Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 28th June 2024 Margaret Deuchar


One of the very few positive things to come out of the pandemic was the use of Zoom and Teams as a way of people communicating with each other, without travelling long distances. For some time now we have been using this method for committee meetings, and on Thursday evening 20th June we had our first online BAD (Breed Appreciation Day) & MCE (Multiple Choice Exam). I must admit to being rather sceptical to start with as I come form the era when I had to attend a breed seminar, go over dogs, judge them and then write a critique and of course pass a written test. I had to judge 100 Elkhounds with a few less Buhunds, before being recommended by the breed clubs to give CCs. We can’t dwell in the past however and with everyone living busy lives and the cost of fuel, learning on the internet is proving to be the way forward. I have to say I was impressed with how it worked out, of course I am sure there will have a be a few tweaks but there have been some favourable comments from some of the 20 judges attending. Thanks to Lorraine Bolton is our Breed Education Co Ordinator who together with our secretary Jenny Shorer-Wheeler and chairman Kirsty Irvine put together the BAD booklet, showing the breed history and breed standard which was sent to all attendees in advance. The MCE questions had to be sent to the KC to be approved. Kirsty did the presentation, with Lorraine, Jenny and me answering any questions. Having attended many face to face BADs in the past, what I liked about this one was that more judges seemed to really get involved and ask questions and wanted to clarify points in the breed, and it was easy to scroll up and down the presentation and really answer each question fully. It was also much cheaper for the candidates as with other BADs we had to hire a venue and provide lunch, so although the club wasn’t looking to make a profit it could not lose money either so had to charge candidates and of course then there were fuel costs, but online the cost was just a small amount for the BAD & MCE. To have more judged understand the breed and the standard must be good thing.

Pastoral Day at Blackpool & District Canine Society Ch was Sunday 23rd June,  not being one of the All-Breed Shows it does not have to change its group days, and as far as I can remember Pastoral day has always been the Sunday, for many years the late Elisabeth Coleopy and I used to go for  the weekend, I would  show the Papillion, Elkhound and of course the Buhunds, and  afterwards the dogs would  enjoy a trip to the beach, with the Papillion having wonderful time looking as if he had never seen a showring in his life ! Over the years the show has had various homes but now seems to be settled at Redwood Park, Inskip. It has also suffered from some very inclement weather, with the show having to be cancelled one year halfway through Pastoral day due to very high winds. No problem this year with the weather on show days which was good, as it was unbenched with no tents or gazebos allowed, what was not so good was that many not prepared for the hot weather caught the sun. The summer has been so changeable that   I understand the show could not accommodate any caravans due to the heavy rain on the days leading up to the show. It was nice to see some favourable comments about the show as so often you only see negative ones, there were apparently a number of trade stands which hopefully did well, the rings were a good size which was certainly true from the videos I watched, and the stewards and car parking attendants were very helpful. Thanks to Blackpool for keeping the breed on without CCs, I do not know exactly when they lost CCs but there are records dog winning CC at Blackpool in the 80s. Our judge this year was Diana Spavin who gives CCs 15 Hound breeds 17 Utility 1 working & 10 Toys and has judges in various parts of the world. The results turned out to be a family affair for Canines and Humans alike. BD & BOB was Jenny Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Koromandel Tusen Takk JW(ai) (Muchly) he is by Trollheimens JR Made For Cascilius x Jenny’s Sturtmoor Ffacination With Koromandel (Fable)who was BB she is by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall x  Sturtmoor’s Eezee Luvva .RBD Lesley & Liz Butterworth’s Kligenthal Einar(ai) (Ruskin) he is by Klovn Yggdrasil V.Koekie’s Ranch x Lesley & Liz’s Ch Koromandel Gild the Lily(Hildy) who was RBB & BV she is by Ch/Can Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman x Ch Maidofcoper For Koromandel JW (Imp Fin).

Congratulations to the Frostisen’s Kennel in Eire of Kerry and Fritz Frost, Addrienne Frost-Treadwell and Jacqui Walmsley, who are celebrating the second group win this year for their Ir Ch Trelown Aviator at Frostisen(Maggit), at  the Swords Canine Society Ch show held at the Dublin National Stadium under Judge Noel Beggs. Born on 8th October 2017 Maggit was bred by Sue Avery and is by Ch Trelowen Conar Tun ex Trelowen Lola, his GGGgrandfather was the import Ch Leitegards Kong Olav av Frostisen . Over the years he has also had 2 BOBs at UK shows and been placed in Ch stakes in the UK and Eire. Buhunds are in G5 FCI and he has had a RBIS,2 Group3 and 4 Group 4 placings in all breed Ch shows and at the moment he is 9th Top Dog in Group 5.

Many congratulations to Mary and Coralie Dosson whose puppy Leggatts Part Time Lover (Barnaby) is Top Puppy in Breed at the moment Our dogs/Purina, points are gained by being BPIB at Ch shows where CCs are on offer.

Congratulations also go to Jacqui Anne Avery who was married on 15th June and is now Jacqui Anne Avery -Martin.

Margaret Deuchar

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