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Breed Notes 4th February 2022 Margaret Deuchar


Over the last few weeks, I have talked about the various activities that Buhunds have taken part in, reporting on shows, scent trials and Buhund Bumbles, but it is some time since Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests have been mentioned. I was therefore very pleased to hear from Jacqui Walmsley about her ‘Bunny’ aka Trelowen Amelia at Frostisen taking a test, Jacqui writes.

‘Bunny is a Good Citizen. Bunny and I travelled up to Manchester Champ Show on Sunday 23rd January. It was an incredibly early start and turned out also to be an incredibly long day. We travelled up with our friends Donna and Koda who is an 11month old Swiss Shepherd Dog, who can be a bit full on, but Bunny is not averse to putting him in his place from time to time, should he overstep the mark. The WSSD’s were scheduled for the end of the day, so Bunny and I went for a wander, which is when we spotted that they were doing testing for the Bronze Good Citizen. We had done some obedience training with a good friend of mine, Maura from Puppycise, while there were no shows taking place. We achieved out Novice certificate, and most importantly Bunny really enjoyed her training. With this in mind, we decided to give it go, and signed up to take the test. The Bronze test is a split between dog and owner, not just heel work etc, but the owner must show that they are a good citizen as well. I had to show that Bunny was microchipped, that she had the correct tag on her collar, that I knew how to brush her, and take care of her. I also had to answer 3 questions on Dog ownership and show that I never went anywhere without a poo bag!! Luckily, I passed!! Then it was Bunny’s turn. We started with some basic heel work, then showed we knew how to walk through a gate correctly. The dog should wait patiently for you to open the gate, then the owner goes through, before calling the dog through. All good so far. Then onto the harder bits. Off lead recall and a 1-minute stay. Bunny is a pro at recall, having recently mastered this at our obedience classes. The last recall we did was from one side to the other in a 3-acre paddock, with other dogs around, and sheep in the next paddock. Then came the 1-minute stay. I was pretty confident on this one, but Bunny had other ideas. I left her in a sit, told her to stay, and walked away. After 28seconds, she stood up, but did not move forward, she just went from a sit to a stand. I reiterated the stay, and stay she did but   unbeknown to me, the tester restarted the timer. I did think it went on rather a long time. Bless her, she did a 28second sit stay followed a minute stand stay. The final test was a short walk in the crowds outside the testing hall. We went for a walk through the exhibitors and the dogs by the Best In Show ring, and returned to the hall. We had passed.

For those of you that are not aware, we nearly lost Bunny at 8months old. She ate something she shouldn’t have and spent 7 days in intensive care at a specialist Vet Centre. The diagnosis was Tremorgenic Mycotoxicosis. She fitted for 8hours undersedation, before they knocked her out for 36hours.She is a medical mystery, as even the Specialised Vets do not know how she pulled through. She had to learn to walk again, as her balance was severely affected by the seizure. Words cannot express how proud I am of my little miracle, after all she has been through. If anyone warrants the title Good Citizen, it is my little Bunny Wabbit.PS Check out her photo in the Manchester Winners Gallery in the front of Our Dogs’. Thanks Jacqui and a great well done to Bunny.

If any of you are interested in taking the tests go to the Kennel club website where you can find details of what is required for each test.

Newton Abbot and South Devon Canine Society  was formed in 1930,they hold ring craft classes, match nights and 2 open shows a year, one in August and one in January, at The Matford Livestock Centre Exeter .The most  recent show was held on 29th January, where congratulations go to Mary Dosson with Teddy aka Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn who was Best AVNSC  and then 4th in a large Pastoral group  under Krystan Greenland, who judges most breeds  in the Working, Pastoral and Utility  Groups and BIS at open show level .He gives CCs  in Siberian Huskies and judged them at Crufts in 2008. He also stepped in to judge the Buhunds at the Nordic when snow prevented Jenny getting there.

The same day Sarah Stonton headed off to Wichenford Memorial Hall in Winchenford Worcestershire for a Level 2 scent trial with Jack AKA Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RL1EX, and I am very pleased to say that he qualified.

The next day a Buhund Bumble was held in Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield organised by Penny Glibbery, it was a lovely day with Buhund owners and some interest in the breed taking part.

Most of you know that at the end of the Year ‘Our Dogs’ publish the winners of Top Puppy, Top Dog, Top Stud Dog and Top Brood Bitch in the year for each breed. These awards are very hard fought often the going down to the wire at LKA. Top Puppy last year was Kirsty & Alex Irvine and Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze, he is homebred by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall x Kimura’s Vera with Tapui. Blaze is very special to Kirsty as he goes back through his dam to her home bred Tapui Tane who was not only a UK but also a Norwegian and Swedish Champion. In most normal years it depends so much on when a puppy is born for it to have the chance of being Top Puppy, being a numerical small breed, we only have 13sets of CCs. If the puppy is born in the autumn/winter, it can have most of the following show season, as points are only awarded from shows where CCs are on offer. Blaze was born on 20th January 2021 and his first show was Leeds where he was not only BP but also won the RDCC but this did not give him any extra points but being 3rd in the puppy group did. He also won BP at Bath, Richmond, Darlington and SKC. He also passed his Bronze Good Citizen at Manchester.

Next week I will talk about the other three awards.

Finally, there are 3 Buhund Bumbles being planned, details will be on the forum and Buddies but please also contact the organisers if you are interested in going. February 13th in Nottingham please contact Lisa Strong, March 19th in London please contact Marie Corin, and SW and Wales sometime in April please contact Mary Dosson.

Stay safe everyone

Margaret Deuchar

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