Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 5th January 2017 Margaret Deuchar


WELL IT IS HERE 2018 and I hope you all have a Happy Healthy year with fewer troubles and more blessings. It is also the Chinese Year of the Dog which only happens once every 12 yrs, the Dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese Zodiac and is a symbol of loyalty and honesty and yet they eat them. One of my hopes for the year is that they will finally stop this terrible cruel  practice and everything that is associated with it. For a number of years there has been a Chinese Companion Animal Protection Network, which organises protests against the eating of dog and cat meat, but it is an uphill struggle for them as it has been going on for 1,000s of years, although the protests from around the world and from some parts of China itself are beginning to make a difference.

On a happier note it is not long before the Ch shows start again, we do not have classes at Boston any more but since last year we have classes back at Manchester, although without CCs, but it is a qualifier for Crufts. From 2019 it will be one of the Premier Ch shows with CCs for all breeds for a 3 yr trial period.

Social media often has a bad press but used responsibly it is the way many people who cannot  get out much, keep in touch with friends and the outside world. I find it very interesting learning about the activities Buhunds and their owners do with their dogs in other parts of the world. I recently learnt that in Australia they have evening shows. Kerry and Ted Doyle have the Buhund puppy Delaroche Fane who joined their other Spitz a few months ago, he is now old enough to be shown in baby puppy classes. He is the son of Kimura Viking who went to Australia in 2016 having been bred in Norway and then spent some time in the UK. Ted Doyle recently said he likes evening /night shows, as one does not have to be up with the sparrows but they can be bit exhausting before the end and the dogs are often not fed till 1.00 am! They main ring is under floodlights and in his last show on New Year’s Eve Fane was Best Baby Puppy in Group 5 at the Victoria Ch show under judge Peter Flynn. I can’t see evening /night dog shows being popular over here, of course it is their summer and probably their summer weather is a little more predictable than ours.

Remember at the AGM there is the Adorum Lucy Trophy for AV points gained at Open & Ch Shows and an Activity Trophy for points gained in all the activities your dog can do, they do not have to be KC run activities and you do not have to be placed, there are points in many cases for taking part, so have a look at the points system on the club website, because for these trophies the owner must send in the points.

Finally, I see in ‘Our Dogs’ this week that there is now also that DNA test now for Cerebellar Ataxia in the Italian Spinone. Remember to put the date February 3rd in your diary; this is the date of the visit to the AHT to talk about Ataxia & Hereditary Cataracts, to which of course you are all invited.

Margaret Deuchar

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