Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 7th April 2023 Margaret Deuchar


I start with the sad news that there will be no Discover Dogs in London this year, the KC have not said why but I imagine that it is due to cost, there were very few trade stands there last year, it used to be the place to do doggy shopping and also for things for the owners as well, but not last year. The KC say they will bring it back in 2024 with a revamped version, I do hope they do as for the numerically small breeds such as ours it is a shop window for the breed, over the years we have several owners that have first met the breed at DD, often followed up by meeting them on a Bu Bumble.

April 1st was an important day in the Buhund Club calendar with new and old members alike traveling with their canine companions from all over the UK,  with some staying near  to Shirland in North Derbyshire so they could attend the club’s AGM and Fun afternoon. The AGM was first during which Kirsty Anne Irvine who has been acting Chairman for the last year, after Lorraine Bolton stood down from the position was elected Chairman, with Debbie Deuchar being elected as Vice Chairman, other officers  Secretary Jenny Shorer- Wheeler, Treasurer Chris Maynard, Membership Secretary Lesley Butterworth, Committee members with special interests Rescue Sue Crocker, Jacque Cobb Trophies, Lillian Rumsey Bu News and myself as committee member and President, we also welcomed Lisa Strong to the committee, most of you will know that Lisa has overseen the DD stand for some time. Sarah Stonton stood down from the main committee, but is on a newly formed Breed Health Subcommittee with myself and Kirsty to follow on from the Breed Health Survey.  We also approved the proposal that Debbie I had put forward which said, ‘It is proposed that any activities not currently covered by the Activity Award, which are being participated in by members of the NBCUK, may be added to the remit of the Award by being presented to the committee at any time during the year. Points will be issued in line with those issued by the organizing body’ In the past every new activities had to be approved at an AGM. We also awarded the Kitty Heffer Trophy which is awarded every 3 years to the person that the committee feel has helped the club on many occasions without being asked, it was unanimously awarded to Nancy Kent. Rosettes were then awarded to the two new champions last year Lesley & Liz Butterworth’s Ch Koromandel Gild the Lily and Jenny Shorer-Wheller’s Ch Koromadel Tusen Takk (ai) JW(Muchly), activity rosettes were awarded to Jacque Cobb for points won in Rally Competitions with Knytshall Eloise and Ch Trelowen Veryan to Knytshall , Sarah Stonton with Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack and Trelowen Andrea (Loxy) for points won in Scent Trials and to my Ch Rikarlo Gable JW (Time) also for wins in scent trials. Jack was also presented with the Silver Rosette having gained enough points in the Michael Quinney Versatile Buhund Awards. I will write the full list of Trophies and their winners in next week’s notes.

Awards over it was time for the picnic lunch with a very good spread, with everybody bringing some goodies. During lunch time people visited the extensive shop, thanks to Lillian Rumsey for sourcing some great items with takings of £86.40. Chris also ran a Raffle with many super items to be won. Then it was time for the fun afternoon. First Jacque laid a Rally course and showed us all how to do it with Angel, then everyone had a practice before taking part in a competition which Jacque judged, with everyone winning a rosette. First Noodle with Jasmine 2nd Ruby with Bethany 3rd Time and I 4th Teya with Sue Camm tied 5th Razzer a sproker (honorary Buhund for the day) with Samuel, Pikka with Jenny and Ulfie and Paul. Then it was the games which Debbie and I ran, well I supplied the buckets, biscuits, potatoes and spoons and Debbie did the organising. First was the fasted sit or as Marie said musical chairs without chairs or music! The dogs and owners walk round until told to stop and the last dog to sit is out. 1st Sue with her Alaskan Klee Kai Amba (honorary Buhund for the day) 2nd Marie and Bergen 3rd Bethany and Ruby 4th Julia with the gorgeous puppy Arven 5th Paul and Ulfie. Then the favourite of the dogs, the fastest biscuit eater. The floor was rather slippery and as we only had one mat we ran the actual races in heats, with the under 18s and the over 18s.The biscuits were laid out in 4 rows and the dogs had to eat each biscuit before going onto the next one. First was Alex assisted by Kirsty with Betty 2nd Lisa and Ruby 3rd Jasmine and Noodle 4th Julia and Arven who did not quite finish the final as she still has puppy teeth but tried very hard! Next was the potato in a bucket, each dog had 4 potatoes in front of it and each one had to be put individually in the bucket which was placed at the end of the mat.1st Samuel and Razzer 2nd Bethany and Ruby 3rd Lucy and Zuki 4th Nick and Tissy 5th Alex with Kirsty and Betty. The last race was the potato and spoon, the handlers had to walk with their dogs and no holding onto the potato, so no cheating! and had to  walk down the mat and back. The winners were Bethany and Ruby 2nd Samuel and Razzer 3rd Lucy and Noodle 4th Alex and Kirsty with Betty 5th Jasmine with Noodle. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and all the participants in the fun afternoon went home with rosettes. Jenny is an examiner for the Bronze Good Citizen test, and during the afternoon Noodle successfully passed the test so can now enter these classes at show.

Stay safe everyone

Margaret Deuchar