Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 28th July 2023 Margaret Deuchar


Last week I wrote about the main winners at the Club Open show which was held in conjunction with NW&PBS Ch show in Malvern on 15th July. This was the second time we had partnered with the show, the first time being in 2019 when the weather was very hot, not this time with it being quite chilly at times and very windy although the torrential rain from the previous day had stopped. The day before it was announced that all judging would be in doors, I think a few breeds did go outside but there was always a risk of a very heavy showers, so we opted to stay in. Our ring was at the end of the Avon Building, which was good as it meant there was a gap between the ring and the end of the building in which we could set up the tables, for the picnic and the trophies. There was not quite enough room for a raffle table, so Mary and David Dosson kindly lent their trolley and our treasurer and show manager Chris Maynard did a great job selling tickets, with the Raffle making £82. The picnic as usual was a great success which was lovely as there was enough food for our visitors Wenna Walbank and Lynne Smith and Lorraine Bolton who was mentoring a future judge, she had also come to be reunited with Lucy aka Gladidegelli Arvejenta For Rikarlo, who has been on maternal duties with Marie. The show was a great success with someone from another breed saying to me how friendly and supportive of one another everyone was, which was great to hear. Thanks again to Jenny for all her hard work organizing the show and printing all the paperwork needed. NW&PBS show started at 9am with Finnish Lapphunds, followed by us then 4 PSDs who were the last breed in the ring before it became our ring, we could than start setting up for the club show making sure we dd not upset the dogs in the ring. We had a short break to start the picnic and started the show at 1. 30pm.Jenny started the show with a little presentation by Jenny to Mary for being the first person to enter the club show and to Jasmine Freeborn for trying so hard to get Noodle her Junior Warrant, but sadly neither she nor Kirsty with Bodi gained enough points, with Bodi being just one point short. I have said on many occasions how difficult it is for those with dogs in numerically small breeds to gain a JW. Both Time and Muchly gained their warrants at the last show they could attend before being 18 months, of course Bodi is now a Champion a title gained before she was 18months but can’t add JW to her name! There is a dog in another breed who gained her JW while in puppy and had 3 CCs in puppy but can’t get that all important 4th now she is out of puppy to be able to add Champion in front of her name. Guess that is showing! (If the dogs has 3CCs as a puppy it must have 1CC when out of puppy to be a Champion.! In FCI countries a dog cannot be awarded a CAC/CC until it is 15months).

Jenny then introduced our judge Caroline Friend-Rees who after judging BIS judged the other classes that we have at club shows. Brace was won by Sue Crocker with Knytshall Noor Ul Ain (Noor)and Noor’s daughter Sue’s Leggatts Voulez Vous) (Tissy)(both are Black )for Brace and Team the  dogs must be in the same ownership. Team was won by the Knytshall team owned by Jacqui and Michael Cobb and Nancy Kent with Knytshall Sashenka, Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall and Leggatts Dakota At Knytshall. Special Bred by Exhibitor Sue Crocker’s Leggatts Jive Talkin (Noodle). Special not Bred By. Michael Patrick &Leigh Ashman’s Ch Tapui Starla. We then had the Trophy Challenges with ‘The Best Of’ with the winner of the Dog classes going head-to-head with the winner of the Bitch classes. Best Junior was Jenny and David Langford’s Frostisen Jeffer (Loki). He just made the Junior classes have ben born in Eire on 16th January 2022 he now lives permanently in the UK, so we look forward to seeing him at more shows. Best Yearling Kirsty& Alex Irvine and Callum Gillies Ch Blackcombe Bodil With Tapui (Imp Aus) (Bodi).Best Post Graduate Sue Crocker’s Leggatts Voulez Vous (Tissy)Best Limit Jenny Shorer -Wheeler’s Sturtmoor Ffascination With Koromandel(Fable).Best Open Jenny Shorer -Wheeler’s Ch Koromadel Tusen Takk (ai) JW(Muchly).Best Veteran Kristy Irvine’s Ch Kimura’s Vera At Tapui(Imp Nor).Best Working My and daughter Debbie’s Ch Rikarlo Gable JW (Time)Best Black Sue Crocker’s  Knytshall Noor Ul Ain (Noor).

Thanks to Millie Lambert -Dovey for Stewarding the Club show and Jacqui Cobb for handing out the trophies and keeping a record of them.

I finish with the great news that at the Southampton & District Canine Show Association Open show held on The Royal Victoria Country Park Southampton, at only her second show Jacqui Walmsley’s Frostisen Blakk Zitter aka Penny, handled by Ann- Marie Taylor under judge Krystyan Greenland won a strong PG class, was then Best AVNSC and went  onto win the Pastoral Group to everyone’s delight. Her first show was the club show the previous weekend where she won the Junior Bitch class. Many congratulations.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

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