Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 24th April 2020 Margaret Deuchar


I have three dog shows to report on this week, ok on line ones but dogs shows never the less. The first  is the Our Dogs show with judges Lisa Croft Elliott and Zena Thorn Andrews, where from 1600 photo entries Jenny & Isaac Shorer-Wheeler & Kirsty Irvine’s, Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Mo Farah of Koromandel, was RBIS what a great achievement. Most  of  you know he was born during the London Olympics  hence the name, he was bred by Di Stirling by Ch/Am Ch Visions Dino at Trollheimen  x Arnscroft  Di Sing On Ice, and is the only Buhund to have competed in the Junior Warrant Final at Crufts and the final of the Champion Stakes. He has 12CCs and 8RCCS.

The next show was three in one and organised by Addrienne Frost Treadwell (Frostisen), entitled the  Norwegian Buhund C19 virtual breed show, overall there were 341 entries . There was a UK show judged by Jonathan Martin, an Irish one judged by Sam Palmer and an International one judged by Chris Chapman. The winners from each show were then judged for the Supreme Championship and top winners, by Wenna Wallbank (Dewin) who has shown, bred and judged Buhunds since1973, has awarded CCs in the breed since 1989 and judged the breed at Crufts in 2005.The Supreme Champion was Ashley Martins & Karin Klouman’s Can Gr Ch /Am Gr Ch Kyon’s One Prim& Proper bred by Karin she is by Kimura’s Uno X Kyon’s Reisende Freyja and was born in December 2016  at the moment she has 3pups by Am Gr Trollheimen Kiss My Cash. BIS was Erika David’s Ch Norsklyn’s Like Neon Lights At Bo-Co-Pa born in March 2017 by Silver GCH Hundehaven’s Kendall CA CGC x Nyskjelstadmark’s Norsklyn Rosemaling. Best Veteran Char John’s Trelowen Daddy Cool for Cristakell by Ch Trelowen Conar Tun xTrelowen Tonya, Best Puppy Bjorg Helgesen’s  Guri Malla.All the top winners will have Rosettes kindly donated by Birdbrook these were arranged by Jacqui Walmsley which was fantastic. Jacqui also arranged for Birdbrook to donate rosettes for the next show to declare the results. This was run on the Norwegian Buhund Forum and Buhund Buddies by Lorraine Bolton .The judges for ‘Landscape Bu’ were Amie McLaughlin and Bjorg  Helgesen, it was won by Kathy Losacco who lives in Washington US and sent in a photo of 4 Buhunds sitting on a rocky outcrop, with a lovely blue sky behind. This photo was also RBIS .The next class was ‘Portrait Bu’ judged by Karin Klouman & Bjorg Silverin the winner here was Millie Lambert with a photo of King. The next was ‘Activity Bu’ which was a fabulous  photo of a Buhund sitting looking at an open Lap Top, the expression of the Buhund is  really great it looks as if it is listening to every word ,it was sent in by Jody Brown who lives in Calgary Alberta, it also won BIS .The next was ‘Photo Bomb’ won by Millie Lambert with a photo of two puppies Evee and Mila, the judges here were  Jacqui Walmsley & Lies Hekhuis, who also judged  ‘Bubies’  the winner in this class was Carol Mattson Walsh who lives in Washington State, the photo was of a black Bhund puppy standing on its hind legs and investigating large rock. The ‘Worst’ photo was judged by Karin and was a photo taken by David Bolton, which really only shows the tail of a Buhund in long grass! ‘Family Bu’ was won by Kirsty Ann Irvine with a photo of son Callum cuddling Betty Bu the judges were Dawne Deeley & Penny Glibbery, who also judged ‘Funny Bu’ which was won by Chana Periman who lives in  North Carolina, the  photo was of a smiling  Buhund.

Thanks go to all the judges in all the shows, with so many entries it must have a taken some time and certainly taking part brightened these days of lock down. Thanks again to Birdbrook Rosettes for donating some super rossies and Jacqui for arranging this and sending them off, and last but certainly not least to the show organisers.

I finish with a note from vet Dr Sarah Stonton who says, there is a Poisoning Information Service which vets have access to, which covers anything from chocolate to washing powder and medicines. The vets now say that it is available for clients should you need it 01202509000.It is worth keeping the number somewhere safe just in case.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

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