Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 6th August 2021 Margaret Deuchar


I start with show updates. At Birmingham National our judge will now be Christine Chapman and not Annukka Paloheimo, due to covid travel restrictions. Christine was a successful exhibitor and breeder of Buhunds in the late 70s & 80s under the Bukris affix, Chris also started judging in the 80s and this will be her 16th appointment her first appointment was at WELKS in 1984. For some time now as well as judging Christine attends Ch shows and tests judges wanting to progress up the judging ladder on ‘The Points of The Dog’. I am very happy to say Kirsty Irvine passed this test at Leeds.

Sadly, Midland Counties this year has been cancelled, we do not have CCs there and in 2019 we lost classes due to lack of entries but were meant to have them back again this year.

In 2024 -2028 the club can hold two Ch shows a year so long as one is held in partnership with or goes back-to-back with a general Ch show. It will not mean that we have an extra set of CCs as we are losing them at Richmond. The allocation of CCs is based on the average entries per year over a 5-year period, these numbers were taken of course before covid which we all know is affecting numbers in many breeds. The KC says it is putting clubs on notice that future increases or reduction in the number of CCs available, will depend on overall entries and will be shared between general Ch shows and breed Club Ch shows. 22entries or under 11sets of CCs 2 at club shows. 22+entries-30entries 13sets of CCs 2 at club shows. Entry numbers are very difficult I only have one Buhund now but in the past when I had 3, Finn Kiki and Fizz I would show all three but now with £29 the average entry fee at a CC show I probably would not do that, and with fuel and sometimes a stop overnight it makes for a very expensive day out. It is very difficult with a numerically small breed such as ours to keep numbers up so we do not lose CCs. Having shows back-to-back or in partnership with a general Ch show may sound to be a good idea, as it saves money for clubs not having to pay for a venue and for those entering having  shows in one place saves on travelling, and I assume the KC is hoping that it will increase entries at general shows, but it is hard on dogs that may be out of coat and on puppies, I always remember Kiki missed out on being able to go the club show as he was one day too young, so he could have missed out on two shows.

There is a saying, ‘If at first you don’t succeed try try again’, this was certainly true for Sarah Stonton who writes: –

‘Third time lucky for Jack (Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RL1Ex)! At his third Scentwork UK trial at Withersfield Village Hall near Haverhill he excelled. He found all 4 scent hides and after each he trotted back to the car with a spring in his step, gazing at me the whole time knowing he has done well and pleased me. My handling was deemed spot on so we finished with a perfect score of 100.Rosette placings are based on time taken to find the 4hides (a total of 12minutes is allowed being 3 minutes for each)-Jack finished with a total time of 179.77 seconds and finished in 3rd place. End result one extremely happy and proud Buhund Mum’. Many congratulations Sarah and Jack.

Carolyn Solomon who lives in Liskeard Cornwall has asked to be remembered to all who knew her when she showed, she has Torren (Ch Tokyn Sequoia) and Freya (Tokyn Bonyava), she says she often walks the dogs early in the morning on the beach before they get too busy. Carolyn also says she has a couple of beds if anyone is down her way and wants to stay and dogs are welcome of course. Contact Carolyn at

Stop press Sarah and Jack were third in a Level 1 trial at Hethe Village Hall, Oxfordshire, again with full marks with a very good time of 67seconds the winner had 53 seconds, so very well done again.

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