Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 6th May 2022 Margaret Deuchar


I said in my notes last week that this week I would report on the Club Ch show held in conjunction with Welks.    When the country went into lockdown in 2020 almost immediately after Crufts, very few clubs were able to hold their Ch shows that year, so the KC said clubs could hold 2 in either 2021 or 2022, so long as one was held with a partner show. As the show season was very busy once it started last year, we decided to hold just one last year and two this year, one in the Spring and one on our usual date 23rd October.

Judging was outside for Welks but we thought we would have the club show inside in what would have been our wet weather ring, just by our benches in Hall 3(which is a polite name for the buildings used to house the cattle during the agricultural shows). It meant that it was more like having our own show, as there is always the worry that we lose our identity having it with a partner show. After the Welks judging we went back to the benches for the picnic. The ring was then decorated with Norwegian flag bunting, we were also given a table which was covered with the brown and gold table cloth that shows the affixes of past and present breeders, the Trophies with their lovely rosettes and the fantastic prize boxes that Nancy makes up with the place rosettes, a toy for the dog and sweeties for the handler were all laid out on the table, along with some lovely cloth bags with a Buhund silhouette made by Sue Avery, these were given to the top winners, it all looked very  impressive.

Before judging started a presentation was given to Nancy for her years of service to the club, having served in several positions over the years on the committee, from which she retired at the AGM.

Also, at the AGM the new Michael Quinney Versatile Buhund Awards were announced, this is where dogs and owners gain points from attending various activities, this has proved to be very popular with claims coming in thick and fast. The first awards were handed out here, the first Gold award was given to Sarah Stonton’s Loxy for points gained in showing CC win, Agility silver warrant, Scent level3, Rally Level 1, Good Citizen Bronze, winning an Obreedience heat, and organising a Bu Bumble. The first Silver award went to my and daughter Debbie’s Time, for showing Ch title, Level 1 Rally, Level 3 scent, Gold Good Citizen and a day representing the breed at DD, Sarah’s Jack had the first Bronze award for Showing Ch title, Level 1 Rally, Good Cit Bronze, Level 2 scent, and organising a Bumble. You will see there are many categories that can earn points, and although these three dogs had points from showing, dogs do not have to be show dogs to earn points.

Then onto the main reason we were all there, our Ch show. Our judge was our own Jacque Cobb giving her 15th set of CCs in the breed, which is a fantastic record. Interestingly she last judged the breed at Welks in 2018 the last time we had CCs there.

It was a day to remember for Lesley and Liz Butterworth as their Koromandel Gild The Lily (Hildy)won her crown with her third CC, she then went onto BIS. Hildy won her first CC in 2018 at National Working & Pastoral Breeds Ch show under breed specialist Wenna Wallbank. The next year she had a litter of puppies then there was the pandemic, so she has been relatively lightly shown. Her second CC came earlier this year again also under a breed specialist, Lorraine Bolton. Hildy is by Ch/Muti Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman x Ch Maidofcopper For Koromandel JW (Imp Fin). She also has 2RCCS. The CC gave breeder Jenny Shorer-Wheeler her 50th CC of dogs owned or bred by her, a great achievement. RBIS & RBCC her 7th Maddy Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Delilah at Veekay(Lottie)she also has 6CCs.She is by Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor x Ch Arnscrift Di Or Comply. BOS & DCC his 5th he also has 4RCCS my and daughter Debbie’s Ch Rikarlo Gable JW L3ex (Time)he is by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall x Ch Kimura’s Vera At Tapui.(Imp Nor) Many thanks go to Alysha Branchflower who took over handling Time on the day, as Debbie had to collect one of her dogs from the vets after an emergency operation. RDCC his 2nd Mary and David Dosson’s ’s Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn (Teddy), he was handled in the classes by Jenny Shorer-Wheeler because very sadly Mary has broken her leg, but in the challenge, Marie Corin took over as Jenny was handling her puppy. He is by Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farah of Koromandel JW ShCM x Hildy. BPIS Jenny Shorer-Wheeler’s Koromandel Tusen Takk (A.I) (Muchly)by Multi Ch Trollheimens Jr Made For Cascilius x Sturtmoor’s Ffascination With Koromandel. BVIS Sarah Stonton’s Trelowen Andrea AW(S)L2 ex. She has a CC & 2RCCs and is by Ch Trelowen Conar Tun x Trelowen Kyoo.

Being the club show there were extra classes.

Special Bred by Exhibitor. Muchly. Special Not Bred by Exhibitor. Marie Corin and Adam Camm’s  Kligenthal Almuric (Bergen) he has 3 RCCs and  is Teddy’s litter brother .Then the ‘Best of Awards’ with  lovely rosettes to the winners .Best Junior ,Yearling  and PG Michael Patrick and Leigh Ashman’s Tapui Starla by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall x Ch Kimura’s Vera At Tapui. Best Limit Teddy. Best Open Hildy . Best Champion Sarah Stonton’s Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack by Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor x Ch Arnscrift Di Or Comply. Best Special Working Time. Best Black Lisa and Alex Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus (Eris)she is by Frostisen Winsome x Knytshall Noor Ul Ain.

It was a long but very enjoyable day with a lovely atmosphere round the ring.

Just a week earlier on April 16th Marie Corin attended Hitchin and District Canine Association show, below she tells of her very successful day. ‘Since we were not away for Easter and there was a show under an hour’s drive away, I entered Hitchin Open Show just before the entries closed. It was a lovely sunny day and we did not have to head off too early, as the ring order showed 60 dogs were due in the ring before us. When we arrived at the venue, Brook Farm Training Centre in Essex there was hardly any room to park, but we found a space right at the back and made our way past the stables to find the dog show. There was a massive indoor riding school in which there were 6 rings including ours, then a further 3 rings outside nearer the stables where most of the Gundog judging took place (there was distinct whiff of horse around that area!). Since inside was already very busy with people, dogs and crates, we found a spot just outside the back door on a patch of grass, where we could sit in the sunshine. Adam could read his book and I could keep an eye on the ring and chat to random dog people. We had entered AVNSC Pastoral and the Open stakes, although I did not make the latter class in the end. By the time our judging was due to start, at around 1pm, some room had become available inside, so we moved camp to sit near the ring. While we had the only Buhund, there was also a Bearded Collie, an Old English Sheepdog, Hungarian Pumi and GSDs within the category. Bergen (Klignethal Almuric ) won the Open class under Jacky Cutler (Lankeela), we then  went in for BOB which Bergen also won( I had to distract him from the GSD in the ring with us, because he was very interested in it !). Then it was time for the Pastoral Group (with the same judge), the last time he was in a Pastoral Group was for Special Beginners at Bath show last year, his third ever show, on that occasion he decided he did not want the judge to go over him and hid under the table! Luckily this time and with a lot more practice he was much better behaved and ended up taking Group 1, much to my amazement and delight! So, then we had to wait around for BIS, during which time a Korean Jindo who had been left in a crate near us, managed to destroy the crate mesh and make a bid from freedom! It was duly caught after a bit of a runabout. BIS was judged by Averil Cawthera-Purdy (Lireva). Each dog was announced over the public address system as it entered the big ring, and we were first in! The judging was thorough but by the time we got to the end I felt Bergen was getting a little tired of it all, having been a good boy all day. We did not get placed (the Pug took BIS, with a Ridgeback RBIS), but it was a really great experience and we were incredibly grateful to have made it to the last 7 out of 550dogs entered.’

What a fabulous day Marie many congratulations, to you and Bergen.

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

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