Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 5th July 2019 Margaret Deuchar


Windsor Ch is my local Ch show, in theory it should only take just under an hour door to door, but Pastoral day being a Friday it took a little longer. The day started quite cool but warmed up as the day went on, but luckily not as hot as had been been forecast earlier in the week, or as the next day turned out to be. I am sure most of you know the Windsor layout, with the benching marquees round the outside of the show area, with the many trade stands in front of them and the in/out rings on the inside. This means for judging all the dogs have to be taken ring side, which if you have more than one dog you need cages or someone to hold them, unlike the shows where there are benches behind the rings. It would also be helpful if the benches were either named or numbered, at the end of the benches. We are always  in end of Tent 5 so knew where to go, but there was one poor lady who had the only   two in her breed, she said she had spent ages looking for her numbers, in the end they turned out  to be at the end of ours. Having said all that, it is a well organised and well run show, in the lovely setting of Home Park Windsor just below the Castle. The location has great memories for me, as for many years Debbie and I used to compete there at Windsor Royal Horse Show.

Our judge was Elina Haapaniemi from Finland, a very nice lady who was lovely with the dogs. She has been involved with dogs since the age of 12, and has judged all over the world, and gives CCs in the UK to over 15 breeds, she has also judged at Crufts on two occasions. Here she was giving CCs in the breed for the first time. We were third in the ring after 17 Lancashire Heelers and 17 Swedish Vallhunds. We were rather worried that we might be late going in as our judge was also judging the St Bernards in another ring before us, in the end their judging was finished just before the Vallunds.

BOB & BCC her 17th she also has 10 RCCs was Margaret Garvie’s Ch Rhialis Psyche ShCM she is by Ch /Am Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen (Imp USA) (Casper) x Ch Ailort Just .RBCC her 6th she also  has 1CC Sue Cale, Shirley and Alf Dobson’s Arnscroft Bibbity Bobity Bu by Casper x Arnscroft Di Sing On Ice.BBP Lisa and Alex Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus (Eris )by Frostisen Winsome x Knytshall Noor Ul Ain. BVB Sue and Laura Cale and Millie Lambert’s Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell Di For Sturtmoor(Ice) she has 17CCs and 9RCCs and  is by Int/Nor Ch Kimura Didrik x Int/Nor Ch Kimura Frieda. DCC his 6th he also has 6 RCCs  Neil Hood & Julian Collins Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex (Dino) by Ch /Ir Ch Arnscroft Kimura x Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di-Nahs-Mite he was also BV.RDCC his 6th he also has  4CCs  Nancy Kent and Jacqui & Michael Cobb’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall (Jamie), he is by Uk/Can Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman  Koromandel x Ch Maidofcopper for Koromandel(Imp Fin).BP My and daughter Debbie’s Rikarlo Gable he is by Jamie x Kimura Vera with Tapui (Imp Nor).

Judging over it was back to the benches for our picnic, luckily there was a slight breeze, so the dogs could also relax on their benches. With a numerically small bred such as ours it is always great, if they can do well in groups and stakes classes. The star of the day was Dino who was Vet G2 under Stuart Band, Dino is only lightly shown and Windsor is obviously a good show for him, as he was also Vet G2 there last year, interestingly to the same dog a Samoyed, who BVIS this year. Eris was 4th in the Special Beginners Stakes under Ken Bartlett, Ice was VHC in the Veteran stakes under David Killilea and Time made the final 6 in the puppy group under Meg Purnell-Carpenter. Although Psyche was not placed in the BOB  group, she certainly put her best paw forward and showed very well, which is all you can ask, so it turned out to be a great day for the breed.  I would like to thank Jacqui Walmsley for showing Time in the breed and the Group, where all her skills as a previous junior handler were needed, as Time thought playing with the other puppies would be great fun, especially the OES who I think he has fallen in love with.

The next day Jacqui Cobb headed off to the National Herb Centre in Banbury with Ch Trelowen Veryan to Knytshall RL1EX & Knytshall Angel Delight RL2EX to compete in a Rally competition.  It was a hot day and Angel decided she would rather not compete preferring to stay in the shade. Veryan on the other hand pulled all the stops out and had an Excellent score of 190 in level 2. Most of you, know that in Rally you navigate a course with numbered signs. You start with a score of 200 + 10 if you include the bonus, and you lose marks for mistakes on the course, particularly tight leads in Level 1 & 2, above that level the dog is off the lead. The next day was very much cooler and this time it was the Obreedience team of Alysha  Branchflower with  Knytshall Moon of  Josephine, Sarah Stonton with  Trelowen Andrea AW(S)(Loxy), Lisa Strong  with  Loki Snowflake and myself with  Ch/Bel Ch  Tonylynn’s Charles Lafitte AW(P) RL2EX (Fizz) that headed off to the Herb  Centre. There were 14 teams in this Obreedience heat and we were drawn 9th.There is team heel work, one of three patterns being chosen on the day, this time it pattern B, when all the teams have done their heel work the dogs do their individual exercises, with  marks out of 10 for each exercise. Loxy did the ‘Retrieve’ gaining 8.5 as she had to be commanded twice by Sarah.  Josephine did ‘Stop on Command’, where the dog has to stop in a marked area scoring 9.5 this was a really great score, as she had only just learnt the exercise. Normally this is done by Jacqui with Angel, but a few weeks ago Jacqui found she had to work. Loki did ‘Go To Bed’ he scored 7 as he took his time and had to be commanded twice. Thanks to Lisa and Loki though as they were originally reserve as Lisa has an injured foot and is on pain killers, but when Jacqui had to work , Lisa very kindly said she would be in the team. The ‘Scent’ is always last and this is Fizz’s exercise he had a 9 as he tends to mouth the article when he brings it back. We ended up ended up 9th with a score of 39.5 out of 50. The winners had 47.5 With only 8 marks dividing the top 9 teams you can see  it is tight  at the top. It is a lovely competition everyone is so friendly and it is great to see the various breeds working, and it is a great way of getting the Buhunds better known.

Across the Irish Sea there is a new Champion and other Buhund successes which I will tell you about next week.

Margaret Deuchar

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