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Breed Notes 30th August 2019 Margaret Deuchar


Gillingham and Shaftesbury dog show is held as part of the one day Agricultural show of the same name, which says ‘it provides something for everyone’, always held on a weekday in the middle of August at the Turnpike showground, Shaftesbury, Dorset. Sadly, it was on one of those rainy August days, which meant that the conditions underfoot were rather testing, but Secretary Jacqui Walmsley told me the committee provided free tea and cakes for exhibitors in the afternoon, which was much appreciated. Organising any kind of show always means a lot of hard work, so it is sad when the weather makes things even more testing. Neil Hood and Julian Collins Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex was not only BOB but also PG 2, BV 7-9 yrs and then BVIS under judge Chris Briggs. I think you could say that was a good day at the office.

The only Ch show in the UK over the Bank Holiday weekend was the Aug SKC show, which in all the years I have been showing has never scheduled Buhunds, although there maybe someone out there who will tell me that there were classes years ago.

Over in Eire the Munster Circuit finished in the west of the country at the 47th All Breed Ch show in Tralee County Kerry. It once again proved a very successful show for the Frostisen Kennel with Ir Ch Trelowen Aviator at Frostisen Ir Jr Ch not only going BOB, but also G4 in the Spitz group. He was BOB at all the shows on the circuit and was shortlisted in all of them, a fantastic record. He is only 20 months old and has already won 18 Green stars (CCs) all but one with BOB, and won the junior class at Crufts this year. RGSD Ir Ch Brenda and Tony Bethell’s Ir Ch/Int Ch Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik At Taevas Of Minforst Jun Ir Ch CW19. GSB Brenda and Tony’s Ir Ch Minforst Galadriel (CW19). The judge was Mrs Whitmarsh from Sweden who also judged the group, she did not award the winner of the open bitch class an excellent, as she said she was out of coat, so there was no RGSB. It is often said it is easy to make a dog up under FCI rules as there are not so many dogs, which as may be, however they have to be awarded an excellent to be considered, and as here, this is not always the case.

The Munster Circuit is a great way of seeing  Ireland and take in dogs shows as well, there is however as everyone who has done it knows, a lot of travelling involved, and unless you live there you need to rent some accommodation as central as possible, from which you can travel to the shows. There is also no wet weather accommodation, so if it rains you get wet. It is great fun though and I learned how you show a Toy dog in the rain, (the Papillion we had at the time) under an umbrella!

On Bank Holiday Sunday in  the UK the Obreedience team of Jacqui Cobb with Knytshall Angel Delight and Knytshall Moon of Josephine, Sarah Stonton with Trelowen Andrea(Loxy),  Lisa Strong with Loki Snowflake  and myself  with Tonylynn’s  Charles Laffitte(Fizz), headed to a  heat hosted by Worcester Dog Training Club as part of their Obedience show. It was a big show but there was plenty of room with big rings. There were 12 teams; it was as you know a very hot day especially down south, so we were happy that we were drawn 1st starting at 10am. All the teams do their heel work first, this time it was pattern A. The marks are out of ten and we never do very well in this section, as we never practice together living so far apart, except when at competitions but a number of the teams have regular training sessions. We have in the past pulled up on the individual exercise section for which there are 10 points for each exercise. These take place after all the teams have done their heel work. All the dogs go in together and stay by their relevant position. The first exercise is ‘Go To Bed’ the bed can be any size but the dog must have most if it’s body on the bed. Unfortunately, Loki said it was hot and left the ring and sat under the stewards table, he was given another chance but was having none of it. Next was ‘Stop on Command’ the stop has to be in a box marked by poles. This is normally done by Angel but she had gone lame the evening before, so Jacquie had brought Josephine as well, as she was entered as a reserve. It was hoped Angel would be sound on the grass but she wasn’t, so Josephine had to take her place and normally she is handled by Aysha Branchflower, so although she stopped for Jacqui it was not in the box, just 2 scored. Next it was Loxy with Retrieve she scored 8 only dropping 2 marks, as she tried to pick the dumb bell  up from its end before picking it up properly. Next was Fizz with scent he scored 7, he picks up a cloth and is inclined to mouth it while he gets it comfortable, some judges don’t mind some do. It wasn’t our day and we ended up last. Having said that we always enjoy the competitions they are always very friendly and a social day. We were all finished by 1pm so all headed home with the air con in the cars on flat out. If any of you would like to join the team you would very welcome, as at the moment if a dog or handler is not well we struggle to have a team.

Margaret Deuchar

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