Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 9th February 2024 Margaret Deuchar


Lisa tells us about a Bumble. ‘Saturday 27th January saw the first Bu Bumble of the year; it took place at Hinchingbrooke Park in Huntingdon. We had 6 Buhunds in attendance and 1 Vizsla, there was Loki, Jack, Teya, Eris, Raven, and Luna plus the Vizsla Luna and their owners and 2 couples who are thinking about adding a Buhund to their households. Puppies Luna and Raven were delighted to see each other again and quickly began the game of knot the leads, after the adult dogs had all greeted each other the couples who were thinking about getting a Buhund were offered a lead to walk one and off we set. Once we had wandered through the car park and past the field, we went over a bridge to start a circuit of the big lake and the dogs were let off lead. It became apparent quickly that the walk would be a little muddy in places and after being jumped on by Raven, I commented that this was the reason I wore waterproofs on walks, someone commented that they didn’t mind if they got muddy as they had a change of clothes in the car, that would prove very useful as not 5 minutes later the same person decided to rinse the long line they had , and pack it away as their dog was coming back with all the other dogs. They misjudged how deep the lake was at the edge and when they stepped into rinse, they ended up in water above their knees! Thankfully they didn’t fall over and once assisted out the wellies were drained of water and onwards, they squelched. The dogs had a fantastic time racing back and forth along the paths occasionally bringing back other dogs in tow (we temporarily acquired a husky for starters) and paddling into and out of the lake. Near the end of the walk is a sort of bay where the dogs often wade in or go swimming and we stopped here as usual. Along one edge there is a wooden walkway and Raven was on it when she saw a swan swimming on the lake. Curiosity got the better of her and she decided to go dock diving after it! Upon hitting the water, the swan was quickly forgotten as Raven decided it was wiser to swim back to the platform (I am so glad I took her for some swimming sessions). On returning to the platform, she was hauled out the water whereupon she shook herself and ran off the play with the other Buhunds again. The dogs were rounded up and we made our way towards the cafe for teas, hot chocolate, and coffees plus the drying down of 1 human and 1 puppy.

Sarah Stonton also sent me her thoughts of the Bumble with her very versatile Buhund Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RL1Ex. ‘Our East Anglian Buhund contingent met again on Sat 27th Jan at our most common venue, Hinchingbrooke Park near Huntingdon, with an 11am meet up so the park run would have finished freeing up some parking. Three of the households who have taken part in the Bumbles since the beginning were present with 5 Buhunds between us, 2 black & 3 wheaten plus an honorary Viszla. Joining us was another wheaten lady, aged 8 months who will make her Crufts debut next month. The overall canine age range was from 8 months to nearly 12 years old and all got on brilliantly having a play and joint exploration of the paths, mud and short dip in the lake (not always intentional) but all was well. Two other couples joined us to spend time and meet the breed, one of them for the first time who arranged to stay overnight in a local hotel the night before. As usual we all chatted and laughed as well as passing on that all important breed information. The day was beautiful and bright while we were out, allowing an outdoor cuppa at the café before heading home. The next day Jan 28th Jack showed his versatility going back to work, his first Level 7 Scentwork UK trial which involves 3 search areas and a mix of 3 scents – clove, gun oil and truffle oil. The tweak at this level as you are given less information about the time allowed for the search and/or the number of scents to find. First interior search was half a village hall – the area contained 3 partial rows of chairs with clothes and bags draped over them, some rolled up rubber mats, 2 hula hoops and further clothes and bags on the floor. We were told we had 5 minutes but not the number to find. Jack happily found 4 then I mistakenly called the area “clear” before time was up.

Exterior was a pretend picnic with chairs around a picnic blanket, picnic hamper, plates, boxes, small juke box and guitars hung over chairs. We were told there were 3 to find but not how long we had. Jack got all despite jumping off the scent when a cone blew around suddenly in a gust of wind.

Finally, back to the other half of the hall, the 3 scents were all located around the perimeter walls and around the base of a mini stage. We knew the number and that we had 90 seconds – Jack again worked thoroughly and found them all.

End result, a happy contented dog, happy handler and to top it all a 4th place rosette (beating our trainer – oops! seriously she is happy when here students do well)

Sunday 28th was a busy day for the breed as much further west, Cardiff Canine Society held their 194-class open show at Merthyr Leisure Centre Merthyr Tydfil. Mae Owens told me she took Konner’s Kuma aka Leggatts Night Fever to his first show in months, where he won BOB. Mae said there was no love in the very large group with some amazing dogs but was very pleased with him, as he had not been to a show in a long time he was very well behaved especially as it was such a long day.

I love hearing from people who read my notes, especially Roger Thomas a past club president of the club, who with his late wife Madeleine bred and successfully showed Buhunds with Squirreldene affix, he has so much history of the breed at his fingertips. He contacted me to say, ‘Many congratulations to Jenny, a great day for the breed. One of the first, if not the first group winners was back in the 1980’s when Mrs Margaret Whitticase and Ch Lemonchek Abu, won what was then, of course a Working and Pastoral Group, although I am not sure which show. I was very sad to hear of Shirley Dobsons passing, Madeleine and I had a great chat with Shirley and Alf on that great day at the Sky-Blue Connection 50th Anniversary show and dinner, which seems like many moons ago now’. (The Sky Blue is now the Sports Connection)

Our Dogs have published the Top Brood Bitch in the Breed 2023, Kirsty Irvine’s Ch Kimura’s Vera at Tapui (Betty) who is the dam of Ch Tapui Starla (Freya) Ch Rikarlo Gable JW (Time).

Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

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