Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 2nd August 2019 Margaret Deuchar


Leeds Ch show is now one of the new All Breed Ch shows giving CCs to all breeds that have them, our set of CCs was moved from E Of E. Most exhibitors have a Ch show that is reasonably local to them, Leeds is the one for the Northern exhibitors, so those of us living south or west either had to stay overnight or leave at silly o’clock. We chose the latter as Pastoral day was the Friday and the day before was the hottest day on record, particularly here in the south east. The next day was forecast to be 10dergrees cooler but we did not take any chances and fixed up two extra fans in the car, just  to make sure the cool air from the air con reached the cages in the back, as I had already heard of 2 dogs that had died of the heat.

The weather the next day was as promised, much cooler and in fact we had a few heavy showers, but with the benches  just behind the in /out rings it was not a problem, in fact we were in a very good position as the BIS ring was only a ring away. I think in the end we had the best of the weather as the next two days were rather wet.

We were second in the ring after 23 Portuguese Water Dogs going in at 10.30am. Our judge was Mrs Leana Lewis who gives CCs in 3 other pastoral breeds, 1 in the utility group and 3 in the working group. She last judged Buhunds in 2016 at WKC. The star of the day was 9 year old Isaac Shorer-Wheeler who with his, and his mother Jenny’s and Kirsty Irvine’s Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farah JW ShCM by Ch /Am Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen(Imp USA) x ArnscroftDi Sing On Ice, was not only awarded the DCC but also BOB. This was Mo’s 12 CCs but the first one Isaac and Mo have had together, Mo will be 7 yrs on the 29th July and has had an illustrious show career, including qualify for the Junior Warrant final at Crufts, he also has 8 RCCs. Isaac started handling him when he was three and more seriously a year later and they certainly have a rapport between them. Later they were shortlisted in the group under Ben Reynolds Frost and had great support for all those watching and Frank Kane who was commentating. They were also 2nd in the Young Kennel Club Stakes under Tom Maher. RDCC his 9th he also has  4CCs  Nancy Kent and Jacqui & Michael Cobb’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall (Jamie), he is by Uk/Can Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman  Koromandel x Ch Maidofcopper for Koromandel(Imp Fin).BDP& BP My and daughter Debbie’s Rikarlo Gable he is by Jamie x Kimura Vera with Tapui (Imp Nor).BVD My and Debbie’s  Ch/Bel Ch Tonylynn’s Charles LafitteAW(P) RL2EX by Ch Olpenden Malachy at Parvodene JW ShCM x Fullani Feema Avec Tonylynn .BCC & BV Millie Lambert & Mae Owens Ch Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor(Foxy)(Imp Nor)by Nor/Can Ch Vaulartun’s Tomba Kimura x Nor /Swe/Bel Ch Kimura’s Frida this was her 7th CC, Millie was very surprised as the last time Foxy was shown was at the club 50th Anniversary Show on 22nd July 2017 when she won her 4th  RCC and was BVIS.RBCC her 7th  Lillian and Michael Rumsey’s Ch Arnscroft Di Nah May, she also has 6CCs and is full sister to Mo. Judging over it was back to the benches for  our picnic.

The Munster Ch show was held the next day across the Irish Sea, where under Mr A Foss BOB &GSD was Kerry and Fritz Frost’s Ir  Ch Trelowen Aviator (AV1) JNR Ch, he was later shortlisted in the group  under Liz Cartledge. RGSD Brenda and Tony Bethell’s Ir  Ch Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas of Minforst Jun Ch CW 19 .BPD Kerry & Fritz’s Leggatts Fernando from Frostisen .GSB & RBOB Kerry and Fritz’s Ir Ch Trelowen Anastasia. RGSB Brenda and Tony’s Minforst Galadriel CW19 BBP Leggatts Gimmegimme from Frostisen co owned by Kerry and Fritz, Addrienne-Frost Treadwell,Jacqui Walmsley  and Caro Flanagan.

The next day back in the UK Jacqui Walmsley took Trelowen Amelia At  Frostisen who she co- owns with the Frostisen Kennel to Dorset County Canine  Society show held at Whitcombe Racing Stables /Equestrian Centre where she was BOB. She is Aviator’s litter sister, so the pair had a great weekend although hundreds of miles apart.

This week thank goodness has been much cooler but it has come at a price for the poor people living in Yorkshire, with homes flooded and livestock drowned, in the sudden flash floods. Now comes news of a dam collapsing in Derbyshire. We know only too well that things like this are soon out of the news but can take years to recover from.

Margaret Deuchar

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