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Breed Notes 25th January 2019 Margaret Deuchar


I do not have any shows to report on but a few weeks ago I heard form Gail Hussey, that Amber one of the last dogs bred by the late and much missed Elizabeth Coleopy had gone over the Rainbow Bridge. She was a good age being born on 30th September 2004, she was by Ch/Int/Ir Ch Trelowen Clowance At Benzara x Fullani Fraena. Gail and I helped to rehome her when her owner suddenly died, a year later Gail wrote about the rehoming of Amber from the dog’s view, for my Dog World Breed notes. That was many years ago so I thought I would reproduce it for these notes.

“Hello, my name is Amber, or to be posh Fullani Frosya. One day my owner or rather my human went out for the day, when she came back she wasn’t feeling very well. People came and took her away, there were all sorts of talking which I didn’t understand, then I was taken away as well. I went to stay with some other dogs that did not like me and made it quite clear I was not welcome. I was very glad when a nice lady called Margaret put me in her car with one of my brothers called Finn, we went for a car ride to meet another lady who took me in her car to meet another of my brothers called Rowlf. He lived with a funny coloured Buhund called Tinta (She was Wolf Sable). I was tired from all the travelling but the three of us had a chase round a meadow after some rabbits. I would have liked to have stopped and had a dig, I could see that Rowlf and Tinta did it a lot, but we were called in for food and I was rather hungry. After I had eaten we all went back into the meadow until it was getting dark when we were called in again. Tinta said you can play in the garden and meadow but we don’t want you in our house, which I thought was a bit rude. I was put in a cage for the night, there was plenty of room and I was used to a cage, they went into another room for the night. In the morning I was given some more food and walked along a lane for a few minutes. I didn’t like cars so barked at them and chased them away. I thought these people were nice, they had been very kind to me, but they were really strict about barking and chasing and said ‘no’ in a very stern way.

When we went up the lane we went to a house where a kind lady called Janet lived. She said someone called Alf was out but would be back soon. Rowlf’s mum left me with Janet and went back down the lane. Alf came home and gave me lots of cuddles and biscuits, he was a bit deaf though and shouted a bit but was kindly and caring. Janet was much quieter and was very gentle. I have been here for over a year now the cat and I pretend we are at war. There is a 4 acre field but it does not have a fence so when Alf is out there working he has me on a long rope. I am quite happy so long as I can see him but if I can’t I tell him in the only way I can, Rowlf’s family say they can hear me across the field when I have a go. Janet and Alf are very kind and look after me well. Apparently there are children and grand children I haven’t met yet or their dogs, as there were four children there are now lots of them! I don’t miss living in Cornwall as there is a lot to do and chase and places to dig in Suffolk.”

The last of that litter and the only Fullani dog left to my knowledge is Fullani Feema Avec Tonylynn owned by Lynn Isaac and she is the dam of my Fizz. One of Finn’s daughter’s went to the US, qualified and was shown at Westminster.

Margaret Deuchar

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