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Breed Notes 4th November 2022 Margaret Deuchar


Here we are in November with only one more Ch show with CCs before the end of the year, LKA on 10th December which will be exciting, especially for Jenny Shore-Wheeler with Ch Maidodcopper For Koromandel JW (Imp Fin) (Piika) and Sarah Stonton with Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RL1ex L3ex, as both dogs are on 10points for the Top Dog Award, Our Dogs /Arden Grange Competition. For the first CC of the year 3points are awarded, then 1point each CC and one extra for BOB, but if neither dog wins a CC at LKA then are there will be not be a Top Dog Award. So often the top Dog Award is decided at LKA and not just for Buhunds.

As our Ch show was held on a Sunday and I took much longer to get home due to the heavy rain and thunderstorms, I only had time to write about the main winners last week,before the notes had to be sent to ‘Our Dogs.’ This week I have only listed the breeding of the dogs that were not mentioned last week.

The show was deemed to be a great success with a lovely friendly atmosphere. We had our picnic back with everyone bringing goodies, and the club provided a couple of trays of sandwiches just in case there was not enough food! There was also the club shop with an amazing array of Buhund cards and Buhund related items, with many thanks to Lillian for providing so many things to choose from, if you were not able to go to the show you can see the items listed on the forum.

You will know that as it was our Ch show there were other classes as well as the main ones. Winner of the ‘Brace Class’ was Sue Crockers Brace with Leggatts Voulez Vous,(Tissy)(1RCC)who is by Frostisen Winsome (IKC)x Knytshall Noor Ain  & Leggatts Jive Talking (Noodle)( 1RCC) she is by Sturtmoor Floki x Tissy  so lovely to have a Wheaten and Black  together. Winner of the ‘Special Bred By Exhibitor class’ was Jenny Shorer-Wheelers’s  Ch Koromandel Tusen Takk (ai)(Muchly). ‘Special Not Bred By Exhibitor’ Lisa Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen At Draccus(Eris).

Then there were the TROPHY CHALLENGES with the dog and bitch winners of each class going head-to-head.

BP Kirsty & Alex Irvine and Callum Gillies Blackcombe Bodil With Tapui (Imp Aus)(Bodi) BJ Muchly. BY Michael Patrick and Leigh Ashman’s Tapui Starla (Freya)she has 3RCCs and is by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall (Jamie)x Ch Kimura Vera At Tapui (Imp Nor) (Betty) BPG Kirsty & Alex Irvine and Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze, he has a RCC and is Freya’s litter brother. BL Mary & David Dosson’s Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn (Teddy)he is by Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel x Ch Koromandel Gild The Lily he also has a RCC. It was great to see Mary back showing as she had a very nasty accident earlier in the year.BO Muchly. B Ch. Jamie.BV Betty). Best Special Vintage Veteran Millie Lambert’s Ch Svartkonge Av Sturmoor JW/ShCM (ImpNor) he is nearly 12yrs and is by Refsdal Vaalbejonns Ob Finn x Ronja. He has 9CCs and 10RCCs, he won 3 CCs in puppy but had to wait till he was in Junior and win his 4th CC and be awarded his Ch title. Best Black Eris.  BSWorking Muchly. What I did not say last week was that Muchly’s wins gave him his Junior Warrant, congratulations. Earlier this year the KC tweaked the JW requirements to make it slightly easier to obtain, but it is still not that easy for numerically small breeds such as ours, and often it is only obtained just before the dogs are out of Junior as with Muchly, who will be out of Junior in just two weeks from the club show being born on 3rd May 2021.

As we had three puppies that were old enough to come to a show but were not old enough enter the show, we had a ‘Puppy Walk’. This is not a class but a judge goes over the puppies and they move as if in a class just to give them the idea of a show, and hopefully all three puppies will be shown when they are old enough. The judge was Lynne Smith (Alkola) who was a very successful breeder  and exhibitor of Buhunds  in the late 70’s and during the 80’s,she lives near Wenna  and  had accompanied her to the show and kindly agreed to go over the puppies. There was a Wheaten dog Kligenthal Einar (ai)(Ruskin)bred and owned by Lesley and Liz Butterworth born on 28th May ex their Ch Koromandel Gild The Lily (Hildy) by Klovn Yggdrasil Van Koekie’s Ranch owned by Lies Hekhuis(Holland ). Then there were two black puppies born on 29th June, litter sister and brother bred by Sue Crocker ex her Knytshall Noor Ul Ain by Ch Rikarlo Gable JW(Time). Leggatts Fly Like An Eagle (Zuki)the bitch is owned by Lucy Beatrice Gilbert and the dog Leggatts Dakota at Knytshall(Toby) is owned by Nancy Kent and Jacque and Michael Cobb. He won his first rosette the following weekend, not in showing but  by passing his Good Citizen Puppy Foundation.

We also had 3 Special Award Classes at the show. These are separate from the main show and are judged by an experienced judge, who needs a certain number of dogs to go over before moving up to award CCs in the breed.  There is no BD or BB just the winners of the three classes. The judge was Richard Kinsey he gives CCs in 30 breeds with 11 in the pastoral group, and judges the Working and Pastoral Groups. The OD class was won by Muchly. The OB by Eris and the ChD/B by Jamie.

This year Midland Counties did not schedule Buhunds after a very poor entry last time it was held, but the Buhund flag was kept flying by Jenny Shorer-Wheeler with Muchly who was Best Dog AVNSC Pastoral and Piika who was RBB & BVAVNSC Pastoral under Jenny Miller, and then under Ann Ingram in huge Veteran Stakes class Piika was second and won Jenny £75 prize money!

Jacque Cobb has had more success with Knytshall Elouise in Rally, on the Saturday the first day of the Ilminster and District Lions Rally weekend held in Seavington St Michael South Somerset, and the day before the club show, so a busy weekend for Jacque and Elouise, in Level 1 Elouise gained her third Level 1 Ex score so can now have RL1ex after name, she then moved into L2 and had a qualifying score. So very well done, sadly there do not seem to be so many Rally competitions being held since the pandemic, so great to hear of Elouise’s successes. Funds were raised over the weekend for the Medical Detection Dogs and Baby Basics.

The following weekend Sarah Stonton’s Jack proved how versatile he is coming 2nd in his first Level 4 scent trial. This level is more difficult as there are hidden distraction scents as well as the cloves and gun oil, and obviously the dogs must not indicate on the distractions, the one that is a favourite of some dogs is peppermint but not Jack he ignored all the distractions, congratulations great start to level 4.

I finish with the sad news that Tonylynn’s Bollinger (Gin) has gone over the bridge to play with his mother sister and brothers including my Fizz. He was from the only litter bred by the late Lyn Isaac and was born on 29th May 2007 and died on 17th Oct at 15yrs and 5months, during that time he was the constant companion of his owner Tina Tomoko Imai. Tina said she was so pleased to be able to take Gin to their favourite hotel in the New Forest just 6 days before he died. I know Tina misses him terribly but I hope she will stay part of the Buhund community.

Margaret Deuchar

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