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Breed Notes 27th August 2021 Margaret Deuchar


Bournemouth Ch show ran on its original dates but the group days were changed, so Pastoral day was Monday August 16th.I am always very interested in how shows start in some cases they increase in size and become very popular open shows, a few become Ch shows others for one reason or another fold.

The town of Bournemouth is now a very popular coastal resort in South East Dorset but it had a very interesting beginning, with cattle grazing on heathland until the early 19th century, when in 1810 a Mr Tregonwell and his wife visited the beach, the wife loved the area and persuaded her husband to build a house there. He purchased eight and a half acres and built a house and two cottages one for his gardener and one for his butler, these were the first houses to be built in what is now Bournemouth. By 1840 a village had built up around these first houses and the stage coach which travelled from Southampton to Weymouth would stop there, the same year a guide book was also published.

The Bournemouth Canine association was founded in 1911 and held its first show the same year. Their first Ch show was held at Meyrick Park Bournemouth on 1st June 1927, and as so often happens with the UK summer, instead of it being a lovely warm day, the month of June that year turned out to be the coldest June on record since 1763!

The show then moved to Dean Park in the centre of Bournemouth until 1969, when it again moved to Canford Park Poole, and when it had to leave the Park a farmer’s ground in Sturminster was hired for a year. The following year it moved to New Park in Brockenhurst until 2011 when finally, the association purchased its own ground and in 2012 its first show was held at Pikes Farm, Organford which is only 11 miles from where the first show was held in 1927.It is so much easier if shows have their own land as they can gradually do any improvements necessary, having been the secretary of a very big one day horse show for 25yrs, it always adds more work to what is always a difficult job when shows have to move locations.

The show was the second in a row without CCs, but as I have so often said we are so grateful to these shows for scheduling the breed, as without them the show scene would be very sparce. Our judge this year was Catherine Moffat who first started judging in 2003 and now gives CCs in a number of Pastoral breeds and also judges most of the working breeds, Golden Retrievers and Portuguese Podengos.

I am again indebted to Millie Lambert-Dovey for sending me a report of the show: –

“There were 4 Buhunds entered which is quite low compared to our usual entry at this show. However, all four were present for judge Cath Moffatt (Kyleca). With two breeds in front of us, our judge made hasty work and we went in the ring at approximately 11am.We had two boys and two girls, so the green cards were split between everyone! Catherine found her BD in Neil Hood’s Dino (Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Saw Us Rex VW ShCM) with the RBD going to Neil’s Geeza (Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza At Buhcafrey).BB & BOB was my own Sheira (Sturtmoor’s Free’n Eezee and RBB Jacqui Walmsley,Kerry and Fritz Frost and Addrienne Frost-Treadwell’s Bunny(Trelowen Amelia at Frostisen). Later in the day, Sheira went into the AV Good Citizen Stakes which was supposed to be judged by Britt-Marie Young, but we had a change of judge to Michael Coad, who is known for his Bichon Frise and Standard Poodles as well as handling several other breeds. Out of 15 dogs Sheira was placed 3rd, so a very nice placing for a Buhund in good company!  There were three groups on the day, the Pastoral was judged was Patsy Hollings (Gunalt Weimaraner’s). We did not get anything but it was lovely to represent the breed again, although Sheira was flagging a little by then! Lockdown certainly has a lot to answer for -as usually by now the dogs have been used to hanging around all day. It seems be taking some time to adjust for our baby girl! We have a few weeks off now to recuperate!” Thanks very much Millie

Sheira is certainly on a roll, this was the fourth BB for her in a row. She is by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall x Sturtmoor’s Eezee Luvva. Dino is by Ch/Ir Ch Arncroft Kimura x Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di -Nahs -Mite. Geeza is by Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW ShCM x Sturtmoo’s Dream Maker At Gazenorth. Bunny is by Ch/Ir Ch Trelowen Conar Tun x Trelowen Lola.

A little bit of trivia I leaned while watching TV, an Elephant’s sense of smell is four times stronger than that of a Bloodhound.

Stay safe everyone the pandemic is definitely still with us.

Margaret Deuchar

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