Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 5th November 2021 Margaret Deuchar


I do hope that all your dogs are coping with the Firework season, around here they have been going off for several weeks. These notes will either come out on 5th November which of course is Bonfire Night, or the day before which is in the middle of Diwali (the festival of light) the peak of the firework season. We live in a very built-up area so a very concentrated area for fireworks. What is very interesting is the fact that when dear Fizzy was alive he was not worried by them, and never did even before he started to lose his hearing, just occasionally if he was in the garden and they would go off unexpectedly then he might bark. Time never worried either but now Fizz is no longer with us, Time obviously feels it is his duty to protects us from such things and although not scared he now tries to see them off, so I am not quite sure what will happen when the fireworks start going off all evening. Many of you may use one of the various treatments that are around to help dogs that get stressed, of course as all dogs are different some will work some will not, as Time is so difficult to feed, I will not give him any thing that might affect his appetite.

Another thank you from the club show that I missed in my notes last week, obviously all the committee worked hard to make it the success it was, but I need to mention Jacqui Cobb who looks after the Trophies. Of course, it does not just involve handing out the trophies to the winners on the day but making sure that they come back from the previous winners to be given out again. Jacqui also checks on their condition as some are a number of years old, as well as the show trophies there are the AGM trophies to look after. Thankfully only a couple have any monetary value which may seem to be an odd comment, but I know of a club who has valuable trophies way back from when the breed first became popular, and many members do not want to take them home as they are so valuable, and one was found for sale on E Bay and had to be bought back. The value of our trophies is in their history and who they were given by.

Now Ataxia testing is up and running again the first one to be tested and I am very happy to say with a clear result was Lillian & Mike Rumsey’s Darcy aka Kata Syndattir Av Fjeldvidda At Wheatshade(Imp NL), she also has a clear eye test.

Those of you that attend ring craft or any form of canine activities in a village or council hall will probably have had to wait for things to start up again because of covid, one of the village halls that is relatively local to us and apart from being used by the local residents is used for scent training and trials, has had to close again due to an arson attack. A local livery stable has also had their hay barn burnt to the ground, the only good thing being the stables and the owners house was saved, as if covid had not caused enough problems.

On a much happier note, last Saturday in rather wet conditions Tom Glibbery did the Chasewater Parkrun, to celebrate Halloween Tom was covered in bandages from head to foot, accompanying him to the start was Indy, aka Rikarlo Grant.

Sarah Stonton also rose early last Saturday and headed off in torrential rain to Wichenford Memorial Hall, Worcestershire with her Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack for a level 1 scent trial. I have mentioned before that if a dog gains 20 points in a level it gains an Excellent award at that level, Jack just needed one point but went better and was fourth gaining 4 points, so the early start was worth it and he went home with a very smart red white and blue rosette, which kept Sarah going on the way home as the M5 was closed due to an accident taking her over 4hrs, compared with just over 2hrs on the outward journey. The next day dawned again with heavy rain but not so far for Sarah to travel this time as it was a Level 2 trial at Holbeach Lincolnshire, it was Loxy aka Trelowen Andrea’s turn to put her best paw forward, and she certainly did showing Jack he was not the only one that could get placed as she was second, so Sarah is a very proud Mummy of them both.

Time and I went along for some practice (NFC) as he is now out of this level but as I had already entered before he won out, the next level is quite a step up so I thought it would be good for us both, he found all 8 hides and I now know he will search in torrential rain and gale force winds!! I did feel for the outside judge and scorer though as they were soaked to the skin and that was by 11am, and it was an all-day trial.

It is with great sadness that I have just heard that Michael Quinney (Adoram) has died. I will write an obituary to him in my notes next week as his contribution to the breed cannot be overstated.

Stay safe everyone.  Margaret Deuchar


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