Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 4th September 2020 Margaret Deuchar


Crufts was the last live show that I wrote about this year, 14 days later we went into lockdown, I wondered how I was going to keep these notes going. I put out a plea to Buhund owners, asking them to write about how they chose to have the breed and their affix if they have one. Very many thanks to all of you who responded, I have found the articles you all wrote so interesting, and I am sure everyone else has as well. There have also been the fantastic online shows organised by Addrienne Frost –Treadwell, and the online Obreedience competitions with the team organised by Lisa Strong, the entries for the latest one have just been sent in, so I will be reporting on this next week.

This week my thanks go Carolyn Solomon who writes about FIFTY YEARS + of living with Buhunds.

“Norwegian Buhunds have been the major part of my life for 52years. In July I sadly had to say goodbye to Tegan (Trelowen Keres) by Trelowen Pistyll x Trelowen Keltek. She had had a wonderfully long life, being 14yrs and 8months.Tegan was a beautiful Wolf Sable and did well in the show ring as a youngster. The late Gail Hussey awarded her the RBCC at Working and Pastoral Breeds in 2007. I now have just one wheaten Buhund, Freya (Tokyn Bonyalva) who will be 12yrs in September. Freya and Tegan had the same mother, but Freya’s sire was Trelowen Cantyr Among Ekusen, who sadly died on the 16th of August this year.

How did I become a Buhund Owner? Whilst living in Torbay in October 1968 my first husband and I were walking across Goodrington beach. In the distance we saw four beautiful dogs racing across the golden sands-what on earth were they?! We had to find out, for me it a ‘Coup de foudre’, as we had just lost our 12 yr old terrier cross. Dorothy Kenyan and her husband were exercising their imports, Norsken Tor and Norsken Gyda with their two 16 week old puppies. Four hours later and after lengthy discussions we were the proud owners of a dog puppy, Norsken Roald (Ral). He had a great life for 12yrs and loved the sea and swimming. He used to come to work with me in Torbay Hospital, where I worked as a Medical Secretary. He was shown as a puppy at the Paignton Championship Show. It was held in Paignton in those days not as it is now in Exeter. I well remember the friendliness of the Buhund owners-as a novice I was made very welcome and after showing we all shared a picnic. At this time there were quite a few Buhund breeders and owners in the West Country. In 1973 whilst living in Wiltshire, Ral was joined by Norsken Berit (Britt). She was shown a lot and did well at local Open shows but was not so successful (probably my fault) at Championship shows. However, at the first Norwegian Buhund Club show held in Wootton Bassett in 1974, the late Ken Bounden awarded Ral and Britt Best Brace, we were so thrilled!

In 1978 we returned to Cornwall to live. At the end of 1979 we acquired Gretel (Adoram Huldra) from Michael Quinney, she was by Ch Adoram Dahlas. I took her to Ringcraft in Plymouth but she did not like the show ring. We sadly lost Britt in 1982 and our next Buhund was Heidi (Cresscombe Astra). What a star she was, she absolutely loved children and swimming.

In 1990 I remarried and it was a case of ‘love me love my dogs’! Fortunately, Ron did. Gretel who was 13 and Heidi 10 made their debut in the show ring in Newark in 1992, supporting the club’s Silver Jubilee. It was time to think about another Buhund. This time we went to Somerset and chose Tor (Droveway Tordol). He was by Wolfen Hot Shot x Langree Cresta. Hot Shot’s sire was Kerry Frost’s import Ch Leitgards Kong Olav Av Frostisen and Cresta’s sire was Ch Snowgaard Venn, owned by Paddy Spurrell. I had first met Paddy and Alison Snowdon in the 1970’s when I was showing Britt! I enjoyed doing obedience with Tor, both locally and at the Club shows, and he lived to be 15yrs old.

Trelowen Touryk(Ryki)joined the Solomons from Sue Sercombe in 1998, he was by Ch Wolfen Just In Time x Ch Trelowen Stonty. He was a very handsome boy, obedient, very high spirited and a terrible thief, especially where food was involved. The late Elisabeth Coleopy awarded him BOB at LKA in 2000.He sired two litters, but sadly developed prostate cancer when only 10 yrs old and was put to sleep. His life was short but he lived it to the full!

I can honestly say that I have hardly ever been out with my Buhunds when they have not been admired, and I have been asked ‘what are they?’ which of course was my comment back in October 1968.

I cannot think of a better breed as a family pet. They are a lovely size, their tails are always wagging, but sitting over their backs they do not  knock things off tables; they are very affectionate, even tempered, do not smell when wet, coats quickly dry with a quick rub down and a shake- and even when they get old they never look their age!  Yes they need regular grooming, but how the birds love their fur at nesting time-I put it in a peanut holder.

It is 10 years since we were last at a dog show, Crufts2010! Hopefully, I may catch up with you again sometime and until then I wish you all many happy years with your Buhunds.

If any of the breeders of my dogs read this, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me with one of your puppies.”

Thank you, Carolyn, fantastic, so many great names from the past humans and dogs alike.

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK.