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Breed Notes 5th April 2019 Margaret Deuchar


No Ch shows to report on but there are a number of open shows and other activates taking place. Many congratulations to Bev Hall who took her Ailort Just The Ticket (Jay) to the FIT Dog Rally, at Thomson  House Equestrian Centre Standish  and gained an excellent  score of  202, to give Jay the title of RL4Ex. You have to gain 3 excellent scores at a level or 6 qualifiers to move up a level and have letters after the dog’s name.

Jacqui Cobb has told me about her and Alysha Blanchfolower’s activities with their Buhunds over last weekend.

She writes ‘On Saturday I took Knytshall Moon of  Josephine, Ch Trelowen Veryan to Knytshall RL1 ,Knytshall Angel Delight RL1Ex and Knytshall Eloise to an agility show with rally as a side extra .Alysha  was competing in the agility ,steeplechase and jumping with Josephine, plus the rally event. All went well until the dog walk which was two obstacles from the end, Josephine went running up at speed, but she must have been too close to the edge, as one minute she was nearly at the top, the next she was falling. She landed on her side and was still for a while; Alysha rushed to her and helped her to her feet. Josephine then shook herself trotted to the down side of the dog walk and stood with two paws on two off, as if to say sorry for falling. Alysha took her back to the dog walk, she was happy to walk up, and even trotted along the top and down the other side, before popping over the last two jumps. She was however rather subdued and distracted during her Rally round, but was brighter in the afternoon, so Alysha took her in for the steeple chase, but set the jumps at small, rather than medium. She sailed round as fast as ever and might have been placed, but for Alysha misdirecting her at one point. The day was mainly about Josephine and Agility, but the others took part in the Rally course. Veryan ate her way round, having discovered that the ground was liberally covered in rabbit droppings, in the end I withdrew her. Eloise coped with it, but as a training round with treats. Angel lived up to her name coming 2nd with a score of 204. Unfortunately it doesn’t count as the rally part although judged to KC rules wasn’t KC  recognised, it was just an add on to the agility’.

The following day also in the West Country, Jacqui Walmsley said ‘she had a lovely day when she took her Blakk Extacy Van Koekie’s Ranch (Imp NLD) Moley, to Bridgewater & District Canine Society Open Show, held at Sedgemoor Auction Centre in North Petherton Somerset. Where under judge Mike Vines who gives CCs in the Breed Moley was 1st in AVNSC open, he was handled by Alysha who took along Eloise to watch her dad Moley compete. Eloise will very soon will be old enough to be shown herself so was learning the ropes.

My puppy Time (Rikarlo Gable) who I co own with daughter Debbie was 6 months on the Saturday of Crufts. I looked for an open show to attend so that he could have some ring practice, I found Herts & Essex  Border Canine Society show, to be held at The College  Equestrian Centre in  Keysoe Bedfordshire .I thought that would be fine,I knew the centre having done agility there some years ago and it was only about an hour and half drive. I was then amazed to find it had two Buhund classes, and even better with a judge whose name I recognised as having had attended our breed seminar a few years back Del Richards. It is always good to support judges that are interested in your breed, so a couple of other exhibitors who live in the same area also entered. I then learnt that the show was one of the new Premier open shows, the status was brought in by the KC this year to improve entries at open shows. To become a Premier show it must schedule 50% or more of the breeds separately classified in each group, but the status will only apply if the show is judged on the group system. The show started at 10am and we were first in ring, so it was a relatively earlier start as I wanted to be there in plenty of time to get settled before the show started. It was a warm sunny day and we had a lovely drive through the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Countryside. We met Debbie there, she was going to handle Time and she had also brought along Dreamwork Silver Dream Rac’r , her partner Richard’s Border Collie puppy she is going to be his agility dog, but agility dogs can’t compete till they are18 months old,so Debbie is enjoying showing her and Silver is learning  about shows. Time was so good and won BP, then to out amazement BOB with Lillian and Michael Rumsey’s Ch Arnscroft  Di Nah May(Anja ) in Reserve, but to be fair  Anja had left her clothes at  home. Time then won the AV Junior Pastoral class under the same judge. It was then Fizz’s (Ch/ Bel Ch TonyLynn’s Charles Lafitte RL2Ex AW (P)) turn, he was 2nd in Pastoral Veteran under Hedd Richards. Silver was not going to be left out and was BP in Border Collies under Linda Jenkins. This did a leave us with a bit of a quandary as we now had two in the Puppy Group, but happily Silver’s breeder was there and was only too happy to show her. Time had nothing in the adult group but was 4th in the puppy group under Hedd Richards, which as it was a Premier show qualified him for Crufts next year, the 1st-4th in each group qualify. If Time never gets another award it was a day to remember, and for me it was great as my husband was able come and enjoy the day, having spent 27days in hospital this year.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you that can make it, for our AGM and fun day which will include Have a Go Rally, Qizzes, Handling and many other activities. Even if you are not a member you will be most welcome. The venue is Shirland Village Hall on April 13th arrive about midday if you are not coming for the AGM. Lunch will be provided. Full details have been sent to members and are on the Buhund Forum.

Margaret Deuchar

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