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Breed Notes 6th July 2018 Margaret Deuchar


Windsor is my favourite Ch show, not just because it is my local show just 45mins door to door, but I love the setting being just below the Castle. I also have very happy memories of showing horse at Windsor Horse show for many years .When I first started showing there were no classes for Buhunds, I was asked to judge them in 2004 for  the first time without CCs, to prepare for them having CCs in 2006, when they were judged by Di Stirling .In those days there were outside rings with no cover, the wet weather rings were in the benching marquees .I vividly remember just awarding  BOB when a torrential rain storm struck with everyone  dashing for cover. Nowadays there are marquees with the in/out rings down the centre of the show ground, with the benching tents around the perimeter. There was no chance of rain this year with the ongoing heat wave, it was very hot all day and the grass was all brown, I have not seen it like that for some years.

The show is the first of 3 CC shows after a run of non CC shows for the breed. Pastoral Day was Saturday and we were first in the ring, our judge was Mike Vines who last judged the breed in 2016 at the National Working and Pastoral Breeds Ch show. It was first for the two top winners, DCC & BOB  Sarah Stonton’s  Arnscroft In Di An Jack by Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor x Ch Arnscroft Di or Comply, he also has 4RCCs .Not only was it Jack’s first CC but also Sarah’s, although she has been in the breed for a number of years ,she has tended  to concentrate on  Agility with her Trelowen  Andrea working up from Grade 1  to Grade 6.RDCC Anne Smith’s Arnscroft Never Say Di, by Ch /Am Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen(Imp USA)(Casper) x Arnscroft Di Sing On Ice, this was his second RCC, he also has 4CCs.The other first was the BCC that went to Sue Sercombe’s Trelowen Dizzy Rascal by Ir Ch Tokyn Durian x Trelown Pink Pigeon she also has a RCC .Winning her  third RBCC Jacqui Sercombe’s Ir Ch Tokyn Sequoia by Ch Trelown Conar Tun x Tokyn Maple she also has 2CCs. Sue and Jacqui live in Northern Ireland, so I am sure they felt that the Green cards made the trip worthwhile and I understand they will be staying for E of E.  BV Neil Hood and Julian Collins Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr US Rex ShCM(Dino)who has 5CCs and 6RCCs, he has been relatively lightly shown and is by Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Kimura x Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di Nahs Mite, the  breed record holder. Maddy Norman always seems to do well in stakes classes at Windsor, she missed the veteran stakes as it clashed with the breed but made up for it later, when her Arnscroft  Delilah At Veekay who she co owns with Lynn Isaac, Gail Hussey and Di Stirling was 2nd in the Junior Stakes under Peter Young, she is the same breeding as Jack but from a more recent litter.

It was then back to the benches for a lovely picnic and chat with friends followed by some shopping.

The Pastoral Group was second, the judge was Robin Newhouse and although Jack showed very well he did not make the cut, but was certainly a credit to the breed. The puppies and veterans were judged in an outside ring with just the short listed dogs  going into the big ring.Personally I would like to see them be pre judged outside but then all go in to the big ring, many will have waited all day so it would be nice to give them a chance to experience the big ring, especially the puppies. I do appreciate though the way they do it saves time. Sadly there was not a Buhund  puppy to support but we were thrilled when Neil and Dino  made the short list in the veteran Group then going onto G2, only being beaten by the Samoyed Nikara Diamond  Dancer belonging to Mrs Freer & Mrs  Smith’s Dancer  who has had a stunning show career, among his wins he was BIS  at Birmingham City and BVIS at National Working and Pastoral Breeds, a win he repeated the next day at Windsor  when  he was again BVIS .The judge was Dr Andreas Schemel, who has already posted a lovely critique on Dino.

There are two puppies, litter brother and sister Trelowen Aviator at Frostisen( Maggartus)& Trelowen Amelia at Frostisen(Bunny), they are both co owned  by Kerry & Fritz Frost, Adrienne Frost-Treadwell & Jacqui Walmsley all who share the Frostisen Affix. They are by Ch Trelowen  Conar Tun xTrelowen Lola .Bunny lives with Jacqui here in the UK and Maggartus lives with Adrienne in Eire, he was BP & BOB at  the Deise All Breeds  Ch show County Waterford under Ms L Mills at the weekend .We will follow their  careers with interest.

Like most people I have likes and dislikes but one thing that really does annoys me is people that weave in and out of traffic to cross the road, when there is a designated crossing often only a few feet/metres away. I was therefore very pleased when on my way Windsor on Saturday morning I saw a fox using the Zebra crossing to cross Ruislip high street.

Margaret Deuchar

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