Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 24th February 2023 Margaret Deuchar


Buhunds and their owners continue to be out and about with the weekend 11th /12th February being another busy one. On the Saturday the breed was scheduled at South Wales Kennel Association Open Show held at Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre in Wales, where under John Purnell ,Konner Owens Leggatts Night Fever aka Kuma took BOB, he was handled by Millie Lambert -Dovey. The next day it was Portsmouth and Southsea Kennel Association Open Show held at the Havent Leisure Centre Hampshire, again with Breed classes which were new this year. It is Neil Hood’s local show and he very generously sponsored the lovely rosettes which included one for the Best Wheaten and the Best Black. Sandie Ann Tadd judged all the Pastoral Breeds and awarded Marie Corin and Adam Camm’s Kligenthal Almuric aka Bergen BOB. Best Veteran was Neil Hood’s Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex ShCM ShCEx VW aka Dino to his friends, and who later under Mr N Straw he was RBVIS, he is now twelve and a half and has had some health issues recently, but watching the video of the day he certainly still knows how to strut round the ring and remind everyone of why he is such a successful  show  dog. Best Puppy and Best Black was Lucy Gilberts Leggetts Fly Like An Angel aka Zuki . Lucy was thrilled and said it was a fabulous show,and that the judge was super and very patient with a newbie like her, as Zuki is her first show dog and this was only her second open show.

The same day but in the Midlands Sarah Stonton took her Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RLEx for a day out.

Sarah writes: – ‘Prior to Covid, Obreedience team Quatre Bu competed in Rally as the competitions often ran hand in hand. Jacqui Cobb still competes in the West Country but today it was Jack’s turn to try his paw in the Midlands. Previously he had gained his Level 1 excellent title (RL1ex) which could be added after his name. I could have put him in both Level 2 & 3 but the fact it was our first such outing in 3years, combined with Level 3 being off  the lead and that Jack has still been under par and more anxious since losing Loxy, I opted just for Level 2.In the morning we headed off to  Derby College Equestrian facilities ready to walk the course at 12.30pm.Jack paused and looked around several times during his run, responding to various noises, so despite doing some lovely work I thought he had no chance of qualifying. I stayed on for the results to cheer everyone else on and was amazed that he managed a qualifying score as well’. Congratulations Jack and Sarah great start back to Rally.

Back in 2019 the Kennel Club’s Dog Show Promotion Working Party brought in a scheme where by each Breed Club would sponsor breed classes for its breed, at a minimum of two general open shows per year. The breed club also to provide the show society with a list of judges to choose from their Level 2 or Level 3 list or B or A3 list during the JCF transition period. The two shows the Buhunds club chose were National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society Open show in February and the Nordic in November. The club now provides a list of judges, prize money for each class, BOB and BP at both these shows. This year’s NW& PBS show was held on 18th February at The Sports Connection Ryton-on Dunsmore Coventry.  We were first in the ring at 9am so it was an early start for most. We were in the main hall as they had a cat show in the Arena! we arrived just after 8am and thank goodness we did; I have never seen the car park so busy they were even parking on the driveway which is the only way  in and out ! Immediately before the breed in the next ring it was the Junior Handling Association classes judged by Min Witheyman. Winning the 6-11yrs was Bethany Guillod -Rees with her parents Draccus Obsidian (Ruby)so qualifying for the NW& PBS Ch show in July, and winning some good pocket money which was added to later by winning the Limit breed class. Our breed judge was Dawn Hall who give CCs in Flat-coat Retrievers, and was chosen by the Society from our judges list. She found her BOB in my and daughter Debbie’s Ch Rikarlo Gable JW (Time) handled as usual by Debbie. BP keeping it in the family Nancy Kent and Jacque & Michael Cobb’s Leggatts Dakota At Knytshall (Toby who is Time’s son), he was later shortlisted in the puppy group under Jenny Shorer -Wheeler. RBOB &BV Sue Crocker’s Knytshall Noor Ul Ain (Noor who is Toby’s dam). In the final line up for BOB there was Time who is wheaten and 3 Blacks, so  hopefully now no one can now say they did not know they come in black!  One day I am sure we will have a line-up of just blacks. A long day which went quickly as it was spent in great company and with friends from other breeds stopping by the say hello.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK