Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 29th April 2022 Margaret Deuchar


Easter Monday was a busy day for Buhunds and their owners living in the South West and here Mille Lambert -Dovey tells why: – ‘Those of us in the South West (and Wales) attended our Easter Monday Bu Bumble which was held on the beach at Burnham on Sea in Somerset. Our SW Bumbles are ably organised by Mary Dosson, who unfortunately could not make it this time after managing to break her leg last week! Mary made sure she was well represented by sending husband David along with Teddy to join us! In total, we had 10 Buhunds with an age range of 3.5months to 10.5years, and amazingly they were made up of 5 Wheatens and 5 Blacks! There were also two honorary Buhunds who were Sue Crockers black crossbred (Charlie) and my own Silken Windhound puppy, Kai, (who could pass as almost fitting in the wheatens just to keep the colour ratio’s even!)

The sun was shining for most of the walk, with cloud cover only appearing towards the end. All the dogs were behaving impeccably, and despite the many other people and dogs on the beach there were no issues at all even though many were off the lead for the whole walk! We finished the walk by heading back to our cars and driving further up the coast to Brean, where we sat outside a café on the picnic tables with all our dogs. There were water bowls at each table (put there by the café owners) which the dogs were very grateful for. We had a drink, and some had food, enjoyed more doggy conversations and chatted to some other patrons as well. The puppies played almost the whole time at the café-It is amazing how 15minute nap can revitalise them! We cannot wait for the next SW Bu Bumble, and we hope to have a Bu Bumble Wales get together in the next few months as well! If anyone fancies a trip to Oxwich Bay on the Gower to meet up, please let us know and I will make sure this is arranged’. Thanks Millie.

I am sure we all send our best wishes to Mary and hope to see her up and about again in the not-too-distant future. The puppies were Kuma & Joy both black and the wheaten Noddle along with their owners and supervised by their parents Tissy who is black and dad Floki and his litter sister Sheira also Eren and Teddy  who  are wheaten and  Bear  and the veteran King who are both black. Not often we have the same number of blacks as wheatens.

On the Saturday just five days later it was off to the Three Counties Showground for Pastoral Day at Welks, it was a dry but rather cloudy day with a cold wind which was fine for the dogs with their double jackets, but the spectators needed the same! Welks lost CCs for the breed when several years ago the KC made an extra 6 all-breed Ch shows and the Welks CCs were moved to Bath, we are grateful however that the show has kept scheduling the breed. This year the KC allowed us to have two Ch shows so long as one was with a partner show, so we decided to have one combined with Welks, the other will be a stand-alone event in October. It turned out to be a day to remember for two sets of owners in particular. Lisa and Alex Strong had stayed locally overnight ready for an early start as Eris aka Leggatts Dancing Queen With Draccus was entered in the Sybil Churchill Open Bitch Stakes, where under Jeff Horswell she was third, so a very good start to the day which was only going to get better. Jeff of course judged the Pastoral Group at Crufts and was the stand in judge for the breed last year at Leeds. Welks had given us a not before time of 11.30am for our breed as we were after Welsh Corgis (Pembroke,) in fact we did not go in till well after noon. Our judge was Krystyan Greenland who previously judged the breed at the Nordic, when he stood in for Jenny Shorer -Wheeler when she was snowed in. He judges most breeds in the Working and Pastoral groups at open show level and gives CCs in Siberian Huskies, Australian Shepherds and Finnish Lapphunds. He found his BOB in Eris her first BOB at a Ch show, she won a lovely open bitch class before being BB and then BOB. She is by Frostisen Winsome x Knytshall  Noor Ul Ain RBB Michael Patrick and Leigh Ashman’s Tapui Starla by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall x Ch Kimura’s Vera At Tapui BD Marie Corin and Adam Camm’s  Kligenthal Almuric (Bergen )by Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farah of Koromandel JW ShCM x Koromandel Gild The Lily. RBD Mary and David Dosson’s Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn (Teddy)who  is Bergen’s litter brother, he was  handled by Jenny Shorer-Wheeler because as I said earlier in my notes Mary has sadly broken her leg. When Krystyan judged at the Nordic, Bergen was BOB and Eris RBOB so a swop around this time. BP Jenny Shorer-Wheeler’s Koromandel Tusen Takk (Muchly)by Multi Ch Trollheimens Jr Made For Cascilius x Sturtmoor’s Ffascination With Koromandel. Judging over it was back to the benches for the Bu picnic and to prepare for the Ch Show which I will write about next week, but here are the main winners. It was a day to remember for Lesley and Liz Butterworth whose Koromandel Gild The Lily was BIS & BCC which was her third so gaining her crown. RBCC & RBIS Lottie, Aka Ch Arnscroft Delilah at Veekay DCC Time Aka Ch Rikarlo Gable JW. RDCC Teddy. BP Muchly.

It was lovely that we had visitors during the day. Pat Williams a great supporter of the breed was there when I arrived and stayed till the Ch show finished. Kerry Frost and her daughter Addrienne Frost – Treadwell popped in on their way to a White Shepherd meeting, which was being held on the showground and Penny Gilpin who lives locally  brought Luna to say hello.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

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