, close behind was Time in 3rd as he missed a hide on the wall, then Jack in 5th and Magic in 10th place.”

Thanks Sarah I do not know whether it was the dogs or their owners that were most excited to be out competing again.

I am sure you all know but for anyone reading the notes for the first time. Jack is aka Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RL1EX. Loxy is Trelowen Andrea AW(S). Time is Rikarlo Gable JW L1ex and Magic is Cavronscourt Magic Jade.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK.