Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 30th December 2022 Margaret Deuchar


I hope that you all had a great Christmas and that whatever your plans were, they all worked out for you. Now we look forward to 2023, which I hope will be a happy and enjoyable year for you all and your canine friends.

You will know I am sure that I like to promote the various activities that you can do with you dogs. For several years ‘Barn Hunt’ competitions have been very popular in the US, and just before the pandemic they started up over here. There is now a page on FB ‘Barn Hunt UK’ and if you are interested, they are putting on workshops just email to find out more. It is of course just a different kind of scent activity for your dogs, more natural than looking for hides of cloves, gun oil!

On a different subject, last year there was talk of the East of England showground closing for most of the events that had been held there for years. The Agricultural show which ran for 200 years stopped in 2013 after a disastrous year due to torrential rain, that year the dog show moved indoors at the last minute without benching, it was a bit chaotic and we were judged in the judge’s reception area! At that time, we had CCs there, the dog show went ahead over the scheduled days but the agricultural show was cancelled and it lost several hundred thousand pounds in losses. The organisers said the show had become disconnected from its agricultural roots.

Now the owners AEPG is planning a £50 million leisure resort development, with 1,600 homes being built as well, so the E of E Agricultural Society Ch dog show in 2023 will be held on the Rutland Showground from 6th to 9th July with Pastoral Day being the 8th.  Rutland is where the YKC camp and KC International Agility Festival is held.

In last week’s notes I talked about how the first year had panned out at shows for the breed, so now I will discuss the second half of the year. National Working and Pastoral Ch show was held on the Three Counties Showground Malvern on July 16th .All-rounder Tim Ball was giving CCs for the first time; he found his BOB & BCC 7th in Maddy Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Delilah at Veekay (Lottie).DCC 11th Sarah Stonton’s Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RL1 Ex (Jack).RBCC 2nd  Michael Patrick and Leigh Ashman’s  Tapui Starla (Freya) RDCC 1st Jenny Shorer -Wheeler’s Koromandel Tusen Takk (ai)(Muchly).BP Sue Crocker’s Leggatts Jive Talkin (Noodle). BV Jenny Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Maidcopper For Koromandel JW (Imp Fin) (Pikka)  she was also 3rd in the Good Citizen Stakes under Jeff Luscott, she  has 11CCs and 12RCCS. Special  Beginner Victoria Graholska’s Leggatts Boogie Shoes. The following week it was Leeds at Harewood Hall with breed specialist Mike Vines holding centre stage, he found his BOB & DCC 2nd Muchly. BCC 12th Pikka she was also BV. RDCC  1st Konner Owens Leggatts Night Fevcr (Kuma) he was also BP. RBCC 11th Maddy Norman’s Lottie. The next CC show was Welsh Kennel at the end of August and held on the Royal Welsh showground Builth Wells, with FCI judge Paul Lawless. BOB & DCC 3rd so giving him his crown Muchly. BCC 13th & BV Pikka. RDCC 2nd making the trip from Northern Ireland worthwhile, Sue Sercombe’s Trelowen Forest Gump(ai). RBCC 1st Noodle BP Kuma. Richmond Ch show was held at Loseley Park Guilford on 10th September with Karen Kennedy giving CCs for the first time, she found her BOB & DCC 20th in Nancy Kent, Jacque & Michael Cobb’s Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall  (Jamie).BCC 14th Pikka she was also BV. RDCC 2nd Muchly. RBCC 2nd Lisa and Alex Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen At Draccus(Eris). BP Kirsty Irvine Blackcombe  Bodil At Tapui (Imp Aus)(Bodi), later she was  third in the Puppy Group under Kevin Young. Special Beginner Alex Cunningham’s Draccus Azurite(Odin). The following week it was Darlington held on Ripon Racecourse with all-rounder Jill Peak giving CCs in the breed for the 4th time. BOB & DCC 12th Jack. BCC 15th & BV Pikka. RDCC 3rd Muchly. RBCC 3rd Freya. BP Bodi. She was also Reserve in the Eukanuba Pup of the Year competition under Chris Chapman, but it did not end there as she also won the Minor Puppy Bitch Stakes under Ian Blackshaw. It was a good day for Buhunds in the stakes classes as Marie Corin and Adam Camm’s Kligenthal Almuric (Bergan) won the Event Support Services Open Stakes under Mr H Peach, and Muchly was Reserve in the Mitchells Grievson Res BOS Winners Class under Averil Cawthera -Purdy. As I said in last week’s notes the club was allowed to have 2 Ch shows this year. The second was held as a standalone show (the previous one was with Welks) on October 23rd at Shirland Village Hall, with breed specialist Wenna Wallbank in the hot seat. Wenna found her BIS & DCC 4th in Muchly. BCC 1st she was also BPIS Bodi. RBIS &RDCC 14th Jamie. RBCC Eris RBPIS Kuma. BVIS Kirsty Irvine’s Ch Kimura Vera At Tapui (Imp Nor) (Betty), she has 3CCs & 3RCCs.RBVIS Nancy Kent & Michael and Jacqui Cobb’s Knytshall Diamond Ted he has a RCC. The last show with CCs was LKA held for the last time at the NEC. We had had a change of judge to all-rounder Sue Hewart -Chambers but we knew in advance, well before the entries closed. BOB & DCC 5th Muchly. BCC 1st Freya. RDCC 15th Jamie RBCC 1st Bodi she was also BP.BV Sarah Stonton’s Trelowen Andrea AW(S) (Loxy) she has a CC and 2RCCs.

At the end of the year the ‘Our Dogs’ winners were Jenny as Top Breeder, Muchly Top Buhund which went down to the wire at LKA with Muchly just winning from Jack, the Top Puppy was Bodi.

In 2022 there were two new Champions, a bitch, and a dog. The bitch Champion was Lesley and Liz Butterworth’s Koromandel Gild The Lily (Hildy), who is by Muti Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman (Idar) x Ch Maidcopper For Koromandel JW (Imp Fin) (Pikka) and was bred by Jenny Wheeler, who also bred the new dog Champion Koromandel Tusen Takk (ai)(Muchly), he is by Multi Ch Trollheimens JR Made For Cascilius x Sturtmoor Ffascination with Koromandel(Fable).At  end of the year, we also have one bitch on 2CCs Eris and two on 1CC Bodi & Freya. There are also several dogs and bitches with RCCs, so it will be interesting to see what 2023 brings in the show ring. For the first time for some years, we had a Junior Handler, Bethany Guillod who with Draccus Obsidian(Ruby) competed with some success in handling classes at open and Ch shows. On the activity front unfortunately since the pandemic we have not been able to field an Obreedience Team, but in 2022 the Buhund flag has been kept flying in Rally by Jacque Cobb with Knytshall Angel Delight, Knytshall Eloise, and Ch Trelowen Veryan to Knytshall. The other activity that has become popular with members and has also helped the breed become better known are Scent Trials, with Sarah Stonton’s Trelowen Andrea AW(S)(Loxy) and her Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RL1 Ex, Kirsty Irvine Tapui Let’s Blaze and myself with Ch Rikarlo Gable JW(Time) being successful at various levels.

Happy New Year everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK