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Breed Notes 7th January 2022 Matgeret Deuchar


I do hope that the festive season for you was all that you hoped it would be, these notes have to go in before Christmas as obviously the hard-working staff at Our Dogs quite rightly deserve a holiday, so I can only hope Omicron did not disrupt things for you.

Last week my notes were all about the winners at Ch shows, but many owners do not want to go to shows and gain the most enjoyment going for walks with their dogs, which is why I think Bu Bumbles where owners meet up with other owners in their area and go for a walk have become so popular, and it is lovely to see photos of the dogs playing chase while their owners enjoy chatting. Bumbles now takes place all over the country from the West Country, The Midlands the Scottish Borders and the most recent one to start up was in London. I will look forward to hearing about the ones taking place this year, remember to let me know where and when they will take place so we can let everyone know through these notes, and of course on the forum. Over the years we have worked to get the breed better known particularly through Discover Dogs at Crufts and the Excel, and now the Bumbles have helped with this, as obviously at DD possible owners can learn about the breed but their interaction with the dogs is somewhat limited to cuddles which Buhunds are very good at, but being able to join a Bumble and see how the dogs interact with people and other dogs really helps prospective owners decide whether the breed is for them.

Before the pandemic we had an Obreedience team, which was another way of getting the breed better known and was also an enjoyable day out meeting people with other breeds. Over the years we had a lot of fun and the dogs also enjoyed doing their exercises. During lock down we competed online but last year when competitions stated again, we did not have a team as two members were out having puppies. Hopefully this year we will be up and running again, if anyone that has not done it before and is interested in taking part or wants to know more about it PM me. There is a team of four with reserves, there is a heel work pattern which is done as a team, then each dog has an exercise to do. Retrieve an Article, Go to Bed, Stop on Command and Scent (picking up an article belonging to the owners placed among the judges’ articles).

Talking about scent, Sarah Stonton with Jack and Loxy, Kirsty with puppy Blaze and Time and I have had great fun doing scent trials, it is also another way of getting the breed better know and having a fun day out for owners and dogs alike. At one trial there were 3 Buhunds entered. What is lovely about scent is once you have been shown how to train the dog to find the scent you can practice at home, indoors and in the garden, you do not need a big field to practice in. During lockdown we had lessons online and were given various thing for the dogs to practise, which when most activities were shut down Time really enjoyed, it has also been proved to help dogs that are rather nervous.

Another activity you can practice at home is the Good Citizen Tests, which you can enjoy doing and again help to advertise the breed. There is Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. You would probably need to join a club certainly for the higher tests but again it is a good way to meet other dog owners and socialise your dog. Do not let anyone tell you Buhunds are difficult to train no they are not, you just have to learn how they like to be taught!! all my 6 have had their Gold, and I had to wait till Time was a year to do his Gold as it cannot be taken before then. Last year Blaze passed the puppy foundation and Gladidegelli Erik Trana (Erik) passed his Bronze last year on 21st September and his Silver on 30th November when he was just six months. There are also stakes classes at Ch shows for dogs who have passed Good Citizen Tests, with good prize money for the winners.

Rally is also an activity that can be fun and which you can practiced at home, it is where you and your dog go around a course with numbered signs showing different exercises for the dog to do, you can join a club to practice or you can also see and buy the signs from the KC, practice them at home so when you go to a competition you know what to do. Level 1 mostly consist of sits and downs and going round cones.

There are many other activities, but most need a larger area in which to practice, if you are interested in these or any other activities go the KC website, except for scent which in not a KC activity so go to Scentwork UK.

Finally, I am going to mention Open shows. They can also be fun and a great way again to get the breed better known for those who want to show their dogs, but do not want to go all round the country attending Ch shows. Even if your local show does not have Buhund classes it will have AVNSC classes that you can enter.

A number of Buhunds were entered in open shows last year. There is always a dog show at Gillingham & Shaftesbury Agricultural Show with Buhund classes and the Secretary is Jacqui Walmsley, it was held on 18th /19th August, Debbie Stansbury was the judge. Jacqui and Michael Cobb and Nancy Kent’s Knytshall Elouise, returning to the show ring after being on maternity leave won the PG class, 2nd place was Mary Dosson’s Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn aka Teddy. BOB having won the open class was Ch Trelowen Veryan and Sine Riley-Moore brought along Osker to watch he is aka Koromandel Bated Breath. Crystal Palace CA was held on 16th October on The South Of England Show Ground, Marie Corin’s Kligenthal  Almuric aka Bergen won the PG class and was Reserve AVNSC under Jenny Shorer- Wheeler. Then on 7th November there was Foleshill Show at the Sky-Blue Connexion Coventry, where there were also Buhund classes BOB was my and Debbie’s Time aka Ch Rikarlo Gable JW he was also PG4, Bergen was RBOB. BP at his first show was Jenny Shorer -Wheeler’s Koromandel Tusen Takk (Muchly) he was also Puppy G 3 and won the AV Minor puppy stakes. The same venue hosted the Nordic show on 27th November, which was badly affected by snow, Jenny could not make it to judge so Mr Krys Greenland did the honours, BOB was Bergen, RBOB was Lisa & Alex Strong’s Eris aka Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus who was also returning from maternity duty. The last show open of last year that I know was attended by a Buhund was Woolwich & Bexley District CA held in Maidstone Kent the judge was Ray McDonald and Bergen was Best AV.

To encourage exhibitors to attended open shows the KC brought in certificates that can only be won by gaining points at open shows. A dog that is synonymous with wins at open shows is Neil Hood’s Ch Arnscroft Di Na Saw Us Rex VW ShCM(Dino),he already had his Show Certificate of Merit and his Veteran Warrant before the pandemic but last year on 26th September he earned enough points to be awarded the KC Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx), so now he has even more letters after his name and he was the first Buhund  to win this award. These awards give something for those who attend open shows to aim for.

These notes are for you, so please send me anything you do with your Buhunds, whether it be a special long walk or perhaps the first time they swim or a special show, Buhunds love doing things so just let me know.

Stay safe everyone,

Margaret Deuchar

The views expressed in Margaret’s Breed Notes are hers and hers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK