Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 31st December 2021 Margaret Deuchar


I start by wishing you all and all those at ‘Our Dogs’ a Happy New Year, with the hope that things will start to improve again soon. In December 2020 I bought an Our Dogs Diary for 2021, at the time I said I hoped I was not being too optimistic, and of course it was, as a few weeks later covid numbers started to increase and we went into lockdown again. This year I again bought a diary feeling optimistic that things were improving we had the vaccinations, and we were learning to live with the virus, now we have Omicron. Not sure whether next year just not to buy a diary or whether to hope by then Covid will have run out of variants, and things really will have improved

Although it has been a difficult year for many, for the breed it has been a positive one with three new Champions crowned 1 dog and 2 bitches, and the green cards have been spread around which is great and shows the depth of quality in the breed. We have had 5 litters born and new people have come into the breed, which is great news as they all help to advertise the breed, and several have been showing their dogs.

I am going to look back to the past show season, which as we all know did not start till halfway through the year, although a few breed club shows had been held earlier in the year, but once it started it was almost nonstop, with many of the earlier shows that had cancelled choosing to go ahead on any free date.

I think we were lucky with the weather for all the outside shows, it might not have been the best summer weatherwise, sometimes cold but nearly always dry which was just as well as with no wet weather cover, if we had the wet windy weather we have experienced in the past, it would have been very difficult and unpleasant.

The first Ch show was Southern Counties with Pastoral Day on 27th June. There were no breed classes as back in 2019 only 2 Buhunds were entered in the Breed classes both of which were mine. This year there were also 2 entered in AVNSC under Keith Thornton. Best AVNSC from 10 entries was Maddy Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Delilah at Veekay (Lottie) by Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor x Ch Arnscroft Di or Comply, so a good start to the season.11th July was Pastoral Day at E of E the Judge was Val Dyer BOB again was Lottie with Lesley and Liz Butterworth’s Koromandel’s Gild Lily (Hildy) as RBB she is by Kyon’s Bold Norseman x Maidofcopper for Koromandel JW (Imp Fin)(Pikka ).BD was my & daughter Debbie’s Rikarlo Gable JW (Time) by Ch Best Served Cold At Knytshall(Jamie) x Kimura Vera With Tapui (Imp Nor)(Betty) RBD was Marie Corin and Adam Camm’s Kligenthal Almuric (Bergen) by Di NA Mo Farrah Of Koromandel JW ShCM x Hildy. Bergen had only been to one show before, that was our club open show in October 2020, as he was just about to start his puppy career when we went into the first lockdown, so this was his first green and white card. Six days later it was National Working and Pastoral Breeds Ch show at Malvern with the first set of CCs for the breed this year, Lynne Salt was the judge, it was baking hot day but luckily we were in the ring at 9am.BCC &BOB was Millie Lambert’s Sturtmoor Free’n Eezee (Sheira ) by Jamie x Sturtmmor’s Eezee Luvva, Sheira was BP and RBCC at Crufts 2020 but missed the rest of her puppy career due to lockdown so this was her first CC, later she was shortlisted in the group  under Meg Purnell Carpenter. RBCC was Jenny Shorer-Wheeler’s Pikka who is by Nor Ch Gripagrottens Qu x Multi Ch Cipacan Mila Magia. DCC was my and Debbie’s Time, this was his third having had two before the pandemic hit so this gave him his crown, the first new Champions of the year. RDCC Jacqui & Michael Cobb and Nancy Kent’s Jamie who is litter brother to Hildy. The following weekend 25th July it was Leeds where the judge was scheduled to be Bethany Hewart giving CCs for the first time, but she was not well so Jeff Horswell stood in at the last minute. It was exciting as for the first time we had a dog and bitch puppy taking part a litter brother and sister from the first litter born this year. BOB & DCC Jamie RDCC& BP at his first show Kirsty & Alex Irvine & Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze by Jamie x Betty, a younger brother to Time. Betty was BCC she is by Nordic/Int Ch Kimura’s Peer Gynt x Nor Ch Kimura Nelly. RBCC Lottie BBP was Michael Patrick and Leigh Ashman’s Tapui Starla full siter to Blaze. Bath Ch show was Tuesday 3rd August the judge was Hedd Richards BOB &DCC Jamie RDCC Time BCC Sheira RBCC Lottie she was also 4th in the Ch stakes BP Blaze BV Neil Hood’s Ch Arnscroft Di Na Saw Rex VW ShCM (Dino) he is by Ch/Ir Ch Arncroft Kimura x Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di -Nahs -Mite. Special beginners Bergen. After the Ch show we had our open show judged by Paul Conway. BIS & BD Time RBD & BP Blaze. BVD & BVIS Dino BB &RBIS Sheira RBB Pikka. VB &RBVBIS Neil Hood’s Trelowen Dark’N’Stormy (Storm) she is by Ch/Am Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen x Tokyn Ebony. Special Veteran Bitch & Special Working Bitch Jacqui & Michael Cobb & Nancy Kent’s Ch Trelowen Veryan At Knytshall RL1 by Ch Knytshall Ferdig x Ch/Int Ch Trelowen YnTekto Benzara. Best Black Sue Crocker’s Knytshall Noor Ul Ain by Knytshall Diamond Ted (Ted) x Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall (Elske). The next Ch show was in the West Country, Pastoral day at Paignton was 9th August, it was one of only two shows to have benches this year. The judge was Mr S Watson BOB & BB was Sheira BD winning his first Green card was Mary Dosson’s Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn (Teddy), he is Bergen’s litter brother, and like him missed out on his puppy show career due to the pandemic. Bournemouth Ch show saw Catherine Leighton judging BOB & BB was Sheira who was also 3rd in a large AVGS stakes class under Michael Coad RBB Jacqui Walmsley, Kerry & Fritz Frost and Addrienne Frost Treadwell’s Trelowen Amelia at Frostisen(Bunny) she is by Ch/Ir Ch Trelowen Conar Tun(Buddy) x Trelowen Lola  BD Dino RBD Neil Hood’s Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza At Buhcafrey by Mo x Sturtmoor’s Dream Maker At Gazenorth. Much further north on 22nd August it was Blackpool Ch show. The judge was Graham Hill BOB & BB Hildy RBB Betty BD Jamie RBD & BP Blaze BV Lillian & Michael Rumsey’s Ch Arnscroft DI Nah May (Anja) by Ch /AKC Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen (Imp US) x Arnscroft Di Sing In Ice. Driffield Ch show was 26th August no breed classes here anymore after the CCs were moved to Darlington but the breed was represented in the AVNSC classes by Anne Smiths Ch Arnscroft Never Say Di (Oskar) younger brother to Anja, he was BD so kept the breed flag flying. Richmond Ch show was 9th September one of the few shows to run on its original date, in the hot seat was our own Millie Lambert BOB & DCC Jamie RDCC his first and gaining a stud book number was Bergen. BCC making the second new Champions of the year was Betty. RBCC Lottie BP Blaze. Darlington was also on its original date 17th September; it was a day to remember for Sarah Stonton who took both CCs under Espen Eng from Norway BOB & DCC was Ch Arnscoft In Di Ana Jack RL1EX he is younger brother to Lottie. RDCC Jamie BCC & BV Trelowen Andrea AW(S)(Loxy) by Buddy x Trelowen Kyoo this was Loxy’s first CC earning her I am sure the Trophy for the oldest Buhund winning the first CC. BP Blaze.  Birmingham National on 24th September was the first show that was mostly indoors, Chris Chapman was the judge BOB & DCC Time RDCC winning his first RCC and stud book number Teddy. BCC becoming the 3rd new Ch of the year Sheira RBCC all the way from Northern Ireland Sue Sercombe’s Ch Trelowen Dizzy Rascal by Ch Tokyn Durian x Trelowen Pink Pidgeon. The May SKC show was held in October the 2nd being Pastoral Day, at the time there was fuel shortage but happily everyone made it, the judge was Albert Wight BOB & DCC Jamie BCC Lottie RBCC Hildy BP Blaze BBP Starla & BV Anya. We managed to hold our own Ch show on 23rd October with judge Robin Newhouse judging DCC & BIS Oskar RDCC & RBIS Jamie BCC& BOS Pikka RBCC Betty BPIS Starla RBPIS Blaze BVIS Ted who is by Dino x Ch Trelowen Veryan at Knytshall RBVIS Loxy Best Black Knytshall Elouise who had been on maternity duty earlier in the year, she is by Blackk Exstacy Von Koekie’s Ranch (Imp NLD) x Elske. We also had Special Award classes Judged by Toni Jackson the winners were Open Dog Oskar. Open Bitch Elouise. Ch Dog /Bitch with 9 entries Jamie. LKA which I reported on last week was the last Ch show of the year, benched and indoors. Charlotte John was the judge BOB & DCC Jamie, RDCC & BP all the way from Northern Ireland Sue Sercombe’s Trelowen Forest Gump, by Buddy x Dizzy Rascal. BCC her first was Noor RBCC also her first Jenny Shorer -Wheeler’s Sturmoor Ffascination with Koromandel(Fable) she is a litter sister of Sheira and had also been on maternity duty earlier in the year. BBP Lorraine Bolton’s Gladidegelli Arvejenta For Rikarlo(Lucy) by Multi Ch Trollheimens Jr Made For Cascilius(JR) x Rikarlo Gable.

From the above Jamie is the most consistent winner and will be Top Buhund ‘Our Dogs’ and for the Club and Blaze will be Top Puppy. There are though many other awards that will be presented at the AGM.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK