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Breed Notes 26th January 2018 Margaret Deuchar


The last time we had classes with CCs at Manchester was in 2003 that year Kristy Irvine’s Tapui Tane was BOB. In those days the show was at the G Mex in the centre of Manchester and there was no room for breeds without CCs. When the show moved to Stafford it had more space but it was not till 2016 that we had classes back, from 2019 we will also have CCs, as the show will be one of the new six all breed Ch shows giving CCs for all breeds (that have CCs) on a three year trial period.

Pastoral day was Saturday, the weather wasn’t the best, for a time I thought it might suffer as LKA did with snow and there were certainly absentees due to the weather, as further north there had been very heavy snow on previous days. Even on show days there was snow but luckily it did not seem to cause too much disruption. We were second in the ring after Smooth Collies, in the Prestwood Hall, which for those of you do not know the venue, it is at the end of the main Bingley Hall and joined to the Hall by a covered walk way. One of the advantages of this is if you are early enough there is hard standing for cars, which Nancy told me was very useful as the grass was very muddy with many having to be towed out. Our judge was Lynn Salt who gives CCs in nine pastoral breeds and has judged Buhunds on a number of occasions without CCs, including the club open show. BOB BB & BP was Di Stirling, Maddy Norman, Gail Hussey & Lynn Isaac’s  8 month old puppy Arnscroft  Delilah At Veekay, she was BBP at LKA and is byDelilah At Veekay Delilah At Veekay Ch /Ir Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor(Sirius) x Ch Arnscroft  Di or Comply, she was handled by Maddy. RBB Sue Cale, Di Stirling, Shirley and Alf Dobson’s Arnscroft  Bibbity Bobity Bu she has 3 RCCs and is by Ch /Am Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen(Imp USA) x Arnscroft Di Sing On Ice, and is sister to Sirius from a different litter. At the other end of the age spectrum BD was Celia Vines evergreen Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene JW Sh.CM by Cl Olpenden Malachy at Parvodene x Ch Fullani Farek. He has 14 CCs &17 RCCs and is heading for 11yrs of age. RBD also an 8month puppy Nancy Kent, Jacqui & Michael Cobb’s Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall , he won the DCC at LKA he is by Can & Am Grand Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman,(who is visiting  the UK at the moment ) x Ch Maidofcopper For Koromandel (Imp Fin) JW. Nancy kindly gave me some info about the show, “she said travelling from her side was fine, wet and cold but no problems, travelling from the North East was difficult as the M1 was closed due to an accident. It started snowing while we were showing, so no one lingered afterwards if they didn’t have to. Dog puppies were naughty! Girl puppies were much better behaved. Perry the veteran showed beautifully strutting his stuff around the ring.” Some of you may know that Di Stirling has a broken shoulder and arm; it started to hurt so sensibly she decided not to stay for either groups.

Maureen Lake has sent me an update on Fern (Knytshall Cora Sun Drop of Maubrea) scent training. “The first session this year, it was a beautiful frosty morning and really sunny. While we were having a cup of tea the trainer Jamie announced that he feels we are ready to dip our toes into competitions and is trying to arrange it with other WSDA clubs, for a competition either in May or June. We are of course really excited about this, as it would be the first for the club. There is only one other little dog the others are all larger than Fern being a Lab and 3GSDs. On the search we had tyres, one formula one tyre (racing car tyre which was very deep indeed).When it was Fern’s turn she searched the area located it inside this tyre and dived in head first to get her ‘search’, leaving her back legs and back end waving about over the ridge of the tyre. She still could not reach so wriggled like mad and managed to get her back end in, which meant she couldn’t then get her front end out. Well of course we were all rolling about laughing, until with a big effort she popped her head up again and jumped out, whereupon she got a rousing ovation for her effort still clutching her ‘search’ until she could get to me and present it grinning all over her face.” Fern is the first Buhund to do search training and it is lovely to hear how she enjoys it, thank you Maureen.

WSDA is the World Scent Dog Association-an association that aims to train dogs ready to compete in the ultimate scent competition: The Man Hunt. The Man Hunt is a new sport from the WSDA and requires the handler and dog to become a crime fighting team, competing at various levels to solve mysteries.

Margaret Deuchar

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