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Breed Notes 24th November 2017 Margaret Deuchar

Buhund owners again had a busy weekend, on Saturday 18th November the Welsh Kennel Club Top Dog/Puppy 2017 Competition was held at the Commodore Hotel Llandrindod Wells. To qualify puppies must have won a BPIS at a UK Open show or BPIB at a UK Ch show, between 19th August 2016 (WKC Ch show being the first and last qualifying show) and 20th August 2017.For the Top Dogs they must have won a CC between the same dates and the Rare Breeds must have won a BOB at a UK Ch show. All the puppies and dogs taking part must reside in Wales. Millie Pentland’s Sturtmoor’s Eezee Luvva(Evee) had qualified as a puppy. I am sure you know these competitions are held on a head to head knockout basis and the judges kept a secret till the day. The judges on this occasion were Stuart Mallard and Rodney Oldham. Evee won the first round against a JRT,Millie said Evee was a little worried as of course it was not like a normal dog show. In the second round Evee was up against two mini Dachsunds one long haired and one smooth, Ch Cwmdarhian the smooth won the round but was beaten in final by a Peke with a Dandie Dinmont in reserve. The adults followed then a change of clothes for a dinner dance with a disco manned by Jeff Luscott, there was also a raffle and an auction for a Stuart Mallard painting. It was announced during the evening that the WKC had raised just over £2.000 for Cancer Research Cymru (Wales).Millie said she did not get home till midnight, it was good that she could have an enjoyable day before her breast cancer operation next week.
The next day Brenda and Tony Bethell took their two girls and boy to Blackwood & District CS show, at Pontypool which was only a 15min drive from where they live, do not think that often happens .There were no classes for Buhunds so they entered AVNSC .The judge was Joe Smith who gave their Minforst Galadriel a win in graduate and their Int/Lux Ch Arnscroft Di Ola at Minforst (Freya)won open with Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas of Minforst (Imp US) in third place, so again it was left to the two girls to compete for Best AVNSC ,with Freya beating her daughter and later going G4.
On the Agility front Sarah Stonton took her Trelowen Andrea (Loxy) to a competition at Anvil Park Stud Norwich, Sarah said one ring was outside which at this time of the year was brave of the organisers. Sarah and Loxy had an enjoyable day, although there were no places for Loxy but she had some speedy runs.
Lisa Strong with Loki also went to an agility competition at Snetterton, this was the first time he had competed for some months, no clear rounds but an enjoyable day. The Buhunds that do agility are obviously become better known, as when Lisa walked into the competition several people asked her if she knew Sarah and Loxy.
On the other side of the world in Australia, Caroline and Andrew Russell- Catt took their Delaroche Fjotunn to her first show, where she was BPIG at the Australian Cattle Dog Club show of SA, the judge was Iain Hunde.
You may remember the Caroline & Andrew and Prof Roberta Crouch imported Kimura Viking(Eric) and N-UCH Rennedal’s Bryhilde Skoldmoy from the Kimura Kennel in Norway and earlier this year they became proud parents. Eric of course spent some time in the UK before going to Australia and was Best Puppy Dog at Crufts in 2016, flying out just a few days after, he is now an Australian Ch.

Margaret Deuchar

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