Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 28th February 2020 Margaret Deuchar


Crufts is almost here, somehow in spite of all the adverts for it, suddenly it seems to be here. Then, once it is over the Ch show season will soon get into full swing. Before that there are open shows taking place with Buhunds classes, and I am happy to say with successes for Buhunds taking part in the Groups. One Puppy Buhund in particular is certainly on a role, Millie Lambert’s Sturtmoor’s Free’n Eezee(Sheira)at Sutton Coldfield and District CS show held at the Sports Connexion Ryton on 22nd Feb, under Stuart Band she was BOB she then went onto not only win the PG her 4th such win but she was also in 4th in the adult  group. RBOB was Lisa and Alex Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus, (Eris) last year she had a very successful year in Special Beginners, but won out with a RCC at Darlington.

The next day Lisa with Eris, Penny Glibbery with her and husband Tom’s Rikarlo Grant and Debbie and I with Rikarlo Gable (Time)& Ch /Bel Ch Tonylynn’s Charles Lafitte AW(P)RL2EX(Fizz), headed off to  Cheltenham& District CS show, for AVNSC classes and a stakes class which was split into dogs and bitches . The show had a fantastic entry of 919 so the classes were well filled, but the classes should never have clashed as there were half the number of dogs in the AVNSC ring, as the stakes ring, but they did so we missed the stakes class. Eris did the best with a 2nd in PG, Time was 3rd in Open and Fizz was fourth in a large AV Veteran class.

One Ch show that will be taking place this summer is Windsor, my local show and one I am particularly fond of as I love the setting just below the Castle, and I showed horses at the Royal Windsor Horse show for many years before I ever showed dogs. Then when I did start showing dogs, I was rather sad as there were no Buhund classes. All that changed back 2004 when they scheduled them for 2yrs without CCs, knowing that the KC had changed the CC allocation and that the show would have CCs for the breed form 2006. It is of course now one of the 10 All Breeds Ch shows. Why am I talking   about a Ch show that will not be held till July, well it has just  been announced that the committee has listened to comments from exhibitors, who often had a long walk from their benching marquee to the ring, with the benches often not being used as exhibitors would set  up by the rings. (For any of you who have not been to Windsor, the benching marquees were round the outside with the trade stands between them and the rings.) Now this year the benches will be in two long lines down the centre of the show ground with the rings in front of them similar to that of Southern Counties and other Ch shows. This should make life easier for everyone and certainly those with more than one dog. Maybe it does take away from how attractive some of these show grounds used to be, but it is certainly more practical for exhibitors.

Finally, there will be a Buhund Bumble, on Sunday March 1st meeting in the coach park, at Ferry Meadows Country Park Peterborough. There are car parking fees (camera controlled) and a very nice cafe with toilets, all Buhunds their owners and friends welcome. Having walked there it is a lovely dog walking area.

Margaret Deuchar

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